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ANNUAL REPORT de Fundación Telefónica

40 pages

2010. ANNUAL REPORT de Fundación Telefónica. Fundación Telefónica. Actuamos de forma responsable y transparente para crear un impacto positivo ...

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Ajouté le : 16 avril 2012
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2010 ANNUAL REPORT deFundación Telefónica
Actuamos de forma responsable y transparente para crear un impacto positivo en la sociedad
Fundación Telefónica
04 06 08 
1 Letter from the Chairman 2 About this report 3 Our strategic approach to responsible management  3.1. About us  3.2. Ethics and good governance  3.3. Achievements of the Fundación Telefónica in 2010  3.4. Social factors  3.5. Environmental factors  3.6. Economic factors 4 Awards and distinctions
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César Alierta Izuel Chairman of Telefónica, S.A.
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The current economic situation and its consequences have reinforced, even more than before, our long-term commitment and objective: to ensure that the Fundación Telefónica becomes an active promoter of a real social transformation. In 2010, we allocated over 82.05 million Euros to our social and cultural activities in close to 4,850 initiatives; many of which were in collaboration with 832 renowned educational, social and cultural institutions, both public and private, directly benefiting over 37.4 million people.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank each one of our employees and the collaborating organisations for their support for our efforts and their contribution to helping us achieve these results.
   Chairman of Fundación Telefónica
We have prepared a clear and precise report which will enable our stakeholders to evaluate our performance and progress
We presentSSincceowpeestarted, here at Fundación Telefónica ASttthaekFuendhaocilódn,ewreshave identifi ed the oure thtf acno sa llpmi eht otsuc acinófeleT, rsdeoleharsha nócilefe:sT dlrekeho stawingollosremme ,yolp,seeu be wpc liorted anhave repdnv lonuunlayla oun per rita olya ,eew srofrcnam thirteenth aalciso ewtec iviintyy y. )otuccsaor,r lu u,tdnc nceagit laarr elrint ieswhn h icah tno seht uoc ewa era tcvi.earitno,se udacitonal community, miadstnitaoiosicofnusn ,ons,datis, e NGO-rof-tono t orpatisanrgas (nsio It therefore gives us great pleasure to present to you the thirteenth Fundación Telefónica Annual Annualners, sugic partna dht eppilre stsetarchangue ialont d ensla e ak mWea.dimeereffid fo egnar rof ehtopeR ,trn we ae.rO enancial y2010  n fea s e of information Reportelt libaaava ruo dna atad e eins ntmeveiechirdec ra sewtieimancrfor, pe outo ainivctthn mae yrai utert ihclusion s the int th thaconceir met  ohtuser onears ontieroppre dna snreatcepxe ncorporated intoylc voredea dni ach ruo nam mega.tne one of the three dimensions of sustainability: economic, social and environmental. As part of this continuous dialogue with our stakeholders, we have emphasised the We wish to use this annual report to provide comments which some of them have made our stakeholders with a general overview of our throughout this report. strategic approach to integrating responsible management into all areas of the Fundación. Reporting standards MaterialityFor the first time, our annual report has been prepared under the IRIS (Impact Reporting As a basis for defining the content and to and Investment Standards) guidelines; this is guarantee the quality of the information in this an international initiative by the Rockefeller report, working with the Business Commitment Foundation which aims to create a common Foundation we have studied and identifi ed all framework for defining, monitoring, reporting relevant issues and key performance indicators on and comparing investments which have on which a corporate foundation must report in social and environmental impacts, as well as order to clearly demonstrate its commitment to to trying to determine the real exchange value the responsible performance of its activity. which these investments generate for society and the environment(www.iris.thegiin.org). As a result of this process, we have decided to prepare a shorter report than in previous years, centring ourselves on those aspects of responsible management and sustainability which are likely to be most signifi cant for our stakeholders. To obtain more detailed information on the Fundación Telefónica’s work in 2010, please visit our corporate website atwww.fundacion.telefonica.com.
nóT lefenóci aAnnualR eport 2010
Many of the IRIS indicators are compatible with the indicators included in the NGO Sector Supplement of the Global Reporting Initiative, a standard framework for not-for-profi t organisations to report their economic, social and environmental performance, and with which we also align ourselves. We have prepared this report in accordance with the GRI’s G3 guidelines and level A application requirements: this is in line with the classifi cation of the Telefónica Group, the Corporate Responsibility and sustainability policies of which directly affect us(www.globalreporting.org).
To obtain more detailed information on Fundación Telefónica’s compliance with the indicators of both guidelines, visit the 2010 Annual Report section at www.fundacion.telefonica.com.
Data measurement Finally, as in previous years, we have worked to prepare a clearer and more precise annual report, the information in which allows our stakeholders to evaluate the Fundación Telefónica’s performance and progress. Within this framework, the fi gure for people directly benefitting from the Fundación’s work originates from an internal computer system
for monitoring our programmes and projects. This computer application, which analyses more than 350 indicators, orders, classifi es and measures quantitative data on our initiatives in a structured manner: this enables us to always be aware of the progress of our programmes and projects with regards to the objectives set; to set out proposals for improvement of these; and to systematise information for external audit processes. All the quantitative data published in this report has been verified by the external auditors Ernst & Young and the London Benchmarking Group (LBG).
AnnualR eport2 010 Fundación Telefónica07
The Fundación Telefónica has been managing the majority of the social and cultural activities of the Telefónica Group for thirteen years
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nuadicnó Telefónica Annual Report2 010