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Extended Role of Ateeya Manzoor as a Management Consultants

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Rather than identifying needs, devising a solution and implementing a new and "tailor-made" system for every client, a consulting provider has a range of products that are offered to all clients (or categories of clients).

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Extended Role of Ateeya Manzoor as a Management Consultants
The importance of consulting in any segment today cannot be denied at any cost. Most of the companies today are involved in management consulting in some way or the other. There are of course specialists who are in charge of oFering consultancy services in diFerent areas of recruitment and management. Ateeya Manzoor believes that consulting is always helpful in the sense that it largely improves the overall perspectives of the business, which in turn, helps the third party, as well. In fact, if you approach a Management services as oFered by Ateeya Manzoor, you will understand the emphasis that they give to the diFerent areas of consulting, which in turn, largely helps in the development of diFerent businesses.
Over the recent years the ideas of management consultants have changed dramatically in both, management consulting and in other professional services. Management consultants have started to rethink and redeîne their business, widening and enhancing their service oFerings, merging or establishing alliances with other consultants and professional service îrms, and abandoning self-imposed restrictions on the sort of work they are prepared to undertake.
These changes have been triggered by a number of factors, including the growing complexity and sophistication of doing business in national and inter-national environments, market deregulation and liberalization, new opportunities for innovative consulting, growing demand for integrated and "one-stop" professional services, competitive pressure coming from other professions and, above all, the advancement of information technologies and their rapid penetration into management and business processes. In using consulting and other professional services providers likeAteeya Manzoor the clients are asking "what will add value to my business". Rather than identifying needs, devising a solution and implementing a new and "tailor-made" system for every client, a consulting provider has a range of products that are oFered to all clients (or categories of clients).
Advice and know-how have turned into a commodity. The client can choose among standard oFerings "oF the shelf" - diagnostic instruments, change and project management programmes, training and self- development packages, production control systems, enterprise resource planning or customer relationship management systems, e-business or knowledge management software and so on.
Commoditization of methods and systems is currently a feature of knowledge management and transfer. It responds to demands from clients, who want to get the best system, methodology or approach at an aFordable price, within reasonable time limits, and with a guarantee of applicability and standard performance. This is what the commoditized professional services aim to provide. Professional service providers who have commoditized their knowledge enjoy an enormous business advantage - if the product is in demand and sells well.
Many large consulting îrms have sought to internationalize their operations in searching for new markets, adapting to the changes in the international economy, and taking advantage of the new opportunities for consulting in the developing countries. In large consulting îrms, foreign operations may contribute 30-70 per cent of income. Great eForts have been made to increase the long-term beneîts derived by clients from consulting assignments, by diversifying and perfecting the intervention methods applied at all stages of the consulting process. Many organizations private and public have become experts in using consultants. They have developed their own criteria and methods for selecting consultants, collaborating with them during assignments, monitoring their interventions, learning from their approach and evaluating results. Ateeya Manzoor says that Consultants have become indispensable advisers in major business decisions and transactions.
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