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Composition en français 2003 CAPES de langues vivantes (Anglais) CAPES (Externe)

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Concours de la Fonction Publique CAPES (Externe). Sujet de Composition en français 2003. Retrouvez le corrigé Composition en français 2003 sur Bankexam.fr.
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CAPES externe anglais - Session 2003
Composition en français
Durée 5 heures
Discutez ce jugement de l'acteur Edward G. Robinson en vous appuyant sur vos
connaissances sur le crime organisé dans la société américaine et ses représentations à
l'écran :
"The Eighteenth Amendment was the greatest villain of modern times. It was the instigator of
corruption, intemperance, malfeasance, gunplay and terrorism. The bootlegger was the
progenitor of the gangster, and both the immediate progeny of the enactment of an unnatural
law. The bootlegger and the gangster fortuitously, and ironically enough, became the
champions of liberty, a sort of knight errant clothed in sham glamour and romanticism.
No, neither the press nor the movies can be held reprehensible for the bold defiance of our
laws - state, federal and church. It is our social and economic upheaval that has robbed man
of his illusions and made him revert to the infantile and primitive. The movies of the last few
years have only mirrored the disintegration of civilization; they have not initiated it."
Edward G. Robinson, The Movies, the Actor, and Public Morals, in
The Movies on Tria
l, 1936.
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