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Vers des villes post-carbone. Six sentiers de transition. : Horizons_2_ENG

16 pages

Paris. http://temis.documentation.developpement-durable.gouv.fr/document.xsp?id=Temis-0065829

Ajouté le : 12 janvier 2009
Lecture(s) : 7
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CommissioNer-GeNeral for susTaiNale eelomeNT
December 2009
fght unt N
  D DB ovin towards t-cgncities s tntn th
    >osing >arine resorces >inancing transport >reen jobs >enewable energies >Demographics and geopolitics             blications genda nternational meetings and conerences
2030 2050
     “ownst th ht  th tntn towards postcarbon societies”
ditorial tp  roesty nerdabahtnieecel , a ew isolated visionaries, the prospect o a post carbon or lowcarbon society is today debated and consideredn  nd  cnt nd nt-n ntntn gntn untd Ntn GG d n oeC en Cn athgh n  ht th t-cn ct    t dg    d cnn t  ct gdng g d chng  ct  dctn    gnh g n  cnt  th Nth t tt ndndnc  cn-d ng  t  g nd c ficnt cct  dttn t ct chng nd fin gt ttntn t th t cct ttn  ng nt lthogh the sstainable town cannot be redced to those ew criteria, we are taling here abot major changes that all actors will progressively have to anticipate, th tht nd t ct chng nd th cct    c t  at ht c th ht cntnt Th  th tn tht  ng d   cct  nddn this contet, the role o towns,nd ndct c thtstill remains broadly open to debatef thgh n g n th tnc n nggreenhose gas emissions, disagreement remains on their roomconsmption and or manoevre given, in particlar, the etraordinary inertia o rban systems t is or this reason that the second isse o orions 2002050 is entirely dedicated to them                                                                                                    U  d  th fght unt
estionsanswersth Gérar maGNiNd  th en éNerGie-CiTés nt CGDD :By 2020, what changes can we hopeCGDD :Under what conditions can majorCGDD :hat place wold yo attribte to see in towns’ climate policies? changes be envisaged by 2050? to oresight in these transitions? GM :Tn   nt  ng t   ndGM :i  n th d  dc chngGM : ent t nt ficnt cndd t cn ctn nd dctn chnt  gd chngng tnd mn chng td   c dcn-ng t  t actn  ht cn ct  dn “tht tht dng n  tn ctd gd ht t dcn and t th ng gt” n cntctn t tnt ht c th h  th d-t-d nd ct chng  t gn ht d t t  c nd  th h-d    chng hn nd ng t t lng d t ctn  t th ct  tct th ct n  td  t tht  t th thn th n  n  dfict tt ntfictn  n ntfid cn d  Th  th c  t t t t  nt  n tnn  ct ctn n fnc tn tndng td   td Cctng dgng tnd  nt n nd gdng    n cc t fng t chngng tct Cct g -ct nd n ct hch t nth h nng   cntn tn n th   nnng c c tnc t chng n gn hch  cd n  tn Th  ntd  n  th  t th nc t tntn   h n th chc
Ministr of colog nerg ustainable Development and te ea n chg  Gn Tchng nd Ct Chng Ngttn