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Celebrity Culture

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Celebrity Culture

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Ajouté le : 21 juillet 2011
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Miriam Sadler
Celebrity Culture
I am writing about Celebrity culture and its effect on young girls
and boys. I define celebrity culture as the fascination with
individuals and what they look like, wear or do. They may not be
famous for anything else really. It is also an issue, as more and
more young girls are not eating to try and be as skinny as models
they see on television and magazines. They also worry about what
their friends say behind their back. Recently a letter was given to
year seven and eight girls at Leicester Grammar. It said that many
girls had felt faint in game as a result of not eating breakfast.
Many girls and boys have dreams of becoming successful actors
and singers when they grow up. They read magazines showing
pictures of successful singers/actors breaking down and still want
to be famous? Child stars such as Lindsay Lohan and Britney
Spears who have been in the media spotlight since they were
teenagers have suffered with drugs and alcohol. Amy Winehouse is
suffering from drugs and drink abuse. People still buy her music
and therefore she has enough money to by drugs. Amy Winehouse
is photographed breaking down. Still teenagers want to be like
their favourite singers or actors.
There is also the issue with stars being pressurized into being
skinny. It is said that Lindsay Lohan buys an $18 drink to lose