Integrated Management System Documentation

Integrated Management System Documentation


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The IMS Document kit effectively addresses the requirements of ISO: 9001-2008, ISO 14001-2004 and OHSAS: 18001-2007 standards for IMS certification. It covers a wide range of diverse issues, some of which can be complex related to all the 3 standards. More Information Visit :



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D112: DEMO OF EQHSMS DOCUMENT KITPrice 399 USDComplete editable Integrated management system document tool kit (IMS Policy, manual, procedures, forms, audit checklist, work instruction etc.) Buy:/:w/ documents-procedure-manuals-checklist.htmChapter-1.0CONTENTS OF EQHSMS DOCUMENT KIT han 150 document filesA. The entire Document kit has 9 main directories as below. NSr.ListofDirectoryDocumentofDetailso. 1.IEnQteHgMraSteMdaMnuaanlagementsystem07filesinMs.word2.Procedures 17 procedures in Ms. word 3.lise40flnmepwordMs.inIngrteedatnammegatnetsys a 4.Process Flow Chart 11 process flow chart in Ms. word Formats / Templates 68 formats in Ms. Word Name of departmentsDispatch03 formats in Ms. Word 5.Environment and safety( HSE)13 formats in Ms. Word Engineering03 formats in Ms. Word Marketing03 formats in Ms. Word HRD and training05 formats in Ms. Word Production07 formats in Ms. Word Purchase06 formats in Ms. Word QCD- Quality Control04 formats in Ms. Word Research And D o ment07 fo evel prmats in Ms. Word Stores02 formats in Ms. Word Systems ( Integrated management system)16 formats in Ms. Word 6. 39 SOPs in Ms. wordWork Instruction / SOPs 7.Exhibits 08 exhibits in Ms. word 8. than 800 questions MoreEQMS Audit Checklist Occupation, healt 9.h and safety policy and standards 9 documents in Ms. word Total 164 files quick download in editable form by e delivery www.globalmanagergroup.comE mailrgreganamoc.puoesalslmbalo@g +91-79-2656 5405 Tele:Page 1 of 9
D112: DEMO OF EQHSMS DOCUMENT KITPrice 399 USDComplete editable Integrated management system document tool kit (IMS Policy, manual, procedures, forms, audit checklist, work instruction etc.) Buy:abmlg.olrergnagaht/wwwtp:/-smsm/cop.ouqh-emseq documents-procedure-manuals-checklist.htmPart: B Documentation:-Our document kit is having sample documents required for ISO or OHSAS certification as listed study it do necessary changes as per your company need withYou need our editable document kit and within 4 days your entire documents with all necessary controls are ready and many organization are certified globally in 1st trialwith the help of our documents from any kind of stringent certification audit. Under this directory further files are made in word Document as per the details listed below. All the documents are related to any kind of manufacturing/process industry.1. EQHSMS Manual ( Integrated Management System Manual): It covers sample copy of EQHSMS manual and clause wise details for how ISO: 9001 & ISO: 14001 system as well as OHSAS: 18001 is implemented. It covers list of procedures as well as overview of organization and covers tier of ISO: 9001 ISO: 14001 1st OHSAS: 18001documents. Table of Contents (A) Table of Contents ject P e Clause Reference Sub ag I No. SO ISO 14001 + OHSAS 9001 18001 Section 1 Table of contents and authorization statement 12 ------ ------Company Profile 11------ ------Control and distribution 1 ------3 ------Section2 Environmental, Health, Safety and Quality Managemen4.0 4.0 General requitreSmysetnetsm134.1 4.1 Documentation requirements 4.2 4.4.4, 4.4.5, 4.5.4 Management Responsibility5.0 ----Management commitment 5.1 4.2 Customer, Environment and OHS focus 5.2 4.3.1, 4.3.2 Quality Policy and HSE Policy 185.3 4.2 Planning 5.4 4.3, 4.3.3 Responsibility, authority and communication 5.5 4.4.1, 4.4.3 Management review 5.6 4.6 Resource Management6.0 ----Provision of resources 6.1 4.4.1 Human resources 126.2 4.4.2 Infrastructure 6.3 4.4.1 Work environment 6.4 ----Product Realization And Implementation and Operation7.0 4.4 PCluasntnoinmgero,fEpnrvoidrounctmreenatliazlaatinodnOanHdSoRpeelraatteiodnPalroccoenstsroels174.4.6----77..12Design and development 7.3 4.4.6 Purchasing 7.4 4.4.6 www.globalmanagergroup.comE mailmp.cogrouagermlnaolabseg@sla +91-79-2656 5405 Tele:Page 2 of 9
D112: DEMO OF EQHSMS DOCUMENT KITPrice 399 USDComplete editable Integrated management system document tool kit (IMS Policy, manual, procedures, forms, audit checklist, work instruction etc.) Buy:qe/moc.puorgregaanlmbalo.gww/w:/https-qhsmms-e documents-procedure-manuals-checklist.htmProduction and service provision 7.5 4.4.6 Control of monitoring and measuring devices 7.6 4.5.1 Measurement, Analysis And Improvement8.0 4.5 General 8.1 4.5.1 Monitoring and measurement and evaluation of 8.2 4.5.1, 4.5.2, 4.5.5 compliance Control Of Nonconforming Product and accidents, 16incidents, non 4.5.3conformances, corrective and 8.3 4.4.7, preventive action Analysis of data 8.4 4.5.1 Improvement 8.5 4.5.3 Annexure ANX 1I List of procedures1------ ------ANX 1 of termsII Glossary1------ ------ANX 1 flow chartIII Process2------ ------ANXIV Quality 1 and HSE Policy2------ ------ANXV Company 1 structure1------ ------ To get more information about EQHSMS documentation kitClick Here2. Procedures (17 Procedures):It covers sample copy of mandatory procedures covering all the details of ISO: 9001 & ISO: 14001 and OHSAS: 18001standard. List of Procedures 1PErnovcireodnumreenFtoarlIIdmepnaticfitcsaAtinodnROifskEnAvsirsoenssmmenetnatlAspects,OhsHazardsAndIts2 Procedure For Identification Of Legal And Other Requirements 3 Procedure For Objectives And Targets 4 Procedure For EHSMP 5 Procedure For Consultation And Communication 6 Procedure For Operational Control 7 Procedure For Emergency Preparedness And Response 8 Procedure For Performance Monitoring And Measurement 9 Procedure For Accidents, Incidents, NonConformance, Corrective And Preventive Action 10 Procedure For Management Review 11 Procedure For Document And Data Control 12 Procedure For Control Of Records 13 Procedure For Internal Audit 14 Procedure For Training 15 Procedure For Corrective And Preventive Action 16 Procedure For Control Of Monitoring And Measuring Devices 17 Procedure For Control Of NonConforming Products www.globalmanagergroup.comE maillraesreggu@oo.lpabmlnasgacom Tele: +91-79-2656 5405Page 3 of 9
D112: DEMO OF EQHSMS DOCUMENT KITPrice 399 USDComplete editable Integrated management system document tool kit (IMS Policy, manual, procedures, forms, audit checklist, work instruction etc.) Buy:sms-/wwwtp:/htlo.glmbaagangrer.puo/mocsmqehqe-documents-procedure-manuals-checklist.htm3. Integrated Environment, Occupation, Health and Safety Management Plans: It covers sample copy of EHSMP management plans to link the organization objectives with the management plans for environment improvements. It helps any organization in preparation of own EHSMPs based on few samples are provided for own organization. 4. Process Flow Chart It covers the process flow chart of 11 types of departments like Production, Customer Service, Dispatch, Engineering, Marketing, Training etc.List of Process Flow1 Production 7 Purchase 2 Customer Service 8 Quality Control 3 Despatch 9 Research And Development 4 Engineering 10 Stores 5 Training 11 Management Representative’s Area6 Marketing 5. Blank Formats (68 Formats): It covers sample copy of blank forms required to maintain records as well as establish control and make system in the organization. The samples given are as a guide and not compulsory to f ollow and organization is free to change the same to suit own requirements. List of Formats 1. Packing Report / Slip 2. Open Purchase Order 3. Drum / Bag / Carton Inspection Report 4. pH Meter Calibration Report 5. Screen Checking Report 6. Normality Record Sheet 7. Corrective And Preventive Action Report 8. Sample Test Request Slip For Incoming materials 9.EvaluationOfHSEImpacts/Risks10.pSraomduplcetTestRequestSlipForInprocess/FinishInitial EHSMS Review Of Prioritization Of 11. Significant Aspect, OHS Hazards Its Impact and 12. Research And Development Check List Risks Feasibility Analysis 13. EHSMP Progress Monitoring Report 14. Research And Development Request Report 15. Un Safe Observation Report 16. Research And Development Plan 17. Investigation Report 18. Design Verification Report 19. Safety Inspection Check List 20. Experiment Data Sheet 21. Work Permit Report 22. Design Review Minutes Of Meeting 23. First aid box check list 24. Daily Stock Statement 25. Fire fightining checklist 26. Gate Pass 27. PPE Preventive Maintenance check points 28. Master List Cum Distribution List of Documents 29. First aid medical treatment repot 30. Change Note 31. Ambulance checklist 32. Calibration Status of Instrument / Equipment 33. Breakdown History Card 34. Master List of Records 35. Preventive Maintenance Schedule 36. HSE / Quality Objectives And Target 37. Preventive Maintenance Check Points Plan / Schedule38. Audit 39. Medical CheckUp Report 40. Internal Audit NonConformity Report r Confirmation 42 Clause wise Document wise Audit Review Report41. Order Form / Orde . QMS t wise Audit Review Report43.CustomerComplaintReport44.CElHaSusMeSwiseDocumen 45. Customer Feed Back Form Improvement Plan46. Continual 47. Production Plan 48. Corrective Action Report www.globalmanagergroup.comE mailsmeg@s.polcamrlgnuaooglaarbe +91-79-2656 5405 Tele:Page 4 of 9
DComplete editable Integrated management system document tool kit (IMS Policy, manual, procedures, forms, audit checklist, work instruction etc.) Buy:-smshqe-smqethabmlg.olw/wwpt/:com/oup.ergranag documents-procedure-manuals-checklist.htm49. Disposal of Non 50. Preventive Action ReportConforming Products 51. Tray Dryer Log Sheet 52. Scrap Yard Monitoring Report 53. Spray Dryer Log Sheet 54. List Of Licenses / Certificates 55. Spin Flash Dryer Log Sheet 56. Housekeeping Checking Report 57. Reverse Osmosis Log Sheet 58. Earthing Pit Maintenance Report 59. Blender / Ball Mill Log Sheet 60. Training Calendar 61. Purchase Order 62. Training Need Cum Records Sheet 63. Indent And Incoming Inspection Record 64. Induction Training Report 65.OArpdperrovedVendorListCumOpenPurchase66.JobDescriptionandSpecification67. Supplier Registration Form 68. Skill matrix 6. Work Instructions/Standard Operating Procedures (39 SOPS) It covers sample copy of SOPs and work instructions to link with significant aspects as well as Hazards and risks and establish control for environment, occupation, health and safety issues in the organizati on. It takes care of all such issues and used as a training guide as well as to establish control and make system in the organization. The samples given are as a guide and not compulsory to follow and organization is free to change the same to suit own requirements. List of SOPs1 Control And Prevention Of Pollution 21 Handling Of Lab Chemicals 2 Handling, Storage And Disposal 22 Emergency Plant Shutdown 3 Mock Drill 23 Captive Power Plant Operation 4 Safety And Security 24 Scrubber System Operation 5 Accident Reporting, Investigation And Analysis 25 Unloading Of Diesel / LDO From Tanker 6 General Follow Asbestos Handlingup 26 7 Work Shop And Maintenance Activities 27 Incineration Plant Operation Petroleum 8AUnnldoaGdaisng,HandlingAndStorageOf28SodiumSulphatesRecoveryPlantOperation9 Cleaning And Washing 29 Sludge Separation Unit Operation Handling of Process Materials, RMs And RMs 30 Chemical Re 10 Charging action 11 Pump Operator 31 Filtration 12 Drainage Line Cleaning 32 Steam Boiler Operations 13OElfimCihnaaitnioPnulOlfeyRiBslkcOkfs,AcPcidentDuVriensgseOlpAenrdatiLoiftns33AirCompressorOperationo ressure 14 Glass Wool Control 34 Water Softening Plant Operation 15 Solvent Handling 35 Pulverizer 16 Scrap Management 36 Diesel Generator Set Operation 17 Plant Shut Down And Start Up 37 Reverse Osmosis Plant 18 Use Of Water Reactive Chemicals 38 Spray Drying 19SFtoallgoew / Ball MillingUp Of EHSMS Requirements At Project Blending 39 20 Stores 7. Exhibits It covers Skill Requirements, Disposal Of NonConforming Products, EHSMS Objective Plan, Operational Control Plan, Quality Plan etc www.globalmanagergroup.comE mailoc.pmaelrasg@oguegsrbaloanlm +91-79-2656 5405 Tele:Page 5 of 9
DComplete editable Integrated management system document tool kit (IMS Policy, manual, procedures, forms, audit checklist, work instruction etc.) documents-procedure-manuals-checklist.htmList of Exhibits Sr. No 1 Skill Requirements 2 Disposal Of NonConforming Products 3 Objective and TargetEHSMS Objective Plan 4 Operational Control Plan 5 OHSAS Control Plan 6 Quality PlanIncoming Inspection and Testing 7 Material Specifications 8 Codification System 8. ISO: 9001; ISO : 14001, OHSAS:18001 Audit Questionnaire (More than 800 Questions) There covers audit questions based on ISO: 9001, ISO: 14001, OHSAS: 18001 requirements as well as for each departments. It will be very good tool for the auditors to make audit Questionnaire while auditing and make effectiveness in auditing.NSor.AuditQuestionnaire. 1 Management Representative 2 Legal and Safety 3 Training 4 Operation / Production 5 Pollution Department 6 Stores 7 Engineering 8 General  9. Occupation, health and safety policy and standardsIn this directory we are giving OHSA related standards and policy as well as major emergency plan for office and at site.1. Electrical work policy and standards 2. Working at height policy and standard 3. Safe driving policy and standard 4. Work permit policy and standard 5. Office safety standard and policy www.globalmanagergroup.comE mailmoasel@slgboalmanagergroup.c Tele: +91-79-2656 5405Page 6 of 9
DComplete editable Integrated management system document tool kit (IMS Policy, manual, procedures, forms, audit checklist, work instruction etc.) Buy:balm.gloergranagoc/ documents-procedure-manuals-checklist.htm6. OHS control policy and standard for sub contractor/vendor 7. Incident investigation and reporting policy and standard 8. Major emergency response plan at site 9. Major emergency response plan at office
Global manager group is a progressive company and promoted by a group of qualified engineers and management graduates having rich experience of 20 years in ISO and OHSAS consultancy and management areas. The company serves the global customers through on-site and off-site modes of service delivery systems. We offer a full range of consulting services geared towards helping all types of organizations to achieve competitiveness, certifications and compliance to international standards and regulations. So far we hadmore than 1200 clients in more than 45 countries.Our ready made training and editable document kit helps the client in making their documents easy and make them complying to related ISO standard faster.
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DComplete editable Integrated management system document tool kit (IMS Policy, manual, procedures, forms, audit checklist, work instruction etc.) Buy:om.cuprorggenamalabolg.www//:pttqm/eheqs-mshs-documents-procedure-manuals-checklist.htmChapter-3.0USER FUNCTION 3.1 Hardware and Software Requirements A. Hardware:-Our document kit can be better performed with the help of P3 and above computers with a minimum 10 GB hard disk space. For better visual impact of the power point Document you may keep the setting of colour image at high colour.B. Software used in Document kitDocuments written in word 98 and window 2000 programs. You are therefore required to have office 2000 or above with word 98 and power point3.2 Features of Document kit:-listed above and comply with the requirementsContains all necessary documents as of ISO Standards. Written in Plain English It will save much time in typing and preparation of documents alone. User-friendly and easy to learn. Developed under the guidance of experienced experts. Provides model of a Management system that is simple and free from excessive paperwork.
\ www.globalmanagergroup.comE mailalmaglobrgronagemopuc.@selas +91-79-2656 5405 Tele:Page 8 of 9
DComplete editable Integrated management system document tool kit (IMS Policy, manual, procedures, forms, audit checklist, work instruction etc.) Buy:hseq-ms/eoms-qmwww.globhttp://grorpuc.laamaneg documents-procedure-manuals-checklist.htmChapter-4.0BENEFITS OF USING OUR DOCUMENT KIT
1. By using these documents, you can save a lot of your precious time while preparing the EQHSMS documents. 2. Take care for all the section and sub sections of EQHSMS standard and helps you in establishing better system. 3. Document kit enables you to change the contents and print as many copies as you need. The user can modify the documents as per their industry and create own EQHSMS documents for their organization. 4. Ready made templates and sample documents are available which can reduce your time in document preparation. 5. Save much time and cost in integrated management system document preparation. 6. The audit questions helps in making perfect audit checklist.For purchase Click HereU Visit our web site for more documentation kit:
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