Réponse de Facebook à la lettre ouverte du WAM (Women, Action & The Media)


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Réponse du Facebook suite à la polémoqie #FBrape lancée par le collectif WAM



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Publié le 30 mai 2013
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Recently there has been some attention given to Facebook’s content policy. The current concern, voiced bWomen, Action and The Media, The Everda SexismPro ect, and the coalition the re resent hasfocused on content that tarets women with imaes and content that threatens or incites gender-based violence or hate. Man different rous which have historicallfaced discrimination in societincludin reresentatives from the JewishMuslim andLGBT communitieshave reached out to us in theast to helus understand the threateninnature of content, and we arerateful for the thouhtful and constructive feedback we have received. In liht of this recent attentionwe want to take this oortunit to ex lainour hilosoh and oliciesre ardincontroversial or harmful contentincludin hates eech and to exlain some of the stes we are takinto reduce theroliferation of content that could create an unsafe environment for users. Facebook’s mission has alwas been to make the world more orovideen and connected. We seek to a latformwhere eole can share and surface contentmessa esand ideas freelwhile still res ectinthe rihts of others. Wheneo lecan ena ein meaninful conversations and exchanes with their friends, family and communities online, amazingly positive things can happen. To facilitate thisoal, we also work hard to make ourlatform a safe and resectful lacefor sharin and connection.This reuires us to make difficult decisions and balance concerns about free expression and community respect.We prohibit content deemed to be directly harmful, but allow content that is offensive or controversial. We define harmful content as anthin oranizin realworld violence theft orro ertdestruction orthat directlinflicts emotional distress on a secific rivate individual e.. bullin .A list ofrohibited cateories of content can be found in our Communit Standards atwww.facebook.com/communitystandards. In addition, our Statement of Rihts and Resonsibilitieswww.facebook.com/termsrohibits “hate s eech.”While there is no universallaca latformwe define thedefinition of hate seech asce ted term to mean direct and serious attacks on anrotected cateor of eole based on their race ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or disease. We work hard to remove hate seech uickl, however there are instances of offensive content, includindistasteful humor thatare not hate seech accordinto our definition. In these caseswe work to al fair thou htful andscalable olicies.This aroach allows us to continue defendinthe rinciles of freedom of self-ostinon which Facebook is founded. We’ve also found thatex ressioninsensitive or cruel content often results in manmore eole denouncinit than suortin iton Facebook. That beinsaid werealize that our defense of freedom of exression should never be interreted as license to bullharass abuseor threaten violence. We are committed to workinto ensure that this does not haen within the Facebook communit. We believe that the stes outlined below will hel us achieve this goal. We’ve built industrleadin technicaland human sstems to encourae eole usinFacebook to re ortviolations of our terms and develoed sohisticated tools to helour teams evaluate the reports we receive and make or escalate the difficult decisions about whether reported content is