Alex Hirsch, Artist
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Alex Hirsch, Artist


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Alex Hirsch, Artist Painterly art glass inspired by the natural world. CUSTOM WORKS, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE COMMISSIONS
  • expertise as a watercolor painter to a scale
  • red cinder creativity center
  • handsome design with minimalistic imagery
  • right design
  • functional solution
  • translucent wall
  • great thing
  • career as a painter
  • glass
  • art



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Alisa Baron ED 4340 a.m. Art th 5 Grade Core lesson Learning center component AC5Baronam Art Lesson Texture th 5 Grade Objectives: Students will explore different aspects of texture (dots, lines, shapes, tones, and colors) by drawing small sections of detailed pictures. Students will also explore and discuss the affects of texture in artwork. Target:Repeat dots, lines, shapes, tones, and colors to imitate common patterns and textures of objects. Materials:Opening Activity paper for each student Pencil Colored pencils or crayons “Bringing Textures to Life” by Joseph Sheppard Train poster (a visual that shows real texture) Opening Activity*:As students come into the classroom have them begin the paper on their desk. Directions:oLook at pictures pasted on paper. oIdentify objects in the picture. oWrite name of object in space provided. oDraw a continuation of the pattern or texture in the square to the left of the picture. (Use colors in your drawings.) oPay particular attention to detail. *Opening Activity is taken from Becky Wohlschlegel’s Art Warm-up. Discussion:Once all students are in the classroom direct their attention to a piece of art that shows very little texture. (pg. 83 (or 85) of “Bringing Textures to Life”) Discuss that texture can involve dots, lines, shapes, tones, and colors. Discuss the students’ responses as a class.Have them describe what they see.
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