A Novel Way to Measure Density
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A Novel Way to Measure Density

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  • leçon - matière potentielle : scale
  • cours - matière potentielle : on density
A Novel Way to Measure the Density of a Solid By David Chandler, Porterville College I was recently explaining to a middle school teacher how to measure the density of a solid object (that is denser than water) by comparing its weight in air and its weight suspended in water. The measured weight when suspended in water is the actual weight minus the buoyant force. Archimedes Principle equates the buoyant force to the weight of the water displaced.
  • buoyancy reaction
  • revised method
  • mass of the ball by the volume of the ball
  • method to students
  • precision for the volume measurement
  • buoyant force
  • pan
  • ball
  • beaker



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2Company profile
4Multimedia Solution
Multimedia Processor 4
Total Solution 8
Product Development Kit 14
16LCD Controller
Standard Display Controller 16
Graphic Controller 18
Image Processor 20
22MIPI Interface Solution
MIPI Master Bridge Chip 26
Integrated MIPI TFT Driver Controller 27
Selection Guides 28
32Sales Contact
From the core multimedia processor IC, complete software support, to
comprehensive reference design, Solomon Systech provides total system solutions
to cater to the needs of our customers in matching the emerging market trends
on electronic gadgets.
The three rounded arrows merged together represent Solomon Systech’s total
system solutions in delivering IC, software and reference design for different display
system applications.
Solomon Systech Limited is a leading semiconductor company providing SILICON SOLUTION
display IC products and system solutions on an international basis under
its own global brand. Adopting a “fabless” business model, the company
specializes in the design, development and sales of proprietary IC products FOR that enable a wide range of display applications for mobile phones, portable
devices, LCD TVs, consumer electronic products, industrial appliances and
green energy applications such as LED lighting. EVERY Solomon Systech has a high caliber and experienced design team in Mixed
Mode High Voltage System-On-Chip (HV-SoC) IC design that produces
highly integrated display IC products for touch panel, mobile display, OLED
display and new display applications. It also has pioneering design teams DISPLAY
in multimedia SoC IC design, embedded software development and LED
lighting system design that provides total display system solutions for
multimedia applications as well as green power products. Thanks to its
ability to quickly and successfully commercialize new product ideas, the SYSTEM
company has a competitive edge over its rivals in the fast-moving consumer
electronics market.
Company Profile2 Display System Solution 3MULTIMEDIA SOLUTION
range of codec including MPEG- and NAND/NOR Flash. It also The family from
2, MPEG-4, AVC/H.264 up to D1 has an integrated video encoder Solomon Systech is an application
resolution. The support of MPEG- to support NTSC/PAL TV output processor platform designed for
2/H.264 D1 decoding and the via composite video (CVBS) or portable multimedia applications.
Transport Stream Interface (TSI) S-video. The processor,
make the SSD1935/36 family an based on dual-core architecture,
The SSD1935/36/38 multimedia ideal solution for mobile digital TV has integrated an Advanced
processor solutions have enabled applications.RISC Machine (ARM) core with
a number of proven product
a highly-efficient multimedia
Equipped with dedicated video designs such as Android portable
core AV-DSP or VPU, to provide
processing engine, the processor multimedia player (PMP), pico-
high performance multimedia
offers a high quality video/image projector, mini-projector, IP
a p p l i c a t i o n s a n d f l e x i b l e
scaling to match video source camera, car surveillance system,
connectivity design with wireless,
with various display modules DVR, Android GPS terminal,
wired and external multimedia
or different resolutions. The musical instrument, eReader,
devices. It provides a very cost
2D graphic engine supports digital TV, personal navigation
competitive system solutions
functions like overlay and graphic device and many other industrial
with comprehensive audio/
acceleration for enhance graphic applications. In addition, the
video capabilites, power saving
user interface that offers 10 times latest SSD1938 has an enhanced
features, efficient memory usage
performance improvement for architecture design
and proven user interface design
Android user interface. SSD1938 with high-definition (HD) video
for multimedia products.
is also added with vertical playback and a 720p video
keystone correction that is ideal recorder, which offers excellent The Video Processing Unit (VPU)
for standalone projector design. performance and cost competitive in SSD1938 provides full HD
HD-focused products such as decoding and 720p encoding
The family offers intelligent projector, Android MID capability at 200MHz clock
a broad array of peripherals and and media box. speed. The AV-DSP provides a
memory interfaces such as
high level of processing power
S D H C / S D I O / M M C / e M M C , Applications: Projector, Android
and flexibility to support a wide
surveillance system, etc.
Multimedia Processor4 Display System Solution 5Application Diagram
Cap Sense
2I C SDIO 1controller
ARM 11@660MHzCharging/PCFeatures USB 2.0 WiFi CertifiedVideo Processing Unit (VPU) SDIO 2connection Device
enables system solutions that require comprehensive
USD USB 2.0multimedia feature support, simplicity of system integration, device L1 MEM L2 MEM SDIO 3thumb HostCamera
Diskconnectivity, user friendly power saving design for longer battery life and
DV OSC PLL MEMC KPP/GPIO Key Padgreener environment. HDMI
PowerMulti-Standard Audio/Video System Integration System Connectivity (Wireless, Audio Codec 2DGA LCDC1
Codec — High fidelity audio codec Wired, Devices)
2nd DisplayVertical
UART TV Encoder SPI— H.264/AVC encode/decode — USB 2.0 host and USB 2.0 — Connectivity with WiFi, GPS, keystone
— H.263 encode/decode device GSM, 3G, FM radio, Bluetooth
— MPEG4 encode/decode — DV-in support BT656 and — Connectivity with HDMI,
Power DLP/LCoS— MJPEG encode/decode BT1120 HD interfaces analogue front-end decoder, SystemGPS
Management Light Engine
— MPEG1/2 decode — High speed RGB888 input for Ethernet PHY
— Divx (Xvid) decode 3D video — Support CMMB, DMB-T/H,
— Sorenson Spark decode — Built-in NTSC/PAL TV encoder DVB-T digital TV standards
HDMI— WMV9, VC-1, AVS, RealVideo — Built-in touch panel controller
Controllerdecode — Vertical keystone correction System power saving design CVBS HDMI O/P
— JPEG encode/decode — Stacked mobile DDR option — Sleep mode – with fast wake-
— FLV, MP3, WMV, WMA, AC3, — SDHC/SDIO/eMMC up control LVDS
HE-AAC (AAC+) — Content adaptive Dynamic
Backlight Control
— 2D graphics engine for GUI
Multimedia Processor6 Display System Solution 7

Introduction Introduction
The SSD1938 total solution for projector provides High Definition (HD) The pico-projector solution features standalone processing
1080p playback to meet the growing demand of mainstream projector capability that supports the local processing of a wide range of media formats
products that widely used for education and corporate environment. It such as video, audio, imaging, PDF and Office files viewing, as well as PC
has standalone processing capability that supports local processing presentation projection via a USB 2.0 connection. The system design is proven
of a wide range of media formats like video, audio, imaging, PDF and with different types of pico-projector light engines, LCOS, DLP, or laser optical
Office files viewing, USB streaming and WiFi streaming. SSD1938 also engines, different resolutions of user interface design, and has careful layout
provides unique projector features such as vertical keystone correction, design for high temperature operating conditions. New feature additions
native projection resolution 1366x768 at 60fps and dual display units such as digital TV, GPS, WiFi and 3G connectivity can be rapidly realized
support for more sophisticated user interface design. based on the multimedia-rich Linux kernel platform.
Product development kit is available with reference software features
for mainstream projector product design.
Features Features
— Open operating system, Linux — WiFi streaming – PC — Open operating system, Linux — Support USB device as a
2.6.29 or Android 2.3 presentation projection via a 2.6.24 or Linux 2.6.29 mass storage unit
— Proven interface design — Media content playback from — Proven interface design WiFi 802.11n connection
with various types of optical a USB thumb drivewith various types optical — Picsel Office viewer (Word,
light engines (less than 500 — Enhanced screen saver light engines (500 lumens or PPT, Excel, PDF)
lumens) graphic using 2D acceleration above) — DLNA connectivity
— USB streaming - PC engine— Support MicroSD/T-Flash — Native projection resolution
presentation projection via a WXGA 1280x800 memory card
USB 2.0 connection — Support USB device as a — Support full HD video
— Support Picsel Office viewer playback mass storage unit
(Word, PPT, Excel, PDF)— Media content playback from — Support high quality stereo
— Support video playback
music a USB thumb drive
— Vertical keystone correction — Support photo viewing (up to
— Support JPEG, BMP photo
for more flexible mounting 12 Mpixels)
— USB streaming - PC requirement
— Support high quality stereo
— Enhanced screen saver presentation projection via a
music player
USB 2.0 connection graphic using 2D acceleration
— Support MicroSD/T-Flash
engine for stage projector
memory card
Total Solution8 Display System Solution 9

Introduction Introduction
The SSD1938 Android Product Development Kit provides a reference platform, target for entry level Android MID, The market of portable products employing Android OS is growing fast with the benefits of Internet access
with LCD display dimensions around 7 inch, such as Android eReader, educational devices or POS terminals. It and Android market applications. Manufacturers of Portable Media Player (PMP) are expanding their product
supports all the SSD1936 Android PMP features, and enhanced with full HD video decode, 720p encode, and a portfolio into a new market segment - Android PMP – with LCD display size dimension in the range of
dedicated 2D graphic accelerator engine optimized for Android user interface design that brings a shining and 3.5 - 7 inch. Such device will be the lowest cost Android device with very good user interface performance.
flawless user experiences. End users not only enjoy the normal PMP experience but also extend interests in web infotainment, social
networking, mobile Android applications and mobile gaming. The SSD1936 solution offers the best cost
Product development kit is available with reference software features for Android MID product design. advantage while achieving longer battery life and high performance user interface for Android PMP product.
Product development kit is available with reference software features for Android PMP product design.
Features Features
— Open operating system: — CMOS sensor to support — Support JPEG, BMP and — Open operating system: — Optimize software options for — Support MicroSD/T-Flash
Android 2.3 3.2Mpixel camera and VGA e-book reader Android 2.1 and Android 2.2 mobile DDR memory at 128 memory card
— Optimized 800x480 and (640x480) video capture — Support USB2.0, internal 2GB — Optimized 480x272 and Mbytes or 256 Mbytes — USB device as a mass
1024x768 UI using — TV-output (Composite) to NAND flash memory 800x480 UI using — 30% energy saving for storage unit
2D Graphic support NTSC/PAL standards — Support microSD / T-Flash Draw2D and DSP accelerator video playback with content — Media content playback from
Accelerator engine and HDMI transmission memory card up to 16GB engines adaptive backlight control a USB thumb drive
— Support multi-points — Full HD decoder: MKV, — Enhanced ‘Magic’ graphic — Support resistive or capacitive feature — G-sensor for UI orientation
capacitive touch panel control H.264, MPEG4, MPEG2, FLV, scaler for different video or touch panel control — High quality ‘Magic’ graphic and gaming
SSD2533 MJPEG… video playback imaging resolutions — Support video playback scaler for different video or — TV-output (Composite)
— 30% energy saving for — Support MP3, AAC, WMA, — Ethernet connectivity option — Support high quality stereo imaging resolutions supports NTSC/PAL
video playback with content RA, WAV, FLAC…. audio music with Graphic EQ — Support 3.2Mpixel CMOS standards
adaptive backlight control playback — Power efficient SDIO WiFi camera and 640x480 video — Options of USB WiFi modem,
feature modem capture USB 3G modem, USB 2G
modem, GPS receiver
Total Solution10 Display System Solution 11

Home surveillance and car
surveillance become increasingly
important in the society. They
protect our property and capture
the critical moment of unexpected
events such as car accident,
robbery and vandalism. A video
surveillance recorder can monitor,
record as an evident, alert to
prevent potentially dangerous
situations, and provide surveillance
information to the far end via LAN MEDIA BOX or wireless access.
platform has been used in various
surveillance products such as Introduction
SSD1935 in IP camera, SSD1936
Media box is one of the home entertainment devices that connects to fascinating large display TV. With the media
in car surveillance recording
box, many full HD 1080p media content can be played from any input devices (USB disk, SDHC, hard disk, etc) and
systems, and SSD1938 in wide
high quality video can be displayed through any media channels (HDMI / YCrCb / CVBS, etc).
area surveillance system.
The SSD1938 media box solution supports full HD decode (1080p) from USB thumb disk or SDHC card and can
A dual SSD1936 processor
play video to monitor / TV through HDMI / YCrCb / CVBS, among others. With the use of SSD1938 SoC, WiFi and Featuresarchitecture is realized in an
Ethernet connection can be achieved to download media sources from the Internet. — Multiple files storage for a — Open operating system: Linux integrated dual camera product
selected time duration 2.6.24that can monitor different
— Recursive file save when a SD — Dual WVGA camera scenarios according to the users’
Features card is fullsurveillance systemneeds such as Left or Right scene,
— Open operating system: Linux — Ethernet connectivity — USB device as a mass — Master processor for video Front and Back scene, or other
2.6.29 or Android 2.3 — Storage: MicroSD storage unitcapture and dual video possibilities. With continuous
— Support H.264, MPEG-4 ASP, — Input port: mini-HDMI, A/V, — CVBS output for video streaming synchronizationtime stamp information and
Divx/Xvid, VC-1, H.263 video VGA monitoring— Slave processor for video video stream segmentation
codec — Output port : HDMI, RGB — Support MPEG4/H.264 capture and streaming management, end users can
— Support AVI, MOV, MP4, MKV, component, S-video, optical, encodemanagementquickly locate the exact time
FLV, WMV video file container coaxial — Support Ethernet port option— Single memory storage instant and the video segments.
— HDMI transmit for full HD — Media playback from a USB — Support GPS connectivitymanager for integrated video Recursive file storage also enables
video playback thumb drive (NTFS and FAT32) — Support 3G connectivitycontentSD card storage for reuse once the
— Support multiple Internet TV — USB device as a mass — Time stamp handler for the card capacity is full.
players storage unit integrated video stream
— Wireless 802.11.n connectivity
Total Solution12 Display System Solution 13Software – Board Support Package
— Open operating system Linux 2.6.29, Android 2.3 or above
— Boot loader
— Image builder
— VMware development environment
2— Device driver source code (e.g. Display, Memory, GPIO, USB, I C, Video, DV, WiFi, TV-in, PMU, etc)
— Design document (User manual, software programming guide and application note)
— Release note for the update of the software
PDK (Product Development Kit) facilitates a quick method for product developers to implement
high performance product features with Solomon Systech’s well-proven software development package in
either Linux or Android version. Product developers can make use of Solomon Systech software modules
to achieve special functions and shorten the product development cycle time to capture the most opportune
market window.
Development Support
Product Development Kit (PDK) provides a complete tool chain to facilitate rapid product development.
It consists of an Application Development Board hardware (ADS), Board Support Package (BSP) software and a
flash download tool facility. Product developer can add special feature, debug and optimize new device integration
using this tool kit.
Reference software for applications such as projector and Android PMP are also available. The software is field
proven. New features or new product derivatives can be quickly created to capture the market window.
— SSD1938 ARM1176JZF 660MHz with Video Processing Unit (VPU)
— Dual LCD bus for external connection
— On board keypad
— 256MB DDR2
— 2GB NAND flash
— USB host for USB thumb driver
— USB device as a mass storage unit
— SD card connection
Many -based products are designed and built by a number of OBM, OEM, ODM and IDH. — DV interface connector for external camera module and video decoder
customer support team can help assess end product requirements and provide connections to — Ethernet RJ45 connection
appropriate product partners who can meet customers’ feature and quality requirements. — On board Atheros WiFi
— UART interface for software development/debug
— Data sheet and Reference Manual
— Schematic diagram and reference layout
Product Development Kit14 Display System Solution 15LCD CONTROLLER
Solomon Systech’s SSD1960 /61/62/63 Display Controllers are ideal for mobile and handheld
applications that require high-resolution display. These controllers contain an embedded
SRAM which serves as a frame buffer between the host processor and the LCD panel.
The chips support 8/9/16/18-bit indirect CPU interface and 18/24-bit RGB LCD interface.
The feature set includes hardware display rotation (0°, 90°, 180° and 270°), mirroring and
windowing, and display enhancement such as brightness, contrast and saturation control.
Power consumption is one of the most pressing challenges in designing consumer
electronics, especially for battery-operated devices such as mobile phones, personal
navigation devices and portable media players. As the LCD display increases in size and
resolution, the backlight becomes the most power consuming part in the system. The
SSD1960/61/62/63 controllers feature the Solomon Systech’s Dynamic Backlight Control
(DBC) technology which adds value to portable device manufacturers without sacrificing
the display quality of the end products.
Applications: Mobile phone, health care product, industrial equipment, home appliance,
digital photo frame, POS terminal, etc.
Application Diagram
LCD Controller16 Display System Solution 17

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