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CATALOGUE OF THE LIBRARY OF THE EOYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY COMTILED TO JUNE 1884 LONDON ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY BURLINGTON HOUSE 1886 z 51 PRINTED BY SPOTTISWOODE AXD NEW-STREETCO., SQUARE LONDON PEEFACE. THE of the Astronomical consistsLibrary Koyal Society of about more than half of these9,000 volumes, boundbeing serialvolumes of The tiers of shelves arepublications. numbered 1 to 7 1 the shelves on each, tierseparate being the letters of thedistinguished by alphabet. As far as the sizes of the books will arepermit, they on the shelves to The follow-arranged according subjects. table shows the ating general arrangement present adopted. This will be liable to as the increase of thechange, Library necessitate the removal of certain to othermay subjects shelves. Subject. Astronomical and 1"Works, I7th 8th Cent. u^arPP Astronomy. Theoretical and Practical &c.Astronomy, Observations of andSun, Moon, Planets, Comets, Meteors. 6 and of &c.Catalogues Stars, A-H of7 ScientificHistory Astronomy; Bibliography. Star Charts.7 I,K 8 H-KA, &c.Dictionaries, Encyclopaedias, 8 B-F1 A-K9 \ Ephemerides. 10 A-Fj Astronomical and &c.Logarithmic Tables,1 1 F-K [ 1 1 A-C theChronology, &c.Calendar, 11 E Mechanics. 12 C-G Collected Works. 12 II-K Differential and &c.Integral Calculus, A-E Bound13 volumes of Astronomical Tracts. 1 F-H3 &c.Instruments, K13 I, Works.Spectroscopic IV Sub ect' JShelf.Tier. &c.Natural Philosophy,A-E Physics,14 F-I Optics.14* and American Observa-Colonialof English,6 Reports tories. American So-Colonial andof English,Transactions Works.other Serialand cieties, Serials.and otherContinental Societies,of1 A-H24-3 Observatories.ofKI, Reports25-31 Manuscripts. Works.Astronomical printedEarly &c.Paradoxical Works, Travels.and ; VoyagesGeography A-D Navigation.36 F IE, and Terrestrial36 Magnetism.Meteorology 37-40 41 I the Surveys.of Earth, Geodesy,Figure A-D |42 E ID,42 Miscellaneous.Mathematics )43 and Trigonometry.Geometry44 andArithmetic Algebra. 45 Probabilities.Fluxions;Astrology,6 &c.Mathematical Serials, 47 &c.Natural Philosophy,34 ? 4g of Libraries.to Catalogues * otherof and Serials, EnglishSocieties,Transactions-, and Foreign. * in the34 to 71 areTiers gallery. ofexclusivetitles,contains 7,000nearlyThe Catalogue someofof contents importantand listsreferencescross it has beenwhich thoughtof Observatories,ofseries Keports haveheadingsThe subjectto insert. followingdesirable :beenalso given EphemeridesBibliographies Star Charts Dictionaries whichofof Societies,&c.,inTransactions Papers published have been cataloguedcopies,the separateLibrary possesses an asterisk.markedtitles bysuch beingmost casesin in theiswhich LibraryplacedCatalogue,The Manuscript theeach title bearingwritten cards,is uponfor reference, shelf.of theletterand thetierof thenumber odirectionunder thebeenhas preparedThe Catalogue Mr. W.Assistantthe Secretary,Committee, bythe Library H. Wesley.