Basler Afrika Bibliographien


Breweries, Politics and Identity - Tycho van der Hoog
130 pages
Naming the Land - J. Taylor
282 pages
Building Bridges - Israel Goldblatt
Building Bridges
Israel Goldblatt
162 pages
In the Twilight of the Revolution - Kwandiwe Kondlo
358 pages
Contesting Caprivi - Bennett Kangumu
Contesting Caprivi
Bennett Kangumu
338 pages
Ruling Nature, Controlling People - Luregn Lenggenhager
282 pages
A Path Through Hard Grass - Ruth Weiss
276 pages
The Inevitable Pipeline into Exile - Alexander Müller
294 pages
The Politics of a South African Frontier - Chatfield Legassick
418 pages
Always Something Else - AbdouMaliq Simone
Always Something Else
AbdouMaliq Simone
54 pages
Gender and Colonialism - Lorena Rizzo
352 pages
"Little Research Value" - Ndeshi Namhila
279 pages