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Wedding Music


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Wedding Music



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Wedding Music
Prelude Music while guests are arriving and being seated 20-30 minutes before the ceremony starts. This is usually light classical music left to the musician’s discretion.Bridal Party Processional
Slow but flowing music sets the official start to the ceremony, while the bridesmaids and other members of the party walk down the aisle. Bridal Processional
This is the most special and personal music in the ceremony. The music should be grand, elegant, and walking speed. This should be separatemusic from the Bridal party’s music. Interlude
For most wedding ceremonies, the interlude is the unity candle, memorial candle, or rose presentation. These are moments of quiet reflection, and the wedding music you choose should encourage this mood. Recessional
This is the last piece of music in the wedding ceremony, where the wedding party departs and guests start to leave for the reception area. It should be jubilant and celebratory. Postlude
While guests are still leaving, or mingling before moving on to the reception, this music is refined and upbeat, and is left to the musician’s discretion.Cocktail
If you choose to have the wedding ceremony musician(s) during cocktail, non-classical pop and jazz songs and classics are played, and are left to themusician’s discretion.