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Energy from Microalgae Springer

This book presents an authoritative and comprehensive overview of the production and use of microalgal biomass and bioproducts

Concepts in Cell Biology - History and Evolution Springer

This book discusses central concepts and theories in cell biology from the ancient past to the 21st century, based on the

Energy, Information, Feedback, Adaptation, and ... Springer

This unique book offers a comprehensive and integrated introduction to the five fundamental elements of life and society:

Challenges in Modelling and Simulation of Shale ... Springer

This book addresses the problems involved in the modelling and simulation of shale gas reservoirs, and details recent advances

Complex Networks IX Springer

This book aims to bring together researchers and practitioners working across domains and research disciplines to measure,

Recombinant Antibodies for Infectious Diseases Springer

There are many principles and applications of recombinant antibodies for infectious diseases. The preferred technology

Animal Biometrics Springer

This book presents state-of-the-art methodologies and a comprehensive introduction to the recognition and representation of

Congenital Müllerian Anomalies Springer

Bringing together the most up-to-date information on congenital Müllerian anomalies, this comprehensive text explores advances

Discrete-Time Sliding Mode Control for ... Springer

This book presents novel algorithms for designing Discrete-Time Sliding Mode Controllers (DSMCs) for Networked Control Systems

Heritage Stone Conservation in Urban Churchyards Springer

This book provides a cross-disciplinary perspective on the degradation and deterioration of the cultural record encompassed by

Corporate Social Responsibility in the Maritime ... Springer

This book addresses the environmental, legal, social, and economic aspects of corporate social responsibility in the maritime

Ticks of Europe and North Africa Springer

This book includes descriptive keys for identifying every stage of all the species of ticks reported in Europe and northern

Konsum im Alter Springer

Georg Felser widmet sich den spezifischen Konsumbedürfnissen älterer Menschen. Er zeigt auf, dass unterschiedliche

Methodology of Judicial Proof and Presumption Springer

This book offers the first theoretical approach to rules of evidence and the practice of judicial proof in China written in

Shock and Materials Springer

This book highlights how the properties and structure of materials are affected by dynamic high pressures generated by

Multilingual Education Yearbook 2018 Springer

This volume examines how internationalization, stakeholders, and educational contexts have a reciprocal influence on

China’s Rural–Urban Inequality in the ... Springer

This book approaches the issue of rural-urban inequality through fieldwork conducted in a specific township (Zuogang) in

Renewable and Sustainable Materials in Green ... Springer

This book discusses recent developments in renewable and sustainable materials from a green technology perspective and how

Ethical Dilemmas of Migration Springer

This book discusses the ethical dilemmas of migration in the era of globalization. Centered on the recent influx of large

Multifunctional Gold Nanostars for Cancer ... Springer

This thesis presents the development of theranostic gold nanostars (GNS) for multimodality cancer imaging and therapy.

Modeling Discrete-Event Systems with GPenSIM Springer

Modeling Discrete-Event Systems with GPenSIM describes the design and applications of General Purpose Petri Net Simulator

The Theory of Info-Dynamics: Rational ... Springer

This book focuses on the development of a theory of info-dynamics to support the theory of info-statics in the general theory

Systems Engineering and Its Application to ... Springer

Mastering the complexity of innovative systems is a challenging aspect of design and product development. Only a systematic

Embedded Platforms for UAS Landing Path and ... Springer

This book reports on the design and development of a system that assists remote pilots during the landing procedure. In