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1*.B.SGJOJ)T".6BS$F/S$Framework Programme 7 (2007-2013) Research infrastructures projets 6DEPLOY6DEPLOYSummary: Several developed regions of the world (e.g. Korea, Japan) have deployed IPv6 e-Infrastructures more densely than in Europe, and developing regions already recognise the bene it in terms of the availabil-ity of addresses, which are no longer available for them with IPv4. herefore, a majority of the world with which Project acronym: 6DEPLOYEuropean researchers want to communicate will be Contract n°: RI-223794based on - or moving to - IPv6 e-Infrastructures. For synergy and e i cient international interoperation, more Project type: CSA-SAIPv6 deployment in Europe is necessary. IPv6 will be-come an integral part of improved multi-disciplinary Start date: 01/03/2008e-Infrastructures during the timeframe of FP7. Duration: 30 monthsFollowing the success of 6DISS, 6DEPLOY aims to en- Total budget: 1 284 776 €courage the coordination between National and pan-European e-Infrastructure initia-Funding from the EC: 1 000 000 €tives, by of ering its services of IPv6 training and supporting IPv6 deployment. Total funded eff ort in person-month: 123Objectives: he purpose of the 6DEPLOY project is to support the deployment of IPv6 Web site: www.6deploy.


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Framework Programme 7 (2007-2013) Researc nrasrucures projes
Summary:Several developed regons o e world (e.g. Korea, Japan) ave deployed Pv6 e-nrasrucures more densely an n Europe, and developng regons already recognse e beneI n erms o e avalabl-y o addresses, wc are no longer avalable or em w Pv4. hereore, a majory o e world w wc European researcers wan o communcae wll be based on - or movng o - Pv6 e-nrasrucures. For synergy and eicen nernaonal neroperaon, more Pv6 deploymen n Europe s necessary. Pv6 wll be-come an negral par o mproved mul-dscplnary e-nrasrucures durng e merame o FP7.
Followng e success o 6DSS, 6DEPLOY ams o en-courage e coordnaon beween Naonal and pan-European e-nrasrucure na-ves, by oferng s servces o Pv6 ranng and supporng Pv6 deploymen.
Objectives:he purpose o e 6DEPLOY projec s o suppor e deploymen o Pv6 n () e-nrasrucure envronmens, () FP7 projecs, () developng counres (Arca, Lan Amerca, Asa and Easern Europe), and (v) ndusral envronmens n Europe. Parners ofer basc ranng o organsaons n Europe and developng counres, and suppor real Pv6 deploymens.
Action plan: heoutreach to European industries and researchers and giving support for deploymentsare e 2 key new servces ofered by 6DEPLOY. Developng regons (n Europe and abroad) are oten e early adopers o Pv6, gven a ey ave less legacy Pv4 neworks nsalled. Case sudes o nsallaons wll be used o gan valu-able praccal experence wc wll elp e6DEPLOY team to become the centre of European expertise regarding IPv6 deployment.experse wll be used o sup- hs por deploymens n Europe, n ndusry brances suc as Emergency Servces, Heal, Broadcas, Transpor, (Prmary & Secondary) Educaon, Envronmen, Gamng, ec. 6DEPLOY wll organze worksops on e beneIs o Pv6 or e-nrasrucures, and wll gve praccal advce and ands-on suppor or deployng  n er envronmens. 6DEPLOY wll work n parallel on deploymens n Europe and n developng counres; excangng experences and bes pracces.
We reasser our suppor or open, boom-up and consensus-based decson makng, bu we also call upon e leadng senor and exper members o s communy o pro-vde srong leadersp n e suppor o a global ranson o Pv6.
Support activities:nclude e collecon and manenance o maeral or e hese ranng sessons, and e alorng o programmes n conjuncon w e requesng organsaon. “Hands-on” Pv6 ranng courses wll be ofered o FP7 projecs, devel-opng regons (ocusng more on ranng raners, so a e efec o e courses can be mulpled) and European ndusres.A proessonal and popular e-learnng course s avalable wc wll be supplemened w addonal opcs relaed o Pv6 and m-proved w sub-les n oer languages.
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Project acronym:6DEPLOY
Contract n°:R-223794
Project type:CSA-SA
Start date:01/03/2008
Duration:30 mons
Total budget:1 284 776 €
Funding from the EC:1 000 000 €
Total funded effort in person-month:123
Web site:www.6deploy.org
Contact person: Martin Potts emal: marn.pos@marel-consulng.c el.: + 41319942525 ax.: +41319942529
Project participants: Martel Csco Renaer GRNET FCCN NF Consulnel UCL Soon-ECS UNNETT AfriNIC LACNC BREN
Keywords: Pv6, deploymen, e-nrasrucures, ranng
Collaboration with other EC funded projects: 6CHOCE, GLOBAL, GÉANT