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Composition en français 2002 CAPES de langues vivantes (Anglais) CAPES (Externe)

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Concours de la Fonction Publique CAPES (Externe). Sujet de Composition en français 2002. Retrouvez le corrigé Composition en français 2002 sur Bankexam.fr.
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CAPES – Session 2002
Composition en français
Durée 5 heures
Discutez cette citation de Margaret THATCHER en tenant compte de l'ensemble de la période
1942 1990 :
“Welfare benefits, distributed with little or no consideration of their effects on behaviour,
encouraged illegitimacy, facilitated the breakdown of families, and replaced incentives
favouring work and self-reliance with perverse encouragement for idleness and cheating. The
final illusion that state intervention would promote social harmony and solidarity or, in Tory
language, ‘One Nation’– collapsed in the winter of discontent... ”
Margaret Thatcher,
The Downing Street Years
, London: Harper Collins, 1993, p. 8.