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612.44: 612.46 THE SITE OF ACTION OF THYROXIN ON WATER- METABOLISM. By LUCIEN BRULL. From the Institut de Clinique et Policlinique Medicales, Universite de Liege. (Received for publication 15th January 1940.) are accom-THAT "spontaneous" and post-operative thyroid deficiency water-retention and hyper-proteineemia, whilepanied by oliguria, clinical and hyperthyroidism produce the opposite states,experimental are equally notorious facts. inAlleging that thyroid extract fails to produce an increase kidney the was otherwise-volume and that no proof of its action on kidney in a retardationforthcoming, Eppinger [1917] envisaged myxcedema in of tissue proteins and a consequent increase in theirthe katabolism capacity to retain water. An extra-renal action of thyroid has since been emphasised by several investigators. Ellinger [1922] laid stress on the influence of thyroxin on the swelling of plasma and tissue colloids, and was led to regard this substance as the prototype of diuretics with a primary extra-renal action. Asher [1920], Meyer- the thesisBisch [1923], and Fujimaki and Hildebrandt [1924] developed action of its action onof an extra-renal thyroid by studying general metabolism, on the formation of cedema fluid and on the state -of hydraemia. Moreover, Epstein [1929], from an investigation of the conflict of action of thyroxin and several narcotic substances on water- diuresis, favoured the exclusion of a renal component from the polyuric that noeffect of the hormone.



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