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Training emotionaler Kompetenzen Springer

In diesem Buch erfahren Psychologische und Ärztliche Psychotherapeuten, Klinische Psychologen, Psychiater, Mitarbeiter in

Waste Bioremediation Springer

This book discusses the bioremediation of both solid and liquid waste, including regional solutions for India as well as

The Essentials of Clinical Dialysis Springer

This book is a thorough guide to dialysis that will assist in the effective treatment of patients. Current knowledge on all

Women in the Indian Diaspora Springer

This volume brings into focus a range of emergent issues related to women in the Indian diaspora. The conditions propelling

Droplets and Sprays Springer

This book focuses on droplets and sprays relevant to combustion and propulsion applications. The book includes fundamental

Coal and Biomass Gasification Springer

This book addresses the science and technology of the gasification process and the production of electricity, synthetic fuels

Bioremediation: Applications for Environmental ... Springer

This book examines bioremediation technologies as a tool for environmental protection and management. It provides global

Electrohydrodynamic Direct-Writing for Flexible ... Springer

This book provides an overview of essential research on and developments in the electrohydrodynamic (EHD) direct-writing

Acoustics and Vibration of Mechanical ... Springer

This book is a collection of papers presented at Acoustics and Vibration of Mechanical Structures 2017 – AVMS 2017 –

Urban Heritage Management Springer

This book explores the in-depth relationship between historic-cultural heritage and landscape, urban, and regional planning. It

Epoch Synchronous Overlap Add (ESOLA) Springer

This book presents details of a text-to-speech synthesis procedure using epoch synchronous overlap add (ESOLA), and provides a

Topology Design of Robot Mechanisms Springer

This book focuses on the topology theory of mechanisms developed by the authors and provides a systematic method for the

Religious Faith of the Chinese Springer

This book comprehensively examines religious faith in China from the perspective of cultural philosophy and cultural history.

The Vector Mode in the Second-order ... Springer

This thesis sheds valuable new light on the second-order cosmological perturbation theory, extensively discussing it in the

Quantitative Semiotic Analysis Springer

?This contributed volume gives access to semiotic researches adopting a quantitative stance. European semiotics is

Land Use and Spatial Planning Springer

This book reconciles competing and sometimes contradictory forms of land use, while also promoting sustainable land use options

Design Optimisation and Validation of Phononic ... Springer

This thesis proposes novel designs of phononic crystal plates (PhPs) allowing ultra-wide controllability frequency ranges of

Tsunami Propagation in Tidal Rivers Springer

Using observations of the 2011-Tohoku and some other tsunamis in rivers as a starting point for analytical and numerical

Point Processes for Reliability Analysis Springer

Focusing on the theory and applications of point processes, Point Processes for Reliability Analysis naturally combines

Twenty Years of Research and Development on ... Springer

This book reviews the progresses and achievements made in the past 20 years of research on soil pollution and remediation in

The Liberalisation of the Telecommunications ... Springer

This study investigates whether the existing regulatory framework governing the telecommunications sector in countries in

Mathematical Physical Chemistry Springer

This book introduces basic concepts of mathematical physics to chemists. Many textbooks and monographs of mathematical physics

Experimental and Kinetic Modeling Study of ... Springer

This thesis investigates the combustion chemistry of cyclohexane, methylcyclohexane, and ethylcyclohexane on the basis of

Researching Catholic Education Springer

This book presents a range of perspectives on the current state of Catholic education in the opening decades of the