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Microbial activity and biomass of peats in relation to the ... gottfried_wilhelm_leibniz_universitat_hannover

Microbial activity and biomass of peats in relation to the intrinsic organic matter composition, pH, moisture

Milk clotting using peptidases of basidiomycetes [Elektronische ... gottfried_wilhelm_leibniz_universitat_hannover

Milk Clotting using Peptidases of Basidiomycetes Der Naturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

Model selection procedure with familywise error rate control for ... gottfried_wilhelm_leibniz_universitat_hannover


Methanogenic hydrocarbon degradation and methane oxidation in ... gottfried_wilhelm_leibniz_universitat_hannover

Methanogenic hydrocarbon degradation and methane oxidation in benthic microbial communities Von der Naturwissenschaftlichen

Manganese toxicity and tolerance in Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. ... gottfried_wilhelm_leibniz_universitat_hannover


Mechanisms of salt tolerance in the halophytes Atriplex nummularia ... gottfried_wilhelm_leibniz_universitat_hannover

Mechanisms of salt tolerance in the halophytes Atriplex nummularia Lind. and Atriplex leucoclada Boiss. Von der

Metabolic engineering in apple [Elektronische Ressource] : ... gottfried_wilhelm_leibniz_universitat_hannover

Metabolic Engineering in Apple: Overexpression of Apple Transcription Factors Involved in the Regulation of the

Laser interferometry with gratings [Elektronische Ressource] / von ... gottfried_wilhelm_leibniz_universitat_hannover

Laser interferometrywith gratingsVon der Fakultat¨ fur¨ Mathematik und Physikder Gottfried Willhelm Leibniz Universit¨ at

Matter wave interferences of potassium molecules and the influence ... gottfried_wilhelm_leibniz_universitat_hannover

Matter wave interferences of potassium molecules and the influence of collisions with potassium atoms in the ground state

Marginal and simultaneous confidence intervals for abundance data ... gottfried_wilhelm_leibniz_universitat_hannover

Marginal and simultaneous confidenceintervals for abundance data withapplications to safety assessment ofnon-target speciesVon

Matrix model formulation of LS-covariant noncommutative quantum ... gottfried_wilhelm_leibniz_universitat_hannover


Many-to-one comparisons in stratified designs [Elektronische ... gottfried_wilhelm_leibniz_universitat_hannover

Many-to-one comparisons in stratified designsVom Fachbereich Gartenbauder Universität Hannoverzur Erlangungdes akademischen

Laser characterization and stabilization for precision ... gottfried_wilhelm_leibniz_universitat_hannover

Laser Characterization and Stabilizationfor Precision InterferometryVon der Fakult at fur Mathematik und Physikder Gottfried

Managing metadata in open learning repositories and P2P networks ... gottfried_wilhelm_leibniz_universitat_hannover

Managing Metadata in OpenLearning Repositories and P2PNetworksVon der Fakultat¨ fur¨ Elektrotechnik und Informatik

Manipulation of flowering for seed production of shallot (Allium ... gottfried_wilhelm_leibniz_universitat_hannover

Manipulation of flowering for seed production of shallot (Allium cepa L. var. ascalonicum Backer) Vom Fachbereich

Lithological relevance of near-surface seismic velocity model ... gottfried_wilhelm_leibniz_universitat_hannover

Lithological Relevance of Near-surface Seismic Velocity Model von der Naturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät der Gottfried

Long-range interactions in the calcium dimer studied by molecular ... gottfried_wilhelm_leibniz_universitat_hannover

EcTbr'GZQZ=KP>s !"#$%'&[oQI?BAEHG?JY[ZEKv?s()&*_+r|vLJYXJSEHGy?'vLvw=GZT%',',.-/102$3%'$4_+5}a~??~?????D?????7??????????K?K???

Magneto-transport investigations on multi-electron quantum dots ... gottfried_wilhelm_leibniz_universitat_hannover

Magneto-TransportInvestigations onMulti-Electron Quantum Dots:Coulomb Blockade, Kondo Effect,and Fano RegimeVomFachbereich

Laser development and stabilization for the spaceborne ... gottfried_wilhelm_leibniz_universitat_hannover

Laser development and stabilization for the spaceborneinterferometric gravitational wave detector LISAVom Fachbereich Physik

Interferometry techniques for spaceborne gravitational wave ... gottfried_wilhelm_leibniz_universitat_hannover

Interferometry techniques for spacebornegravitational wave detectorsVon der Fakult at fur Mathematik und Physik derGottfried

Lightweight information integration through partial mapping and ... gottfried_wilhelm_leibniz_universitat_hannover

Lightweight InformationIntegration through PartialMapping and QueryReformulationVon der Fakult at fur Elektrotechnik und

Management of sweetpotato Whitefly Bemisia tabaci Gennadius ... gottfried_wilhelm_leibniz_universitat_hannover

Management of Sweetpotato Whitefly Bemisia tabaci Gennadius (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) on tomato using biorational pesticides

Low temperature surface passivation of crystalline silicon and its ... gottfried_wilhelm_leibniz_universitat_hannover

Low-Temperature Surface Passivationof Crystalline Siliconand its Application to the Rear Sideof Solar CellsVom Fachbereich