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Bac anglais lv1 2009 l

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Session 2009BACCALAURÉAT GÉNÉRALANGLAISLangue vivante 1Série LDurée:3heures - Coefficient 4L'usage du dictionnaire et des calculatrices est interdit.Compréhensionpoints14 ExpressionTraduction points6 Le sujet comporte pages 3 numérotéqs 1/3 à 3/3.9ANlLME/AG1Salim comes running through the and door collapses face down on the bed."Saliml l am alarmed. ... Salim!" I shout. "What's happened you? to How come arevou back so early?" lturn him on his back. He is laughing."ïhe most amazing thing has happened today. This is the happiest day of my tife," heoectarcs."What you is it? Have won the lottery?""No. Something even better than winning the lottery. I have seen Armaan Ali."Bit by breathless bit, the whote story comes glimpse out. How Salim caught a ofArmaan Aliwhile doing his daily round in Ghatkopar. The star was atightjng ffom his Mercedes-Benz to enter a10 five-star hotel. Salim was travelling on a bus to deliver his last tiffin1 box to a customer. Ihejurnped moment he spotted Afmaan, he down from the speeding vehiclê, nanowly mjssing beingrun down by a car, and ran toward the actor, who was passing through the hotel,s revolving door.He was sto-pp€d by the tall, guard strapping uniformed and prevented from entering thJ hotel."Armaanl" Salim called, trying desperately to catch the star's attentjon. Armaan heàrd the crv.ti) stopped in his tfacks, and turned around. His eyes made contact with Sali.n,s. He oave a fai;tsmile, perceptible a barely nod ...



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