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T Cell Activation by CD1 and Lipid Antigens Springer

There is increasing evidence that the CD1 system has been conserved throughout mammalian evolution and is capable of presenting

Highlights of Spanish Astrophysics IV Springer

This volume documents the contributions presented at the Seventh Scientific Meeting of the Spanish Astronomical Society

Agricultural Research Management Springer

Agricultural research is one of the most widespread forms of organized research in the world, in both developed and developing

Digital Noise Monitoring of Defect Origin Springer

Digital Noise Monitoring of Defect Origin is for both academics and professionals in the fields of engineering, biological

Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Springer

This book presents the Time Reservation using Adaptive Control for Energy Efficiency (TRACE) family of protocol architectures

Self-Organizing Natural Intelligence Springer

Self-Organizing Natural Intelligence brings new scientific methods to intelligence research that is currently under the

Pediatric Neurogenic Bladder Dysfunction Springer

This book offers a modern diagnostic and therapeutic approach to the pediatric patient with urinary problems due to spinal cord

The Myc/Max/Mad Transcription Factor Network Springer

Scientists often look askance at their colleagues whose research appears too strongly focused on a single gene or gene product.

Chronic Pain and Family Springer

Over the past two decades attention to family issues in relation to chronic pain has been on the rise. There has been a

Gambling Problems in Youth Springer

Howard J. Shaffer, Ph. D. More than 20 years ago, I first noted that young people in North America were growing up in a context

Component Models and Systems for Grid Applications Springer

Component Models and Systems for Grid Applications is the essential reference for the most current research on Grid

The Science of Phototherapy: An Introduction Springer

Phototherapy exemplifies scientific medicine. The major advances have resulted from effective collaborations between basic

Sourcing Strategy Springer

Sourcing Strategy is about sourcing as a long term strategic activity. Myopic purchasing management stops short with describing

Understanding IPv6 Springer

IPv6, Internet Protocol Version 6, is the next-generation internet protocol designed by the IETF to replace the current IPv4,

Medium-Range Weather Prediction Springer

About 450 million people live in the 18 States that set up the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts. Thirty years

Building ASIPs: The Mescal Methodology Springer

An increasing number of system designers are using ASIP’s rather than ASIC’s to implement their system solutions. Building

The Eastern Enlargement of the Eurozone Springer

The Eastern Enlargement of the EU will not be complete until the new member states join the EMU. Economic and&nbsp

Contextualisms in Epistemology Springer

Contextualism has become one of the leading paradigms in contemporary epistemology. According to this view, there is no

Acceleration and Improvement of Protein Identification by Mass ... Springer

At present where protein identification and characterisation using mass spectrometry is a method of choice, this book is

Dynamic Radiology of the Abdomen Springer

Meyers' Dynamic Radiology of the Abdomen, extensively revised and updated, is the classic text covering radiology of the

Handbook of Complex Occupational Disability Claims Springer

Chronic back and neck pain. Whiplash. Fibromyalgia. Carpal tunnel syndrome. Intractable headaches. Depression. Anxiety and

It's Not About the Technology Springer

It's Not About the Technology is about a phenomenon most dreaded by high-technology industry executives: a failure at the