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dNe°1la4-DoJrAdNoVgInEeR 2006nomefor the English speakers en Le magazine des acteurs économ ordogne
News (pages 4 to 7) Afirst estimateof the workings for trade and handicraft led during the period 2004-2006. Theeconomic influenceof the County council through its budget. Tourism:a tendency program is under consideration to fix priorities for the coming years. Very high speed internet accessis now available in the 4 main working areas of the urban district of Périgueux. The pioneering experience led in the Dordogne withwood as a power source(plan bois-énergie) is 10 years old. Internet accessfor public markets: it goes right ! Another way to make business: François Desplanches, basket maker and wicker farmer.
Handing over Three ways to find a solution “Euro-Shiitaké” mushroomsin Chourgnac, “Ayrens” umbrellasin Saint-Pardoux-la-Rivière, “Euroflash” printing house in Brantôme:three different environments, three different solutions for taking over businesses with less than 50 employees. (full article p. 15 to 17)
File EURENCO (SNPE GROUP) in Bergerac: a crucial development in production Within a few months, Eurenco will stopbeyond, good signs for the future of the producing gun-powders on single basissite. TheCounty council(Conseil in order to be able to manufacture moregénéral)of the Dordogne will take a part modular kits which will be mounted on ain the investment for the site. new guns production. Enough to assure work for EURENCOin Bergerac and,(full article from p. 10 to 13)
Initiatives The good card of “Tendances Editions” Two young partners have created a business of creating and publishing fancy and humoristic postcards in Boulazac. Relying on a 1,800 customers network, they have an unusual position on such competitive market. (full article p. 18) Stickers of “l’Eperon” In Saint-Pantaly-d’Excideuil, “l’Eperon” printing houseprinting house is used to expand very specific markets, relying on its know-how and on the strength of a purchasing group with many printing houses. (full article p. 19)
Export A web site for garanteed vintage Bergerac wines (with AOC label) The “Bergeracois”is the first Frenchabroad. Bergeracwines have to vintage offering a web site for planningstrengthen their market shares abroad. and making easier market prospecting(full article p. 8 and 9) Focus Actively seeking butchers 70 butchers (among 220) will stopoperation is based on the part taken in working within a few years. Their localfinancing the enrolment of the future organization is seeking acquirers withacquirer as an employee. the help of the Chamber of Trade and of the County council.Such original(full article p. 2 and 3)
L’économieDirecteur de la publication :Bernard Cazeau, Président du Conseil général de la Dordogne (tél. : 05 53 02 21 02 - 2 rue Paul-Louis en Courier - 24019 Périgueux) •Rédaction :Service communication du Département et Jacques Bonnet •Traduction :Sophie Cabanel •Direction artistique, Conception graphique, ème photogravure :Copédit - Périgueux (tél. : 05 53 09 84 75)- Impression :ACTIS Industrie Graphique - Paris (tél. : 01 49 26 14 00) •Dépôt légal :3 trimestre2006.