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'London Transport System is Working Well': A Removal Firm's Perceptive

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'London Transport System is Working Well': A Removal Firm's Perceptive PR Newswire ABINGDON, England, August 9, 2012 ABINGDON, England, August 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The Mayor of London has announced that London's transport system has been 'working well' during the 2012 Olympics.

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'London Transport System is Working Well': A Removal Firm's Perceptive
PR Newswire ABINGDON, England, August 9, 2012
ABINGDON,England,August 9, 2012/PRNewswire/ --The Mayor ofLondonhas announced thatLondon'stransport system has been 'working well' during the 2012 Olympics. Many people living inLondonor visiting to watch the Games expected commuting chaos and a logistical transport nightmare, as there would be added pressure on the transport system to cope with an additional 695,000 spectators, athletes, coaches, staff and volunteers. However, Boris Johnson is reportedly impressed with the public transport system and the UK is yet to experience any huge problems. Since the Games began, the lanes have been reopened to regular traffic lanes as VIP guests are choosing to use standard public transport routes to make their way to the Olympic venues. Boris Johnson said he was pleased with the way transport systems such as the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) and the Olympic Route Network (ORN), were operating as commuters' worst fears of disruption and congestion failed to materialise The pressure has been onLondon'sinfrastructure to handle the numbers, transport implications and extra administration. As aLondonbased removals firm,Robinsonshas witnessed slightly busier traffic than normal but removal services have run fairly smoothly given the circumstances. The award-winning company took on the experience and advice of its partner offices in two other recent Olympic cities,SydneyandBeijing, which has helped to ensure house moves in and aroundLondonremain unaffected. The Olympic Traffic Lanes were expected to have a knock-on effect to delivery and collection times throughout the capital and Robinsons has found that in the most part, home removals have continued to run efficiently. A lot of preparations were put in place prior to the Games; all Operations staff were advised of the possible problems they would face, working hours were extended to evenings and weekends, smaller trucks from across the national fleet were brought into the capital and extra staff from across the Robinsons network were re-deployed as needed for the duration of the games. Anyone living inLondonand who is planning to move within August can rest assured that their move with be free of any complications, with the help of the experts. Robinsons Removals hope to utilise the provisions they put in place for the Olympics as a basis for continual improvement both within the company, and for the benefit their customers. Martyn Ferry at Robinsons said: "We always believe in putting our customers first, and the experience we have gained through our preparations for the Olympics, has enabled us to really concentrate on that value and make it the best it can be." Media Contact Details:
Name: Robinsons Removals
Website: http://www.robinsonsrelo.com Phone: +44-(0)800-833638 Address: Nuffield Way Abingdon Oxfordshire OX29 9TR