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Beyond the random walk: a guide to stock market anomalies and ...


In an efficient market, all stocks should be valued at a price that is consistent with available information. But as financial

Gestion des portefeuilles institutionnels


Dans cet ouvrage inédit en français mais d'ores et déjà salué comme un classique, David Swensen, gestionnaire du fonds de

Posted Price Offers in Internet Auction Markets


About this book New information technologies allow for the design of innovative electronic markets which can improve the

Customising Stakeholder Management Strategies


About this book Third in the series on Stakeholder Management, this volume presents a wide array of case studies to

Insuring medical malpractice


This book addresses a topic of great concern in the fields of medicine and medical economics. The cost of malpractice

Building reputational capital: strategies for integrity and fair ...


What is your firm's most valuable asset, the most powerful force behind your business? It lies in front of you every day, yet

A practical guide to UCITS funds and their risk management


UCITS funds today represent a major share of European funds. The European directives started with UCITS I in the mids 1980s,

Techniques de blanchiment et moyens de lutte - 3ème édition


Blanchir l'argent sale, c'est remettre dans le circuit officiel le fruit des trafics en tout genre (crime, drogue, prostitution

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