Corrige BACES Anglais LV2 2016

Corrige BACES Anglais LV2 2016

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Document A
Les réponses en commun sont regroupées entre les ES S et les L
A. b a married woman B. she plans on trvavelling on her won across the USA l.8 « why I’m traveling by myself across the country « » l.12 « I wanted an adventure for myself » l.13 « by myself »



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BaccalauréatS ES L
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Épreuve :ANGLAIS LV2Durée de l’épreuǀe: 3 heures
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Document ALes réponses en commun sont regroupées entre les ES S et les L
A. b a married woman B. she plans on trvavelling on her won across the USA l.8 « ǁhy I’ŵ traǀeliŶg ďy ŵyself aĐross the ĐouŶtry « »l.12 « I wanted an adventure for myself » l.13 « by myself »
C. ES S et D L3 elments to show her motivations are : l.10 « I wanted time » l.11 « an adventure « l.12 « wholly mine » « l.13 my wanderlust » . she wants to do something personal on her own because she craves for going travelling on her own.
C1 . Ldetermined l.5 « I was born with wandelrust in my veins « independant l.13 « by myself » -Unconventional ll. 3 4 «borderline radical , but not at all out of my character. »
C2. LFalse ll1-2 « I was almost immediately greeted by support by my husband nd my best friends »
D 1 ESS F1. LAn example of wanderlust is her craving for traveling l.1 « I decided to embark on a cross country road trip » D2 ES-S F2. L IŶ ŵy ǀeiŶs ŵeaŶs it’s a legaĐy froŵ her forefathers . She has alǁays had this 2 Propriété exclusivedeStudyrama.Toutereproductionoudiffusioninterditesans autorisation.
ǁill to traǀel , it’sin her blood , in her genes.
E. ESS et G. LHer trip illustrates the American spirit insofar as the Americans have always conquered land and space. They have always wanted to discover new places . They have always been adventurous and stong-willed like the narrator. It also illustrates the American dream of making it to the top showing everything is possible.
E. L2 experiences from the past which explain her will to carry out are : l.5-6 « must have inherited it form my ancestors » l.14 « soŵethiŶg I’ǀe ǁaŶted to do agaiŶ after ŵy auŶt aŶd I droǀe froŵ Pittsburg to Seattle »
Document B
F. ES-S et H. L3 elements to show Route 66 is neglected nowadays are : l.2 « impoverished » l.5 « derelict » l.6 « often vandalized » l.7 « quirky motels »
G. ES- S et I. LCars no longer use this road becuase other roads were built to regulate the traffic on route 66. There were 5 other interstate roads which were created after 1956 in 30 years. H. ES-S et J . LIn order to preserve the route , the World Monuments Fund put the route on 3 Propriété exclusivedeStudyrama.Toutereproductionoudiffusioninterditesans autorisation.
the list of endangered places l. 18 . The Nationale trust put motels on the list too l.19. Associations for the route try to raise funds to save the route . l.21. I. ES-S et K . L« awareness » means that the Americans must know about the state in which route 66 is today . People must be informed about its disappearance. « national voice » implies that this issue must be taken seriously by the governement . The authorities must tackle this problem of American legacy under threat . J. ES-S et L . LIt is important to preserve this route because it belongs to the American history and the past of the USA. Thousands of people used to drive on this road , to stop along and have a picnic but now it is over . Many stories happened there aŶd ǁe Ŷeed to keep theŵ aliǀe . It’s the duty of reŵeŵďraŶĐe.
Document CK. ES-S et M. LThis mural gives an image of happiness and fun . It is associated with the goldeŶ age after the seĐoŶd ǁorld ǁar , ǁith roĐk’Ŷ’roll aŶd daŶĐe. TeeŶagers are dancing and eating in diners , showing the tradicationa American way of life.
M ES-S et N . LThis mural can be seen on a shop in ruins of a city called Mclean along Orute 66. Therefore , it plays the role of the past ǁe ŵustŶ’t forget . It ĐaŶ also hide the walls which are falling down because the building is not kept anymore . It also shows a testimony of the 30 glorious when the USA were the superpower in the world .
Documents A B CM ES-S et O LThe 3 documents represent the mythical road in different ways.The first one symbolises the conquest and travelling while the second one insists on the idea of remembering. The third one represents the typical American way of life . 4 Propriété exclusivedeStudyrama.Toutereproductionoudiffusioninterditesans autorisation.
They all contribute the making the myth of the USA , the model that everybody has followed since the 1950s. II EXPRESSIONSujet 1 ES S LFrom : Emma for R66 To : Californian businessmen Date : June 21 , 2016 Dear sir or madam I’ŵ ǁritiŶg to you today to raise puďliĐ aǁareŶess oŶ a historiĐ Đause that I wish to support . You must have heard about route 66 , this mythical road that is faŵous ǁorldǁide . Noǁ it’s iŶ daŶger , it Ŷeeds help to ďe ďorŶ agaiŶ . The buildings are derelict , the streets are empty , not a living soul around. We should keep the shops and diners alive as they used to be. If we raise enough funds to renew all the buildings , the tourists will come back and go sightseeing again. It will a new beginning for thousands of people who live in these states. I have a few projects to support htis but I need wealthy magnates like you to fulfill this dream. Cordially Emma/Phil Méthodologie pour effectuer un essai :
First, read the subject and identifythe keywords(the important words)
Then, explain the keywords; what do they mean?
Propriété exclusivedeStudyrama.Toutereproductionoudiffusioninterditesans autorisation.
(tout d’abord définir les mots –clés du sujet )
Then, identifya shortptalk aboutdebate on an issue? roblem: a your own experience ?
(ensuite identifier une problématique, une question posée dans le sujet à traiter)
Expressions to present the subject
First of all/ to begin with, the words……..mean ……
Consequently/ Therefore, can we say that ….?
2. DEVELOPMENT (this is an example of a possible development )
Quand le sujet exige de nuancer son propos, il est possible d’organiser son discours entre arguments pour et contre.
PARAGRAPH 1: find argumentsforandgive 1 or 2 examples
Structures to introduce the arguments for and examples
On the one hand,(d’une part)
Moreover (de plus)
Let’s take the example of….(prenons l’exemple de) -PARAGRAPH 2: find argumentsagainstandgive 1 or 2 examples
Structures to introduce the arguments agexamainst and ples
On the other hand(d’autrepart)
However (cependant)
For example/for instance (par exemple)
3. CONCLUSIONFirst, recap the subject.
Propriété exclusivedeStudyrama.Toutereproductionoudiffusioninterditesans autorisation.
Then give your personal opinion. (en conclusion, résumez les aspects du sujet et donnez votre opinion)
Structures to conclude
To conclude / to sum up / all in all ( pour résumer )
As far as I’m concerned/ I believe / To my mind ( à mon avis )
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