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A school for international studies

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A school for international studies



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WINTER 2009 - 2010 Swimforthewin
A school for international studies
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By: Daniela Magisano
Beside the television screens is a newly painted wall described as an ‘ethnic mosaic’. Images of international landmarks and flags cover the wall in the main foyer, as well as twelve clocks displaying times from all continents and areas of the world.  Despite the changes to the interior of the school, there is a large new sign on the exterior of the school displaying “A school for International studies.”  In addition to the more physical changes to Father Bressani, the international studies program is also affecting the curriculum. Although difficult to integrate this new initiative into the older grades, the grade nines this year have started using a new and international curriculum. International themes are now common throughout all subjects. “Our assignments now involved international issues, such as statistics from around the world,” says Mr. Scarpitti, Head of the Math depart-ment. As well as the Math department, the English department is also working toward International themes. “The focus is to get students to think and act internationally, not only locally,” says head of the English department Mr. Racco. “We are trying to link themes we discuss to the world.”
A miral created by the art council located outside gym A/B
Hogwarts or Forks?
The epic battle between Harry Potter and Twilight By: Giulia Cavaleri
Over the past decade, “Harry Potter” and “Twilight” have become world phenomenon’s that have allowed millions of people throughout the world to become obsessed with their stories. Although both series draw a specific audience depending on a person’s insight, likes and dislikes, it appears as if there is a bias gender based opinion when choosing between Harry Potter and Twilight.  When comparing the two franchises throughout school, girls better preferred the Twilight series because of the ongoing conflict of romance, while Harry Potter had an even gender distribu-tion. It seemed that Harry Potter is more popular between both sexes because of its magic, fantasy, conflict and hints of romance in each of the novels. continue on page 5
They shoot, they score!
The Father Bressani senior boys soccer team is headed tothe OFSAA championships. By: Allison McDonnell
 After an almost perfect season within York region, the Father Bressani senior boys soccer team find themselves preparing for the pro-vincial championships, in Sudbury, this coming June.  The Father Bressani Eagles won this year’s York Region Athletic Association championship and earned themselves a trip to OFSAA for a chance to be named the best high school soccer team in the province. It was a well deserved win after last year’s devastating perfor-mance in the semi finals of the YRAA where the Eagles lost to St Jean de Brebeuf. This year, however, the Bressani Eagles, still sore over last year’s upset, returned with a new fury and were more determined than ever to secure a win. They defeated Brebeuf in the YRAA semi finals this time around and went on to triumph over St. Theresa of Lisieux in the championship finals. continue on page 7
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