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VIDA 13.2 ARTISTIC PRODUCTION GRANTS. The VIDA 13.2 Production Grants category helps to finance artistic projects involving artificial life that have not yet ...

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Ajouté le : 16 avril 2012
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The VIDA 13.2 Production Grants category helps to finance artistic projects involving
artificial life that have not yet been produced. This category of the competition is open to
creators who are citizens or legal residents of
or any country in
These projects should offer discursive reflections and innovative technological approaches
to research into artificial life. They may be projects based on systems that emulate, imitate
or speculate on the concept of life using modern-day technology and research. These
systems can present attributes of agency and autonomy, exhibiting independent
behaviour, being dynamic, reacting to their surroundings and evolving, and challenging the
boundaries between the living and the non-living, between synthetic and organic life.
In previous editions, the awards have gone to projects associated with robotic entities,
electronic avatars, chaotic algorithms, knowbots, cellular automata, neural networks,
computer viruses, virtual ecosystems, interactive systems, reactive architecture, immersive
environments, hybrid and semi-living systems, telepresence and augmented reality
systems, and other disciplines. The winning projects from past editions can be viewed at
This category is endowed with a total of
40,000 euros
in grant funds (*), which will be
divided among different proposals which address a relevant concept in the field of artificial
life and demonstrate the creator(s) ability to produce the project.
*Cash prize amounts are subject to the withholdings required under
Spanish fiscal law at the time of payment. If the winner’s country of
residence for tax purposes has signed a double-taxation treaty with
Spain, the withholding may be waived by presenting a certificate of tax
Fundación Telefónica will require all grant recipients to submit a progress report one year
after the cash prize has been received.
The author(s) must ensure that the following credit phrase is displayed at all exhibitions in
which the project may be included:
“Produced with the assistance of the International Art and Artificial Life Competition, VIDA
13.2, organised by Fundación Telefónica”
To submit your project for consideration in the “Artistic Production Grants” category,
please read the
carefully and complete the
posted on the Vida website: www.fundacion.telefonica.com/vida.
The form may be completed in Spanish, Portuguese or English.
Project submission timeline: from 11 April to 27 July 2011.
The deadline for submitting projects is 27 July 2011 at midnight (Spanish mainland time
The projects submitted will be examined by an international jury comprising the following
members: Mónica Bello Bugallo (Spain), Jens Hauser (France), Karla Jasso (Mexico), Sally
Jane Norman (New Zealand/France), Simon Penny (USA/Australia), Nell Tenhaaf (Canada)
and Francisco Serrano, Executive Director of Fundación Telefónica.
Anyone interested in participating can view the winning projects from previous years on
the VIDA website (PAST EDITIONS) to determine whether his/her project is in line with the
philosophy behind these awards.
If you have any queries about the contest, you can visit the
section on the website. You
can also contact us by email at vida@telefonica.es.
By submitting their projects, participants grant the organisers of VIDA 13.2, Fundación
Telefónica, the right to use the videos and other materials submitted for the following
- To publicise the competition in any printed format or on television, radio or the internet.
- To create materials for the purpose of disseminating the competition.
- To be displayed on the official VIDA website and on the Fundación Telefónica website.
The competition organisers shall not use the submitted works for any purpose other than
those stated above. All commercial uses are strictly prohibited. The authors whose works
appear in these materials will be clearly identified in the credits and will receive a free copy.
Participants must obtain all necessary licences for the use of any materials belonging to
third parties that are included in their works. The artists reserve all artistic and commercial
The participants’ personal data will be entered in the mailing list database owned by
Fundación Telefónica and will be used to keep them informed of our activities. Participants
may exercise their rights to access, correct or retract this information by writing to
The VIDA International Competition is made possible by Fundación Telefónica.
Artistic Director of VIDA 13.2: Mónica Bello Bugallo
Original concept: Rafael Lozano-Hemmer and Susie Ramsay
VIDA 13.2 Coordinator: Reyes Esparcia