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QUEBECOI3! (Kay-bee-qua!} by Paul Schrader C. WHEELER CCPEHI.V. *Jp. ATTGnuE Y AT L.i.V SCHURMEK , DRAKE, cuii.'t. 5. Hetsc £80 WilS QUEBECQISi From the day Canadian crime became organized, the pegres (mobs) ruled Montreal, and Montreal ruled Canada. Emigrating from Marseilles and Corsica in the early 1900's, French gancsters soon nade Montreal the center for all smug- gling operations into the United States. In the 29's they ran whiskey across the Maine and Vermont borders, in the 30'G deported Mafiosi, in the ^O's black market meat and sugar, in the 50's heroin and in the 60's gold bars and coins. In 1952, at the instigation of then Mew York don Frank Costello, the American underworld began its move into Montreal. Seeking to control the pegres1 snuggling and gambling operations., the Italian-Americans took over the Italian community on Montreal's South Shore and set up headquarters in the center of the city. Shortly thereafter, New York Jewish mobsters starting muscling In on the West Side clubs and bars. Throughout the next two decades, the Americans succeeded in dismantling, incorporating or destroying the Frenoh pe'gres one by one. Thoqe which survived were forced to move block by block into tlVe-slum-ridden North and East sides of Montreal. This is the story of the final days of the Gaulois Family, the last great French-Canadian pegre of Montreal. PRS-CREDITS FADE IN: 1 EXT.



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