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Stratégie nationale de développement durable 2010-2013 et entreprises. : ENG

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October 2011
National Sustainable Development Strategy 2010 > 2013
Towards a fair and green economy
Sustainable Development: a Trump Card for Businesses
What if sustainable development was the best way to companies to anticipate changes to the law, grasp the guarantee the growth of your business, and hence its levers for growth offered by the quest for a green, continued existence!? Paradoxical? On the contrary, socially-just economy, mobilize their workforce, large numbers of business owners have already 'taken improve their brand image… The ISO 26000 standard the plunge' and are using sustainable development as and the NSDS are two coherent tools that can help a competitive trump card for their businesses. When companies implement a CSR policy. it is an integral part of a business strategy, sustainable ISO 26000 is one of the international standards (1). It development can prove to be a true lever for growth. incites companies to define the scope of their societal Today, new markets linked to a green economy are responsibility. It is hinged upon seven central issues: being developed in the building, transport and energy governance, human rights, working relations and industries, but also in the services sector. Your custo- conditions, the environment, legal compliance, consu-mers, increasingly aware of the challenges of sustaina- mer issues and societal commitment. ble development, are looking for eco-friendly, socially responsible products and solutions. If you harness sustainable development to serve your company's>The NSDS concerns interests, you will also give yourself the power to improve your brand image and build a better socialall businesses ycloium taot ei. nTvheenrte  yaorue r ncuommepraonuys' sb seunsetfaitisn, abbluet  idt'esv eulpo pto-To increase knowledge of the NSDS, the CGDD (General Commission for Sustainable Development) ment. and its partners are providing here some concrete examples and accounts illustrating the pertinence of sustainable investing and giving an idea of the impact >NSDS, ISO 26000, CSR.it has on businesses.a How do they all fit in?1There are several international standards (Global Compact, OECD H can the NSDS be of use to you and how does itGuidelines, IWO conventions etc.) ow tie in with existing standards? By reaching out to busi-nesses, local authorities, associations, public bodies, the government… the NSDS provides all of the coun-try's actors with a motivating common framework. Because your company has an economic, social and environmental impact and because your decisions become its business commitments, your involvement icno smupsataniinesa bbleet tdeervelnodpmenatn dm ahtotewr ss. uTshtaei nNaSbDleS  dheevlpesOUR PARTNERS u erst -lopment can benefit their businesses, provides infor-mation on national orientations and a way to take part in the construction of a greener, fairer economy. The NSDS is fully compatible with existing measures (the ISO 26000 standard, Corporate Social Responsibility policies…). CSR, which is also a voluntary initiative, entails the integration of social and environmental issues into everyday business operations. It enables
////////////////////// The 9 challenges of the NSDS 1/ Sustainable consumption and production 2/ Knowledge society 3/ Governance 4/ Climate change and energies 5/ Sustainable transport and mobility 6/ Conservation and sustainable management of natural resources and biodiversity  7/ Public health, risks prevention and management 8/ Demography, immigration and social inclusion 9/ International challenges for sustainable development and global poverty The objectives in figures For each of its nine challenges the NSDS provides a reminder of some of the objectives in figures. These objectives are the commitments made by France at a national, European or international level. The performance indicators Four indicators reflecting the economic and social context, fifteen headline indicators and thirty-five background indicators were selected to help mea-sure the impact of the NSDS. They were all chosen collaboratively with the actors concerned. The action of each company has an impact on the ten- dencies of these indicators. When you register your action in the framework of the NSDS, you contribute to the progress of these indicators and to meeting the objectives of the NSDS. Certain indicators have particular relevance for companies, such as the senior employment rate, the number of women in  governance, or research and development. The NSDS and its indicators can be downloaded at: www.developpement-durable.gouv.fr/SNDD
Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing