The Technopriests Vol.4 : Halkattraz
53 pages

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The Technopriests Vol.4 : Halkattraz , bd

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53 pages
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• Also set in the same space opera fictional universe known as the “Jodoverse,” in which most of Alexandro Jodorowsky-created science fiction comics take place.
• Jodorowsky received the 2013 International Adamson Award from the Swedish Academy of Comic Art.
• With frequent collaborator Mobius, won the 2001 Haxtur Award for Madwoman of the Sacred Heart
• Jodorowsky continues to be a recognized name with the 2014 documentary “Jodorowsky’s Dune” widely acknowledged as snubbed by the Oscars.
• Includes a introduction by the book's illustrator, Zoran Janjetov.
After the Greek tragedy of "The Metabarons," Alexandro Jodorowsky comes back to his biblical roots with this quest reminiscent of Moses and set on a galactic scale. To top it off, the characters and the theme of virtual reality are tailor-made for artist Zoran Janjetov ("Before The Incal"), who finds in Jodorowsky his perfect match. Albino, hero of this space odyssey, remembers here his childhood, his apprenticeship, and the big and small battles he had to fight to fulfill his ambitions in a universe where technological advances are paradoxically matched only by the cruelty and the barbarism of the forces controlling it.



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Date de parution 19 mars 2014
Nombre de lectures 0
EAN13 9781594653193
Langue English
Poids de l'ouvrage 3 Mo

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Writer : Alejandro Jodorowsky Art : Zoran Janjetov Colorist : Fred Beltran

Publication in 8 volumes Completed series

Book 4 Halkattraz
Book 5 The Sect of Techno-Bishops
Book 6 The Secrets of the Techno-Vatican
Book 7 The Perfect Game

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