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Multimedia Project Management
Overview Dr Elaine Pearson & Mr Stephen Murray
Multimedia Project Management: Aims
uTo introduce topics for the module
uTo discuss learning and teaching methods used
uTo introduce the guest speaker series
uTo suggest sources for reading and research
Dr E J Pearson & Mr S S Murray
Multimedia Project Management: Project life cycle
uPossible models to draw on: – Is multimedia project management different? uPhases and stages – from request to sign off uProposal and scoping –defining the brief uPreparing the proposal document uDesign specification uContent definition uProduction, functionality and testing uSign off
Dr E J Pearson & Mr S S Murray
Multimedia Project Management: Planning methods and tools
uWhy plan? uPlanning phases uDeveloping the idea uThe development phase uTask analysis –managing project not process uCritical path analysis as a planning tool uMicrosoft Project to (partly) automate the process
Dr E J Pearson & Mr S S Murray
Multimedia Project Management: Costing
uCosting a project – time, money, people uCost components uCosting models uSoftware costs u‘Guesstimation’ techniques uProject development costs
Dr E J Pearson & Mr S S Murray
Multimedia Project Management: Project manager/ client relationship
uworking relationship withEstablishing a client
uSign offs
Dr E J Pearson & Mr S S Murray
Multimedia Project Management: Quality and quality assurance
uWhat quality means to the developer and client uDesign methods and approaches uQuality assurance at each stage of the process uQuality testing and problems uImplementing quality assurance procedures
Dr E J Pearson & Mr S S Murray
Multimedia Project issues Management Legal and professional
uNature of information
uIssues of privacy
uData protection and the internet
uIntellectual property rights
uAuthorship and ownership
Dr E J Pearson & Mr S S Murray
Multimedia Project Management: Packaging, delivery, promotion
uPreparing files for delivery
uPackaging options relevant to the scope of the project
uPromotion - how to get your product noticed
Dr E J Pearson & Mr S S Murray
Multimedia Project Management: Learning and teaching methods
uTeam work approach used throughout uLearning is based on a ‘formative’ case study – Team work is established – Learning is ‘anchored’ in a real project rather than pure theory – Case study is not assessed but feedback is given on performance – Provides a ‘safe place to fail’ – None participatants can be sacked from group for assessed work
Dr E J Pearson & Mr S S Murray
Multimedia Project Management: Guest speaker series
uFriday 2pm OL1 th uFirst speaker 15 February uSpeakers include: – Professionals from multimedia industry – Specialists from industry – Specialist topics from academics in UoT – Alumni from MSc now working in field uAttendance isrequired!
Dr E J Pearson & Mr S S Murray
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