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1er Août 1966) (…) 1
Luc MICHEL : IN MEMORIAM YUGOSLAVIAI have read in a French newspaper thatMilosevic is a new Hitler”. It’s the key of the NATO’s propaganda against Milosevic’s Yugoslavia. Speaking of the Yugoslavian tragedy is speaking about NATO and Imperialism. Speaking about the Yugoslavia of Milosevic is speaking also of the collapse of the Soviet Union a decade ago. In that time, NATO claims the victory of the socalled “western democracy”. To the name of the “New World Order”, NATO announced the “end of history”. In fact, NATO wanted the end of the memory ! Like in Berlin, They destroyed all over monuments against militarism and Fascism. But militarism of NATO and new fascism of the American imperialism followed their bloody run. Their first victims was the Yugoslavia of Milosevic and especially the Serbian people. Thanks to NATO, and especially to American and German imperialism, the collapse of the second Yugoslavia followed immediatly these of Soviet Union. Thanks to NATO, the direct heirs of fascist Croation USTASCHA seize the power in Croatia. Thanks to NATO, five decades after second worl war, the bombs of militarism hit again Beograd and Yugoslavia. After the collapse of the USSR, farright ethnic nationalists in Croatia and Bosnia launched civil wars that were tearing the country apart. The U.S. and German governments and secret services backed these rightwing forces, especially the neofascist Franjo Tudjman in Croatia and the Alija Izetbegovic regime in Bosnia. President Milosevic was in that times the only one to say “No”. No to NATO and imperialism, no to the liquidation of Socialism and the collapse of multinational Yugoslavia. In that time of world triumph of the “New World Order”, Milosevic was the first to organise resistance in Europe. As president Milosevic pointed out a few months ago in The Hague, only "the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia which now exists, retained its multiethnic makeup. There were no expulsions, from the beginning to the end of the Yugoslav crisis.". After the imperialist backed forces won, "a million Serbs were expelled from Croatiahalf  was split in three", Bosnia ethnic regions, and virtually all nonAlbanians were driven fr om Kosovo. In his adress to the Yugoslavian people of May 8 ‘2000, President Milosevic made a direct link with the antifascist Resistance of World War II and his fight against NATO agression in Yugoslavia and Eastern Europa. All the Yugoslavian tragedy is there. And all of that explain the hate and lies of the western propaganda against President Milosevic. The socalled “International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia” (ICTY) is only a sequel of that.