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Freedom of expression and the Internet ... Conseil de l'Europe

With the rise of the Internet, the opportunities to express oneself have grown exponentially, as have the challenges to

Youth policy in Greece Conseil de l'Europe

Greece is the 20th country to have had its youth policy reviewed by an international review team appointed by the Council of

The wider benefits of investment in cultural ... Conseil de l'Europe

Dozens of investments have been made in cultural monuments and historic environments in the countries of South-East Europe

Journalism at risk Conseil de l'Europe

Is journalism under threat? The image of journalists, as helmeted war correspondents protected by bullet-proof vests and armed

Repères - Manuel pour la pratique de ... Conseil de l'Europe

Les droits de l'homme ne peuvent être défendus uniquement au moyen d'instruments juridiques. Nous devons tous, y compris les

Student engagement in Europe: society, higher ... Conseil de l'Europe

Democratic institutions and laws are essential, but they cannot bring about democracy on their own. They will only function if

Gestion des itinéraires culturels : de la ... Conseil de l'Europe

En 1987, la Déclaration de Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle a jeté les fondations du premier itinéraire culturel du Conseil de

Compass - Manual for Human Rights Education ... Conseil de l'Europe

Human rights cannot be defended by legal measures alone. They need to be protected and safeguarded by everyone, including young

Mirrors - Manual on combating antigypsyism ... Conseil de l'Europe

Everyday in Europe, people associated with Roma or Traveller communities are exposed to acts of discrimination and exclusion on

The gender dimension of non-medical use of ... Conseil de l'Europe

In recent years, the non-medical use of prescription drugs (NMUPD) has caused increasing public concern around the globe. Women

Cultural Routes management: from theory to ... Conseil de l'Europe

In 1987, the Santiago de Compostela Declaration laid the foundations for the first Council of Europe Cultural Route,

Freedom(s) - Learning activities for secondary ... Conseil de l'Europe

This human rights education textbook presents 12 learning activities based on landmark decisions of the European Court of

Protection of whistleblowers - Recommendation ... Conseil de l'Europe

Recommendation CM/Rec(2014)7 on the protection of whistleblowers encourages member states of the Council of Europe to have in

Islamophobia and its consequences on young ... Conseil de l'Europe

Islamophobia can be defined as the fear of or prejudiced viewpoint towards Islam, Muslims and matters pertaining to them.

L'islamophobie et ses conséquences pour les ... Conseil de l'Europe

L'islamophobie peut se définir comme la peur, ou une vision altérée par des préjugés, de I'islam, des musulmans et des

ECD/EDH Volume II : Grandir dans la démocratie ... Conseil de l'Europe

Grandir dans la démocratique est un manuel destiné aux enseignants qui souhaitent intégrer l'éducation à la citoyenneté

La protection des enfants contre la violence ... Conseil de l'Europe

Protéger les enfants centre la violence sexuelle - Une approche globale » propose des articles spécialisés d'une lecture aisée

EDC/HRE Volume II: Growing up in democracy - ... Conseil de l'Europe

Growing up in democracy is addressed to teachers who want to integrate Education for Democratic Citizenship (EDC) and Human

Media revolution in Europe: ahead of the curve Conseil de l'Europe

The "rags to riches" story of Karol Jakubowicz's involvement in the work of the Council of Europe took him from the role of an

National minority standards - A compilation of ... Conseil de l'Europe

Стандарты в области прав национальных меньшинств - Сборник документов ОБСЕ и Совета ЕвропыОрганизация по безопасности и

Kiko and the hand Conseil de l'Europe

This bedtime book explains The Underwear Rule to children. You can read it to your children so they can learn the difference

ECD/EDH Volume IV : Participer à la démocratie ... Conseil de l'Europe

Ce manuel s'adresse aux professeurs d'éducation à la citoyenneté démocratique (ECD) et d'éducation aux droits de l'homme (EDH)

Kiko et la main Conseil de l'Europe

Ce livre de chevet explique la règle "on ne touche pas ici" aux enfants. Vous pouvez le lire à vos enfants pour leur apprendre

EDC/HRE Volume IV: Taking part in democracy - ... Conseil de l'Europe

This is a manual for teachers in Education for Democratic Citizenship (EDC) and Human Rights Education (HRE), EDC/HRE