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Macy's Fashions New Go Red For Women Multicultural Fund - Business Wire
Emily Bowden Megan Chappell
America’s Department Store”
Est. 1858
Macy’s Inc.
800 locations 45 states 3 countries
Go Red For Women
American Heart Association
Love Your Heart”
February – American Heart Month
Red National Wear Red Day Red dress
Go Red For Women
Raise awareness with women Heart disease & stroke #1 & #3 killers of women
Often seen as man’s diseases
Go Red For Women
Sponsored by Macy’s 5thyear
$15 million+
Goals Raise money Gain visibility
Go Red For Women
Sponsored by Macy’s National, regional in-store events
Shopping rewards Wearing red Purchase pin
Geoffrey Bean Up to $500,000
New Campaign
Go Red for Women Multicultural Fund”
Focus on high-risk populations Hispanic women
New Campaign
Spanish-translated heart    health guide
Research grant
Prominent Latina    community members
Regional health expo events
Relating to Chapter 19
Ways to Increase Customer Involvement
Customer Involvement
 Combining interactive event experiences with positive  customer service experiences leads to a positive, highly  involving, and a memorable link to the brand
Event Marketing
A promotional occasion designed to attract and involve a brand’s target audience Engages consumer with a hands on experience A way to reach hard-to-reach target audiences Increase brand awareness Provides a platform for brand publicity
Sponsorship: The financial support of an organization, person, or activity in exchange for brand publicity and association
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