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Bac anglais lv1 2008 l litteraire

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Session 2008BACCALAURÉAT GÉNÉMIANGLAISLangue vivante ISérie LDurée : 3 heures Coefficient4- L'usage du dictionnaire et des calcuratrices est interdit.Compréhension14 PointsExpression Traduction points6 Le sujet pages comporte 5 numérotées i/E à S/S.SANlLME/AG1 lt5story takes place in Kenya [The in the early 1950s.]postcard A came airmailfrom London:>ear vLo awd De+a,(uw.e, w e' re haû.wg a w o wd,erfuL herell*ape gott have a swashLwg hoLLdag too. sag to t tloroge.la,rubo, rcwa hen ! See gov, soowl-e,LLL araA AwwLeOn the reverse side, Picadilly Circus in full colour, a city scene grander and infinitely morebustling than our own modest quite and somnolent King papa, Streét roundabout. Look, said whowas holding postcard, up the the biggest city in the worlà.10 Where's the circus, Papa? | askèà him, ôur self-styled expert on matters Engfish.-he Maybe there was a circus there a tong time ago, saic, tryinj tô-sound confident and unableto hide his uncertainty.Mother, Deepa, and.l were gathered round Papa in the poring shop, with him over every detailglorious of the scene. The black taxis, a red double-bus carryiÀé'"auËrtirements on its side, men15 and women in hats, a red mailbox, a newsagent, all papa the stôriand street signs. turned awistful eye to Mother, who acknowledged with â smile; it was his deareit wish to visit that centre ofthe universe once in his lifetime. lt was his Mecca, his Varanasi nis Jerusatem. A visit thereconferred status, ...



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