2015 - Paris - EN Dossier technique Salon Studyrama des Formations et Carrières Internationales
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2015 - Paris - EN Dossier technique Salon Studyrama des Formations et Carrières Internationales


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TECHNICAL FILE th 14 International studies and career fair th Saturday, October 10, 2015 CITE INTERNATIONALE UNIVERSITAIRE Table of contents


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Publié le 18 septembre 2015
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th 14 International studies and career fairth Saturday, October 10 , 2015
Table of contents Your contact details………..………………...2 Proceedings………………..……….…..….…. 3 Deliveries …………....…………….…..…..…..4 Access to the exhibition area…………...…..5 General information…………....……………..6 Your stand......……………..…....……………..8 Floor map………....……..……………...……..9 Your options ………………………………..…10Rules ……..…………………………………….11 Fire safety...……………………………………13
 International manager Nadine UM DIN Phone number. : +33(0) Mobile. : +33(0) nadine.umdin@studyrama.com
 Fair directorLaury QUINTIN Phone number : +33(0) Mobile: +33(0) laury.quintin@studyrama.com
 CommunicationSarah VASQUES Phone number : +33(0) Mobile : +33(0) sarah.vasques@studyrama.com
 Sales assistant
Iris DUPIN Phone number. : +33(0) iris.dupin@studyrama.com
Our team is available to help!
 Stand set up time
th Friday, October 9 , 2015 from 04:00 pm to 07:00 pm th Saturday, October 10 , 2015 from 8:00 am to 9:30 am
Please respect the schedule to benefit from the best conditions for your installation.
 Fair date & time
th Saturday, October 10 , 2015 from 9:30 am to 06:00 pm
 Dismantling of your stand and goods removal
Removal of goods must not be madebefore 6 pm on Saturday, th October 10 , 2015. Early dismantling and removal is YOUR responsibility. Studyrama staff will not be held responsible should any problem arise. Please note that all goods must be removed at the end of the fair, th on the same day : October 10
 Delivery address
Sté AGILE SERVICE A l’attention de Franck LemattreStudyrama (SFCI stand n°…)(Please precise your name and stand number) 31 avenue Blaise de Montesquiou 77780 BOURRON MARLOTTE France th Your shipping have to arrive between September 24 and nd October 2 , 2015.  SpecificitiesPlease read carefully the conditions to access the exhibition zone, detailed on the following page. Studyrama team will receive the goods delivered through a contractor and we will drop it off on your stand. Please mention your name and stand number on each box, to make it easier for our team. To avoid any problem, please provide the fair director’s phone number to your contractor.
Delivery access of the Cité internationale
You can have access to the delivery zone from23 boulevard Jourdan. You have to introduce yourself by the intercom and inform that the delivery is for the Studyrama fair. The security department will open the doorway. You can have access to the delivery area by the access ramp (max. height 3.80m). A security officer will show you the lift to get to the fair(the delivery zone is located in level2 and the fair, level 1). You can also park your car in the delivery zone only during the time of the set up. Parking into the Cité international is forbidden during the exhibition.You can park your car in the Charléty Coubertin parking (with fees) which is really close to the exhibition area, located at 17, avenue Pierre de Coubertin. It is opened from 7:15 am to 10 pm (max. height 1.85m).
 Directions to the fair
By subway (métro):line 4  Ported’Orléansstation By train (RER):Line B  Cité universitaire station By tramway:T3  Cité universitaire station By bus :lines 21, 88, 216  Cité Universitaire stopGazan stop / line 67Amiral Mouchez stop
Pedestrian access 17 boulevard Jourdan
Delivery access
23 boulevard Jourdan
For lunch
th The international house cafeteria will be open on Saturday, September 5 . Please note that this is a public cafeteria, everyone has access to it.We advise you to order early, to avoid a long waiting time. Please note that all charges will be yours. Un large range of restaurants are also opened around the Cité internationale: Le Pavillon MontsourisMore than 6020, rue GazanPhone: +33 1 43 13 29 00 Le Bistrot 32Between 20 and 6032, boulevard JourdanPhone: +33 1 45 89 87 50 Casa de DélicesLess than155, rue LiardPhone: +33 1 45 88 01 10 You can also have your lunch delivered: Pizza Hut: +33 1 43 35 02 00 Domino’sPizza: +33 1 40 47 07 07 Class’CrouteMontparnasse:+33 1 56 54 85 48
 Hotels next to the Cité internationale
Hôtel du Parc Montsouris 4, rue du Parc Montsouris  75014 PARIS +  www.hotelparcmontsouris.com
Mercure Ported’Orléans13, rue François Ory  92120 MONTROUGE +  www.mercure.com Hôtel Montsouris Orléans 15, rue Beaunier  75014 PARIS +  www.parishotelmontsouris.com
 Stand configuration
The plan of the exhibition area give only the possibility of two sizes of stand: 6 sq.m and 4.5 sq.m (please refer to the floor plan on the following page). Please note that in both cases, you will have at least 3m of frontage. Only the depth of the stand will be different according to the locations. For more information on your stand, please contact your sales representative
6 sq.m standModel A
4.5 sq.m stand
6 sq.m standModel B
Noncontractual pictures
Floor space: Length 295 cm / Width 198cm Height.245cm White melamine backdrop Visible side of a backdrop: 2315 x 922 mm Grey lacquered aluminium profile Width of a post: 45mm 75 W spot rails (1 for 3 sq.m) Frontage sign recto / verso
If you need any additional information on your stand, please contact the fair director.
6 sq.m standModel A
6 sq.m standModel B
4.5 sq.m stand
6 sq.m stand without walls
Wall 2.40m height Wall 1.20m height According to the sales, this floor plan could be modified 9
Stand furnitureThe furniture is an option that you have to book with your sales contact
Furniture A  330
Noncontractual pictures
Option B  140
Customized furnitureYou can also order customized furniture or additional furniture.Please ask our catalogue to your sales contact.
 Electricity240We provide 1kw of power. Please contact us if you need a higher voltage.
 Wifi60Only for one device. Please make sure your devise is adapted before ordering.
Additional optionsWe can offer additional options such as storehouses, stand arrangement, specific signs,… Please feel free to contact us
 Your participation to the fair involves the knowledge and acceptance of the following rules
Hours The exhibitors commit themselves to respect the hours defined by STUDYRAMA to guarantee the functioning of the fair. Those who do not respect this rule can be exposed to inconvenience for which the organizes cannot be held responsible. Respect of the aisles For safety reasons, you must respect the aisles. Your goods, furniture or people dedicated to your stand cannot intrude the aisles and must be in the space of your stand. Good neighbourhood behaviourSTUDYRAMA group will not accept any behaviour that will cause negative impacts on the exhibitors and reserve the right to take actions accordingly. Flyer distributionFlyer distribution operations inside or around the exhibition area are forbidden, except if there is a prior contract signed with STUDYRAMA. Respect of the equipment availableAdhesive products on the dividing walls and furniture are permitted if you remove them at the end of the fair. Every and any process which could damage the material provided (strong adhesive products, drilling,) is strictly forbidden. Any violation of these rules results in your responsibility of the billing of the cleaning or of the damages :150per wall and per piece of furniture..