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Analysis of the 3 levels of unemployement in the perspective of the future Civilisation.



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Richard Andre
.. Under the present conditions of civilization.
Les Éditions électroniques Richard ANDRÉ
... Under the present conditions of civilization.
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Richard ANDRÉ. The genuine text is on Scribd
We hope this reflexion may be usefull for many other country and that
the translation may help.
hy unemployment cannot drop ? We should add :
in present conditions of civilization
It is the nagging question that everyone is asking ... or do not arise really!
This analysis does not lead to a pessimistic view of today's world, but rather on encouraging
prospects for work culture in the XXI
This way of seeing the unemployed and unemployment than other proposed leith obsessive
pattern expected by today's society allow to emerge above the thick fog which bathes the
No political action seems able to overcome the unemployment. Ebbing somewhat, he is back
as a huge " Sea Serpent " for over 30 years!
Economic theories are powerless to offer and effective lighting solutions. Polical people
foresee the world is in a total revolution ; they have more or less the inspiration a required
change our habits and our greed. But they are taken back by mechanistic economic no-
solutions ...
However two recent major disasters in particular urge us to think.
The first was this tragedy and psychodrama triggered by a handful of fundamentalists
against the economic power of the United States by crashing into the twin towers of
New York. America questioned itself - a few minutes - on its own responsibility. Listeners on
Or type the title in Scribd search.
radio and watchers on TV who pay attention to interviews and comments at that time,
remember. But how many have forgot? ... And soon, a wall of silence fell over the
conscience. The scapegoat hunt began ... and is not finished. There is no reason to excuse the
fanatics any more than to accuse them unilaterally. In any tragedy there are always two sides.
It’s important to understand the relative contribution of each, to avoid thinking in a
manichéenne way.
The second is the economic crisis resulting from a financial crash in 2007. This should
raise awareness to the public, dramatically, the power of finance and disasters that can
immediately induce the entire planet. But does public opinion question throughout the ALL
chain of responsibilities? This channel from a handful of predators masked, financiers,
bankers and policians that
have left to do
, and even greedy behavior of unconscious
consumers. The responsibility is collective, to varying degrees.
Returning for a moment on the curve of the unemployed. We do not write
people, we should note. This curve tells us better than long explanation.
MORE ...
The three levels of understanding:
1 - Level : "material", "external", "mechanistic".
2 – Level : "emotional", "internal", "motivational ".
3 – Level : "enlightened," "historical", "civilizational".
The major factor.
MORE ...
Let us first quick look on the statistics. This first curve was published in 2000 in the
). We wrote then that the
decline in unemployment was unlikely. Ten years later, the trend is unfortunately not denied!
Since about 30 years, the number of unemployed in France oscillate around 2500 000.
Abroad, more or less similar curves reflect the context of each country
. Regardless, on the
other hand, all subtleties of counting, the inclusion or not of the
unemployed not identified
and those
precarious situations
, or those of
extreme poverty
: is the collective consciousness
retains the order of magnitude
and this
... And it is this public opinion not
only French, but worldwide that works on all socioprofessional actors by requesting a
For more detail on this curve, refer to the work in french CHÔMEURS : POURQUOI ?
Des Artisans de la Civilisation qui s’ignorent
. Cf.
link at the end.
See figures of INSEE
Statistics in France :
... 2000-2010 : persistence of the "sea serpent" of unemployment!
It is unlikely that this curve is inverted as in miracle in the time ahead, while the solutions
were applied without success for decades. So, why this mass of unemployed can be absorbed
and find work?
Let’s try to distinguish the three levels of understanding of the mechanisms of the
cause and effect
of phenomenon, depending on whether one is interested in:
unemployed individuals
, or historical design of the Civilization. It is important not to confuse,
under penalty of having a simplistic view which also leads to reduced solutions which have so
far proved ineffective.
First, there is a level
"material", "external", "mechanistic".
This is the domain of
short-term relative.
The explanations are: external, conceptual, academic ...
This level can concern policies of reduction of unemployment and " return to full employment
Then there is a level
"emotional", "internal", "motivational"
of unemployment.
This is the area of the middle term.
The explantions are from within, experimental, psychological.
It may involve the
social treatment of unemployment
, according to the expression
devoted (not « unemployed !), but it is subject of a big misunderstanding.
This is the level where one could act more broadly ...
Finally, in a metaphysical perspective of Civilization to come, there is the level
"enlightened", "historic", "civilizational". This is the area of long and very long term.
It seems that the specific twentieth and twenty-first century unemployment enrolled
particularly in this third perspective.
Now let us try to understand how the three levels of analysis are complementary and
inseparable? Why the measures on one level fail... apparently ?
1 - level "material", "external", "mechanistic".
"Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of
employment, to equitable and satisfactory conditions
of work and protection against unemployment. "
Universal Declaration of Human Rights, art. 23, 1948
The role of economists is predominant in this area.
Unemployment is husked in many ways, establishing types of unemployed people,
types of unemployment. ... in which citizen is lost.
Theories are set out, trying to find causal links various
economic parameters
unemployment and full employment as:
• Removal of
and wage labor
Competition / Wages flexible or stranded
Concept which may vary from 80 000 to 900 000 people, from 1950 to 2000, in France !
néoclassique model ; Jacques Rueff, … …
Production / Demand / Consumption / Investment
• Arbitration: unemployment /
new / Consumption old
and computerization
(and its attendant myths ...)
Unfair competition
(you can see the point looking for a scapegoat! ...)
Unemployment insurance
(you can see the point looking for another scapegoat! ...)
• Lower
/ increase government
• etc ...
The citizen has the ears broken by all these "explanations "... But what does he really
understand ? These theories, sometimes contradictory, are as "plated" on a painful reality, and
are no longer credible in the long run. Hope springs a moment when a leader charismatic
enough announces measures to the return to "full employment", but all these theories certainly
relevant and ponctually right if not checked, do not they feed the skepticism and defeatism? ...
But it is a characteristic of the old civilization to be rolled by the «
» speech. If we
abstain, rotting of old habits may be slower !
Moreover, the economy and finance are so fluid that a crisis resolved, another of a
different nature, just mess up measures policies taken earlier to reduce unemployment.
The curious reader can always lean deeply in the many books dealing with these theories of
unemployment, but what does emerge in final? Will he act personally? Does it lead to
certainties or an intellectual impasse? ... Each one to make experience if they wish! But he
should not forget that many specialists sincerely devoted themselves to this approach without
further find the exit.
Among all these parameters, perhaps the experts they missed one MAJOR FACTOR? We'll
talk in the third level of analysis below.
On the other hand, watching out all these theories, a human element is the foundation
of all: GREED. The greed of consumers ; the greed of employees; the greed of entrepreneurs :
the greed of elected people... And
these are antagonistic greed
as everyone knows, because
the natural selfishness of human-animal nature
In addition, the game is distorted by financial people - not all – who "vampirise"
money only by their CUPIDITY.
Pointing of these factors of greed and cupidity does not proceed a moral jugement, but
a pragmatic analysis of engines of evolution of nations, until they are replaced by other, more
But the theories do not seek to play on this human element in introducing an element
of ethics, much more than mere morality, but just change a setting or two to act on
unemployment. However,
neither economists nor politicians are clever enough jugglers to
keep the overall balance
! ...
This not contradictory with the political need to act, because failure is instructive and a source
of progress.
salaire d'efficience
, new keynésiens…
William Phillips, Paul Samuelson et Robert Solow…
Alfred Sauvy (thèse of « déversement ») …
Jeremy Rifkin, …
of countries, Paul Krugman à bas salaires
cause of permanent unemployement, Jacques Rueff…
It is therefore evident that the
free choice of employment
, equitable and
conditions of work
protection against unemployment
of the Universal Declaration of
Human Rights cited in stressed, are not fulfilled in our dying civilization. The economic
explanations for this have created the disbelief of masses and the despair of economic and
political leaders.
When economic experts will reach a more synthetic vue of these various
parameters, greater efficiency may result. Most importantly, when they integrate best
the two following levels of analysis, the perception of unemployment as simple
"adjustment variable" will be completely reformed. They reach a more humane ethic
and "metaphysics" that will revolutionize certainly this science still beggining.
2 – Level : "emotional", "internal", "motivational".
Focusing on the conceptual parameters of unemployment quickly makes lose sight of
the fact that there are living beings and suffering, caught in the dilemma of a historical crisis.
Not only the unemployed but also
, because there is a
shared responsibility
— non-obvious and not perceived by public opinion - in this drama.
A system producing "factories for discourage".
The job loss produces a devaluation of the individual that the unemployed can not
truly understand otherwise intellectually. Removitating is not easy and quick. It takes time to
be rebuilt. Yet those who have responsibility of the social treatment of unemployed persons
(not to mention the
) do not have enough. Furthermore they are not trained, nor
have independent status and a financial incentive as an
for example, to be sure of
themselves and efficient. Pole employment centers (called «
pôle emploi
« in France) are
certainly necessary in many material points, but they are "factory for discourage" ! Simply,
for those who have not practiced, spending for a few hours there will make tem realize
obviousely. This does not affect the quality and willingness of agents. This is the system itself
that generates some collective irresponsibility on a human level and that is demotivating
beacause the agent don’t have experience in the motivation of a troop. It there is much to say
and do about it.
A complex psychological mechanism undermining the vitality of societies.
In a previous analysis of the
motivations of unemployed and not-unemployed,
we sought to highlight the collective misunderstanding of the subject and the extreme
difficulty to perceive a specific collective complex. In outline: the unemployed are the
unemployed are primarily devalued. Their personality is destructured. They have relatively
good conscience of it. But non-unemployed are more ambiguous: while being able to
recognize this point why do they show a kind of latent or repressed aggressivity, sometimes
expressed, and they blame the unemployed to be broadly speaking
lazy ones
It turns out the analysis that the population of non-unemployed is trapped in a mechanism
known by specialists alone: a
"unconscious guilt complex".
For the uninitiated, the word
important is UNCONSCIOUS. This means that if we talk to non-unemployed: they deny
because they are not aware, for definition. If you want a somewhat schematic illustration of
this complex, just to see or review the film of Hitchcock:
. The consequence of this
complex is a collective inertia of the will, without going to the apathy and withdrawal, as in
the example of the film. Of course, there individual cases that may be exempt from this
complex group. French Sister Emmanuelle, in his inimitable way, pointed in the 80th this
disastrous effect on the gloom of the French, compared to beings far more destitute, but that
would work singing in the garbage collectors of Cairo! ...
Another way to delude for the non-unemployed is claiming that the unemployed feel "guilty
for not working"
. There is now better known mechanism of psychological projection
unconscious of his own emotions. And if the unemployed use this language it is more a sort of
plating a collective speech agreement, such as parrots. In the bottom of themselves,
they are
primarily devalued, denied
by the company and their relatives. Because there are scary!
This double mécnisme is far from resolved and no operator seems to be interested ...
The vicious circle of old values and attitudes.
On the other hand, finding a job makes it people very happy, serene, peaceful? Beyond
the satisfaction of vital needs, the mark with red iron inflicted to the former unemployed
heals it ? And those who have jobs do not they live in anxiety standing for themselves or their
children to lose this job? Employment found, the greed to consume, by a sort of compensation
makes it happy? ... It is evident that civilization is dying, that old values are crumbling, that
the human being aspires to something else. Some found this "something else", but most are
still searching ...
Unemployment generated rigid attitudes throughout the social body. The
collective complex
leads to inertia of all natures, as can easily realize. Bosses « hooligans »
patrons « voyous »
) have proliferated it seems more than any other time passed. Managers
"frightened" have become "torturers" beating and abusing of fear on their subordinates, to
cause depressions, and even the reactions of suicide, probably not many, but enough to attract
the attention of public opinion.
It may be on this second level of analysis, we believe that action would be most
effective in changing the collective consciousness and transform many painful situations
Explaining the unemployed their historical role won’t it participate to a revaluation of their
condition? Would that not also, like by-effect, have a dynamic impact on the unemployed by
freeing them from the weight of their unconscious guilt? ... But it is necessary to take into
account the atavistic hurdy-gurdy practice of Christianity of redemption through suffering ! Is
she really still relevant to the the paddle of new Civilization.
Can we think of renowned scientists, independent in mind, could bring more light
on this collective complex and lighten the burden of all an industrial civilization? These
scientists may be from different branches of science, not just psychological one.
3 – Level : "enlightened", "historical", "civilizational".
"The new century will be metaphysical
... or will not"
Andre Malraux
The major factor.
“Culpability” which has nothing to do with the
"unconscious guilt complex",
which is a very technical psychoanalytical concept. But it can
reveal that of the not-unemployeds. The modern culture better and better takes into account these aspects of the knowledge of unconscious
and it will come one day when they will be usually taught at the school… like the multiplication tables.
Understanding of unemployment can really only comes from a point view of
beyond physics
! ... We will try find out. If indeed it is meaningful to many of
our contemporaries. But perhaps we may have some general inspiration.
If you register unemployment in the historical perspective of the end of the
materialistic Christian civilization
, it makes a lot its meaning. What let us know for one
century? Three successive World Wars. The first two ones are well known, had the effect of
destroying particularly selfish nationalisms. Each may consider this a blessing, even if it was
acquired at a price of great suffering. Past thirty years, a
third financial World War
dare not
speak its name, is rife. In reading this expression, one can think that this is a figure of speech ;
and that the concept of finance refers to the excesses of bankers and traiders. But they are
there only the émergeantes parts of a true war led by a nebula of very high owners of
company, who try to conquer the ground of Europe particularly. Not these bosses ''hooligans''
are talking about. These are only men of straw of a handful of totalitarian thinkers, soulless,
without feeling that decided to invade Europe primarily for increase their influence by means
of finance, although there are secondary theaters. This formulation is not a caricature, but a
reality that some may have known him! ... This is a new clique of individuals that do not
necessarily know, but who are inspired by the even destructive will, as totalitarian as that
which led worst excesses of the Nazis.
We have detailed this third world war in a financial recent book:
The Civiliation without
fear ... to come
La Civiliation sans peur …à venir
, in french). As long as we do not have
consciousness, the real responsibles will not be identified.
Although this
third financial world war
do not really reach the level of awareness of
public opinion, consequences, however, are well perceived; newspapers are full of them. All
destructuring, with its columns of unemployed, his dehumanizing methods of management
playing on the fears - as the Nazis knew how to do - disaggregate the social fabric, the identity
of peoples. There is no need to dwell on these effects "warriors" ...
But like every action produces an inevitable reaction, natural and mechanical antidotes are
secreted by the people. As the resistance was, during the Second World War, the consequence
of the occupation, the unemployed make up this other "army of the shadows". The
unemployed are resistant to the excesses of this
third financial World War
There are other antibodies violent or nonviolent, such as terrorism blindly aiming the
capitalist world. Or as the movements environmentalists, etc. ...
If we can integrate all these socio-historical factors into a synthesis, we arrive at a synthetic
view of the reality of this
Financial World War III
And the unemployed, in particular, cover a historical “mission” which participates in the
destruction of the ancient civilization to a New Civilization can hatch. For the principles of
life centered on humanity, brotherhood, moderation in all things, become a material reality,
not just a hope. ... With time! ...
Unemployed among other players allow gradually: a revolution in the design of work ... of
society ... materialism ... They are no longer an economic “constraint” with which the political
people take on, nor a hopeless life full of frustration and humiliation.
Like all resistant, their conditions are, of course, precarious, unpleasant. But if they
understand the "positive" role that they play in psychodrama in this global, so their suffering
can subside. Then their sacrifice is a noble and historic Sense.
When people really want a new civilization they will implement a new work
culture, after they will make capitulate the actors of the
financial World War III
. They
gather ethical conceptions of the beautiful work, besides an extraordinary technicality
inherited the revolution of applied sciences of the last century. Most importantly, they
will permit anymore than man goes after the machine and profit, as they are released
themselves of excess greed. Are not we all committed to clearly this path? ...
THE answer follows theese three levels of analysis. The "when" depends on the individual
and not just a few. They concern ALL citizens who must educate themselves and stop being
fooled, to
provide sufficient energy to politica people
so that tey make reform the world in all
its excessive aspects, not to overthrow the Capitalism like communism grew, and in particular
to curb smooth, the "financial power" so that it serves Humanity. When civilization is poised
to overtake the materialism, to have a "metaphysical" conscience, then unemployment will
not have anymore reason to be.
If one pays attention to measures that are taken, often at low noise, and unfortunately
obscured by the critical and perpetual lamentations, one can discern here and there that people
go in the right direction. Is’nt it more important that everyone sharpens that his perceptual
acuity than to decline intellectually everything here that drives people towards Civilization
without fear ... to come?
Skeptics themselves do not remain on the roadside and be caught by the irresistible flow of
the change civilization ...
This question of the unemployed, unemployment and full employment is, of course, global.
Each country would determine whether this short synthesis proposed here is consistent or
inconsistent with his own situation. The reader who wonders about these questions find more
developments in the following two books (in french).
When the populations, as when leaving World War II, will exclaim in
connection with this
Financial World War III
“Never that again! ”…
Then times
will undoubtedly have come so that the full employment settles comfortably.
* * *
Richard ANDRÉ
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