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Patton's Wired/Wireless Network-Failover Internet Router Delivers 100% Uptime

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Patton's Wired/Wireless Network-Failover Internet Router Delivers 100% Uptime PR Newswire GAITHERSBURG, Maryland, Aug.

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Ajouté le : 20 août 2012
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Patton's Wired/Wireless Network-Failover
Internet Router Delivers 100% Uptime
PR Newswire
GAITHERSBURG, Maryland, Aug. 8, 2012
- For business-critical network access, the BODi rS™ multi-WAN
router solution delivers zero downtime, aggregating multiple
wired/wireless links for redundant Internet connectivity.
- BODi rS… More Bandwidth. More Reliability. More Survivability.
Aug. 8, 2012
/PRNewswire/ -- Patton
(www.patton.com) is now taking orders for the new BODi rS
family of fault-
tolerant, load-balancing Internet routers that deliver superior WAN network
continuity with zero downtime.
For business-critical networking, Patton's BODi rS
enterprise routers prevent
lost revenue and wasted worker productivity stemming from Internet outages.
The units combine wireless-mesh, 3G/4G/LTE and Ethernet capabilities with
redundant WAN links and automatic failover.
Seamlessly bonding multiple WAN links into a unified Internet connection, the
BODi product line provides all-IP network survivability for fixed and mobile
enterprises of all sizes.
Banks, brokerages, sales offices and government agencies can use the one-box
BODi solution to establish a Wi-Fi mesh LAN with firewall, encryption and multi-
WAN routing for truly survivable Internet connectivity.
Providing up to seven fixed/mobile WAN-line connections with redundancy and
failover for broadband survivability, BODi routers provide VPN access-point
service with 100 percent uptime.
Combining built-in fallback-network capabilities with uplink redundancy and
WAN failover, BODi access-network routers offer full assurance of businesses-
network survivability for continuity of operations -- plus link bonding for
aggregated bandwidth and load balancing for traffic management.
The BODi rS family comprises three models initially: The BD007 enterprise WAN
failover router, announced today; the BD004 mobile/portable network-
survivability router also available for order, and the Head-End-Unit (HEU)
BD1000 multi-channel fallback-network VPN router and network hub, expected
Desktop-installed or rack-mounted in the IT closet, the
bonds up to
seven 3G/4G/LTE, VSAT/WiFi and WiMAX WAN lines into a unified, high-
bandwidth Internet WAN connection that provides network redundancy via
wireless backup. By leveraging cost-effective wireless services, businesses can
create a "virtual leased line," adding bandwidth as needed, without the risk of
replacing existing T1/E1, DSL or cable connections.
"We are excited to introduce this new technology," said Brian Lawlor, BODi
Product Manager, during CommunicAsia. "BODi delivers immediate cost savings
and significant performance improvements. People get it straight away. By
providing seamless failover for secure banking -- or an automatic, redundant
Internet access network for enterprises -- BODi helps businesses stay up-and-
running... all the time."
Patton plans a BODi-launch webinar for channel partners, Wednesday 15
August. Sign up…