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978-1-62657-303-1 Disruptive Publishing

In America, Bob Stirling, wiped out in a stock market panic, also enters a career of service to the fairer sex. His priapic

Miss High Heels Disruptive Publishing

The story of a rich but girlish young gentleman under the control of his pretty step-sister and her aunt: written by himself at

Young Swingers Disruptive Publishing

Among the young “swingers” set, the latest kick is to have a sexual relationship with their parents, providing that the parents

Fowlers End Disruptive Publishing

An amazing comic novel by Kersh (Night and The City). It's the tale of a young man who enters the peculiar underworld of

The Shape of Desire Disruptive Publishing

A virginal secretary finds her way with a new man in the office, and learns to enjoy South Florida's swinging lifestyle.

State Fair Cruisers Disruptive Publishing

STATE FAIR CRUISERS is a story which shows homosexuals have all the human elements found in everyone else—they suffer from the

ESP and the Sex Mystique Disruptive Publishing

Certainly. I'll talk about Al. Why not? He is the most amazing thing to ever happen to me... I'd marry Al, just for the sex.

Special Services Disruptive Publishing

AFTER HOURS KICKS!The First Time Peg's Boss Asked Her To Entertain A Client After Hours It Was Because Of Fear —By The Third

The End Zone Disruptive Publishing

A professional football player is supposed to get his violence in the glare of the floodlights and his sex very much in private

The Long, Hot Week Disruptive Publishing

What happens when a happily married man suddenly discovers his wife making passionate love to another... when his seductive and

Intimate Nurse Disruptive Publishing

Her treatment went far beyond her duties--beyond decency, too.Beautiful, statuesque Frieda was bred as a sleep-in nurse to

Frenzied Couples Disruptive Publishing

Never Enough Male FleshLaura Hunter was spoiled and greedy...she never got enough of men...she could smell a stud a mile

Kathy's Fling Disruptive Publishing

To spice up their marriage, she'd get women for him... but only if he got men for her!

Their Cheating Wives Disruptive Publishing

Michelle and Vanessa are two statuesque beauties who get a bang out of cheating on their husbands. Aside from enjoying the

Run into the Sea Disruptive Publishing

Spence Bonner was a real good man... with a camera or a canary... and for some peculiar reason every bird who got near him, and

The Virgin Monday Disruptive Publishing

When Professor Gunter Brock entered Monday's life, this innocent young girl was spirited away into an unknown world... a world

Easy to Make Disruptive Publishing

CROSS-COUNTRY CHIPPIE...Janis didn't give a damn what anyone thought of her. she knew men fell in love with her teenaged look

Mastering Myrna Disruptive Publishing

Love Stuff!Special “equipment” made Wendell Corde a super stud. Driven by passions even he couldn't understand, he set everyone

No Price Too High Disruptive Publishing

In Reaching The Top, Robin Climbed To The Bottom—She Got Lost In A Sea Of Orgy Sex And Slimy Men—Robin Found A Way Out But The

The Body Shop Disruptive Publishing


The Mating Disruptive Publishing

Shows the earliest uses of modern technology. World's first computer sex service!

A Debt Paid In Flesh Disruptive Publishing

Bad poker player has to make good on her wagers, any way she can.

Sex with a Smile Disruptive Publishing

With Satan on His Side, Seduction and Sensational Sex Was a Snap! He'd go where the Devil would take him!

French Interlude Disruptive Publishing

John Barton had fizzled as a singer in the States, so he went to France to nurse his wounds. There he met Solange—a beautiful