Commodore - Meeting Room Notes

Commodore - Meeting Room Notes

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  • cours magistral
  • cours magistral - matière potentielle : medium to large size
  • cours - matière potentielle : for dinner
1 The Commodore Hotel Overcliffe Drive Southbourne Bournemouth BH6 3TD Tel: 01202 423150 Meeting and Conference Guide The Commodore Hotel is ideally situated on the cliff tops at Southbourne adjacent to the cliff lifts and Fisherman's Walk. The spectacular views across Poole bay take in Swanage to the West and Hengistbury Head and the Isle of Wight to the East. It is located, close to the New Forest, and Bournemouth town centre. .
  • attractive bar area with views across the esplanade
  • small meetings
  • nearest station bournemouth
  • overcliffe drive southbourne bournemouth bh6
  • commodore hotel
  • ordinator
  • bar instructions
  • small buffet tables
  • menu details
  • selection



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