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Communication in Organizational Change By Kip Flock Revised, 2006
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Rose and Deshica
a short story by Michael L. EwingThis book is a work of fiction. Any names, characters, places and incidents are the product of the
author's imagination and are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons
(living or dead) is unintentional and purely coincidental.
This book has been published by Michael L. Ewing at Smashwords.
Copyright © 2009 by Michael L. Ewing
All rights reserved. Except as permitted under the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, no part of this
publication may be reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any form or by any means, or stored in a
database or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of the publisher.Dear Reader,
I started this story in 2008 after I finished a novel set in the Guardians Universe entitled Blood in the
Water and this story was meant to serve as a bridge between that book and the one that would follow.
Shortly after completion this story was accidentally deleted from the computer and the only chapter of
it I had any record of was the first. I can tell you that the first chapter has remained intact but re-telling
the story has changed it somewhat, snipping something here and adding something there but the total
word count is just a little less than what it first weighed in at. Working on this story again was a labor
of love because I felt it was something that needed to be told, something to give the group a happy
ending and also focus more on their relationships than facing the villain of the day and surviving to see
the next one come around.
Nine days ago I lost an uncle to cancer. He was an avid reader and introduced me to many authors I
might have read but not nearly as soon as I did with his guidance. It was nice being able to say I had
read a few of Dean Koontz's novels before anyone knew who he was and I have Uncle David to thank
for that. I'm not really certain if my stories are something that he would have read (at least if it was
someone other than a family member writing them) but I would like to think that he would have
enjoyed parts of them if not in their entirety. I've been focusing on other projects and for the most part
I had abandoned the Guardians Universe but this story keeps coming back to me time and again in this
past week. I have to get it out there. I have to let someone else read it. Because of this I am releasing
the story for free. I don't feel right charging anything for a story that I would like to release for the
purpose of getting this out of my system.
The first time I wrote this story it took just a little less than two month's worth of time. The second
visit to the story wasn't nearly as quick. Going through everything the second time didn't feel like a
chore, but I was much more critical of everything that I put into it, feeling as though I meant to create a
first and final draft. Why not? I had already written this once and knew where it was going to go. I
thought I did. The ending isn't exactly what it ws the first time. I think I like it better this way though.
If you want to read more of the Guardians Universe it is out there. The first novel: The Hour of Dusk
is available and if I see enough interest in these stories I will release Blood in the Water, but only if you
want to see it.
That said, if you enjoy the story let me know. Leave a criticism here so others will know what you
think. If you want to let me know directly, I can be reached through Twitter as @mrkirbyville or
through my e-mail:
Thank you,
Michael L. EwingChapter One
It was late February and Kirbyville was dealing with a rare snowstorm. The first flakes fell around 3
a.m. and had yet to relent by sunrise. Eight inches had already accumulated and the clouds overhead
only promised more. Children were enjoying the unexpected snow day and so was Vanessa Eaton.
Vanessa had moved from Connecticut, a far cry from Virginia, to work with her father. Because of
Vanessa's unusual gift to create ice out of the moisture in the air and to freeze anything she could get
her hands on Vanessa also ended up working alongside her cousin Chris Drake, also known as the Earth
Guardian Anteus. It was because of this ability that Vanessa had no problem being out in the snow with
nothing more than a pair of jeans and a light sweater. Vanessa's roommate Rick, who was also the Fire
Guardian, was bundled up as much as he could be: three pairs of socks under snow boots, thermal
underwear, jeans, a long sleeve t-shirt and a sweater underneath his coat and he also wore gloves
underneath mittens.
Vanessa and Rick were spending the morning at Gail's, clearing the snow from her sidewalk and
driveway. More accurately, Rick was clearing the snow and Vanessa was using it to create a snow
sculpture. Rick might have complained about dealing with the snow but he was doing it so Gail didn't
have to. Gail was four months pregnant and because she was the Air Guardian she was comfortable
regardless of the temperature but they couldn't be sure that the protection given to her extended to her
unborn baby girl.
Rick continued shoveling snow and tempted himself with the idea of melting the snow but he also
knew that would cause two problems: it would freeze over as soon as he stopped paying attention to the
sidewalk and he would also be using his abilities in public without the mask.
Rick had actually managed to establish a rhythm that kept his mind on the work and off of the cold.
That rhythm was interrupted when Vanessa had finished her sculpture and was struck by boredom. To
relieve the boredom Vanessa decided to pelt Rick with snowballs. The first snowball went unnoticed
by Rick with all of the layers he was bundled in. The second snowball, one specially made with a core
of ice, caused Rick to stumble from the impact.
Rick decided to ignore Vanessa and continue until he could at least clear the sidewalk. Vanessa didn't
take the hint and simply doubled her efforts. After being knocked down Rick finally retaliated with a
shovelful of snow. Rick almost surprised Vanessa but it was because of that surprise that his plan
backfired. Vanessa reacted on instinct when she saw Rick turning with the shovel in his hands and
reacted by dumping all of the surrounding snow on him to prevent him from reaching her.
Realizing what she had done, Vanessa ran to Rick and immediately began scooping snow off of him.
No sooner had she buried her hands in the snow did Vanessa pull them out in shock. Her right had was
bleeding and left a small pile of red slush below. Vanessa tended to her hand as Rick finished
unburying himself. Rick didn't notice Vanessa's wound or the evidence of it that lay about him but his
eyes were drawn to a green crystal off to his left.
Rick picked up the crystal, surprised by the weight of it. It was as large as his outstretched hand and
easily weighed fifteen pounds, if not more. Rick struggled to get on his feet without dropping the
crystal. Rick turned to Vanessa and finally noticed the gash on her hand, “Oh crap! Did I do that to you?”
Vanessa shook her head and pointed at the crystal with her good hand, “I think that's the culprit.
Something cut me when I was trying to unbury you.”
Rick examined the crystal, “Can't see any blood on it. Can't even see any snow sticking to it. Wait a
sec.” Rick bit down on his free hand's mitten and removed it and did the same with the glove
underneath. Rick placed his exposed hand on the crystal and a smile began to form, “It's actually
warm. I'm surprised we didn't see it earlier because it should have melted the snow around it.”
“Snow can act as an insulator and that could be the reason why it's warm. Even if it's not the reason
you have to put everything in perspective. You have this object producing heat,” Vanessa then swept
her arms out and turned in place, “and you have all of this snow. It's like dipping red hot steel in a
bucket full of water. You'll get some steam but you won't evaporate all the water.”
Rick gave up, “Okay, we both know that I can't argue the science with you but I still think it should've
melted some of the snow.”
“If it makes you feel any better it probably did but the rest of the snow froze the water or the ground
soaked it up.”
Rick shrugged his shoulders, “A little better. Before we get into another argument let's see if Gail
knows anything about this. Could be hers. Maybe even Mouse's.”
Vanessa was already packing another snowball when Rick suggested they go inside. Vanessa looked
down at the snowball and up at Rick and considered her options. Rick was already walking away and
might not expect it. Vanessa tossed the snowball aside. Rick was used to working twenty-four hour
and forty-eight hour shifts with a bunch of pranksters and there was no doubt in her mind that he may
have learned a trick or two from the other Firefighters.
When Vanessa made it inside Rick was already showing the crystal to Gail and Mouse. Mouse was
backing away immediately and Gail was shaking her head. Rick sighed, “You've got no idea either?”
Gail took the crystal from Rick for a closer look, “I don't know much about geology. I think that taking
it to Christopher would give you the best chance of identifying it.”Chapter Two
Getting to Draiman Deli was no problem since Rick had made the drive many times after becoming a
Guardian. Half of the team now worked at the family-owned store along with Eve's twin sister Dawn
and occasionally their mother Rose if she was having a good day. Chris was now working here
because Rose's cancer had started to catch up to her and the sisters needed someone else to help with
the day to day operations. Dawn was taking a break when Rick and Vanessa came through the door
and it was obvious that this was a great time for Dawn to take her lunch because the store was having
its mid-afternoon lull. Chris greeted his former roommate and his cousin as they came in, “What's up
guys? Anything you need?”
Rick pulled the gem out of hiding, “Actually C.D., we can use your help in identifying this.”
Chris turned his eyes to his cousin, “Nessie, you know what I told you about doing something like this:
you have to let the guy make the first move. It may the 'modern womanism' or whatever to propose to
the guy and get him something to recognize the engagement but Rick needs to do this on his own. If
he's going to do it right you have to actually let him do it.”
Vanessa was about to argue with her cousin about the fact that she and Rick weren't even labeling
themselves as dating or anything along those lines but Rick cut her off, “Seriously, we need you to see
if you can tell us what this is. Found it out in Gail's yard while shoveling snow for her and it doesn't
act like the usual rock would act. I'll tell you more after you look at it.”
Vanessa watched intently to see if the gem pricked Chris while he took the gem but nothing happened
to him. Chris held the gem within half a foot of his face to scrutinize it but he got nothing from it.
Handing the gem back to Rick, Chris announced, “No idea what it is. It's not a rock or a mineral of any
kind that I can tell you. Maybe it's alien or something and that's why I can't get a read on it. What'd it
do anyways?”
Rick looked over to Vanessa to see if she was going to answer but she remained silent. Rick decided
that it would be better to show Chris than to tell him, so without warning Vanessa he moved the gem
closer to her so Chris could see the needles suddenly protrude from it. Chris took the gem from Rick's
hand for a second look at it, “Damn, that is some crazy stuff. I would have thought that it would have
stabbed me if it was gonna do it to anybody but I guess I lucked out on this one. I wonder why it
doesn't like you Nessie.”
Vanessa looked at her hands, “I don't know. Gail and Mouse looked at it and Mouse didn't trust it any
more than I do now.”
Chris immediately put the gem on the counter after hearing that, “Last thing I need is to get cut while
working with meat. Surprised that I haven't done that yet with all the blades I work with here but who
Rick pointed at the gem, “Anything you can tell us about this at all? Just try a little harder. We want to
know what would be able to do this, to act like it had a mind of its own.”
Chris leaned on the counter and studied the gem, “All I can tell you is it is green. Call me smartass if
you want because that much is obvious but that's all I can tell you. Mama Nature did not make this. Only suggestion I have is to check up with either Dice or Stonehenge because one of them might be
able to give you a better idea about it. I just don't know anything about it. Sorry.”
Rick pocketed the gem, “Thanks for trying. Haven't been able to get in touch with Stonehenge lately
so I think we'll hit up Dice. Has Eve been talking to the big guy without telling the rest of us? I know
that she's closer to him than the rest of us but it's not like him to just go off for this long without saying
anything to us to let us know where he's going or how long he'll be gone.”
Chris shrugged his shoulders, “If she has talked to him I don't know. I really don't think she has just
because of Mama Draiman's health. I might be wrong but I don't think so. Anyhoo, when you find
something out let me know. If it is actually nature-made I want to know why I can't figure it out.”Chapter Three
Rick and Vanessa had called Dice ahead of time to let him know that they were coming and to make
sure that he was home. It was a snow day so it meant that he didn't have to be at the school and with a
rare day off during the week he might have been anywhere in Kirbyville running errands. Dice was at
the library but it was closer to his house than Rick and Vanessa were so he was going to be able to
make it home before they arrived.
Dice had seen Rick pulling into his driveway so he stepped out on the front porch to let them know that
the door was open and there was no need to knock. As soon as the car was parked Vanessa jumped out
of it, fanning herself to cool off where Rick took his time getting out, mostly due to the cumbersome
cold weather gear he had bundled himself with for the day. Dice couldn't help but laugh to himself
when he saw the two of them, because despite their obvious differences they were on again and off
again romantically since they first met. Opposites really do seem to attract.
Dice stopped laughing when Rick stepped around the car. As a matter of fact, Dice staggered back,
causing Vanessa and Rick to come running to catch him. Dice pointed to Rick's coat, “What are you
hiding there?”
Rick pulled the gem out of an inside pocket and showed it to Dice, “This is what we came here for.
C.D. doesn't know what it is and says that it isn't some kind of rock like we think it is. Can you use
your magic to figure out what it is?”
Dice shook his head, “Nope. It's actually got defenses that would prevent me from doing that and I
wouldn't need them to figure it out anyway. Come inside and bring it with you. Don't let it out of your
Rick asked, “Why?”
Dice replied, “My magic and its magic might not play well together. If that cocoon doesn't have
something to calm it the whole time then there will be a backlash that could blow up my house. I'm
still paying on it and can't afford to move into a new one and pay the mortgage for this one if it blows
up so just hold onto it.”
Vanessa hesitated before going inside, “You said a cocoon? Like some kind of bug? What kind of bug
has magical properties?”
Dice started counting on his fingers, “Glowworms, wooly caterpillars, fireflies, dragonflies and a whole
host of others but this cocoon doesn't belong to a bug. Now come inside so we can talk without
running up my heating bill.”
Vanessa did enter the house but not until after making sure that Rick had already settled down with the
cocoon in his hands to make sure that the house was safe and not likely to explode just because she
walked in. Once she sat down she inquired, “If it's not a bug then what is it? What else makes a
Dice made a gesture and one of his books flew into the room and he browsed through the pages until he
found what he was looking for and laid it in front of Rick and Vanessa, “It's a Fairy cocoon.”Rick was confused, “So they aren't born with wings then? This is something they turn into later? What
do they look like when they're born then?”
Dice threw up his hands, “One question at a time and all I need is one question. They are born with
wings and this isn't something that they turn into later on. The question I need is: why do they need a
cocoon? The answer? To defend themselves. This cocoon was built to defend this Fairy against the
elements I'm guessing. After all, Fairies aren't built for cold weather and definitely not for snow. A
snowflake actually has about one-fourth the weight of a Fairy and can do some serious damage if it hits
them in mid-flight.”
Dice pointed to the bandages on Vanessa's hands, “You tried to hold it, didn't you?”
Vanessa nodded sheepishly and added, “I had no idea it would do that because Rick was already
handling it with no problem.”
Dice shed some light on the situation, “Rick and the other Guardians can handle the cocoon because
they are Guardians. I know it doesn't make sense yet but hear me out. Okay? Guardians are not
allowed to initiate any attack against the Nations and the Nations know it. Don't get me wrong, a
Guardian can defend themselves or prepare to defend themselves if they know that they are going to be
attacked but they can't attack any member of the Nations without being provoked. I remember them
getting roughed up by a bunch of Ogres a while back but the Guardians were able to make the first
strike because the Ogres were actually mercenaries hired to take out the Guardians if they could. We,”
Dice pointed at Vanessa and then to himself, “are not officially Guardians no matter how often we go
on patrol with them or whatever else we go through with them so we cannot handle the cocoon because
it will react as though we are a potential danger. Vanessa, you have it bad because the cocoon was
created to protect this Fairy against the cold and I have it bad too because of the Fairy's magic and mine
not necessarily willing to play nice. Does it make a little more sense now?”
Rick placed the cocoon in his lap to get to his cell phone. Before anyone could ask Rick explained,
“Calling C.D. to let him know what it is. He wanted to know why he couldn't identify it. Besides, if it
is safe in a Guardian's hands then why not leave it in a house with two Guardians?”
Dice considered the proposition, “Actually, that makes sense. I'm sure you won't have a problem
convincing Chris but make sure that you let him convince Eve. Things have been kind of hectic for
them lately so let him do the talking for us.”
Rick held up a finger to silence everyone as Chris answered on the other end, “Yeah, C.D. it's me. We
found out what it is. Just give me a second and I'll put you on speaker.”
Rick pushed a button on his phone and placed it on the coffee table as he picked up the cocoon again.
Dice quickly explained what the cocoon was and why it was created before asking Chris if he and Eve
could watch over it. Chris responded with a question, “How long will I need to?”
Rick and Vanessa looked to Dice for the answer, “At the most it will be until spring. Since the cocoon
is to protect the Fairy from the cold it might take that long or it might only take as long as it would take
the cocoon to warm up in your house. To be honest, the sooner it opens on its own the better because
then you can get the Fairy off of your hands.”You could hear the trepidation in Chris's voice on the other end of the phone, “Am I asking for trouble
by taking this in?”
Dice shook his head, “The cocoon won't give you any trouble. The Fairy probably won't either but the
ambient magic means that I'm not going to visit you that often and you won't be able to bring it here for
me to baby-sit. That's the most trouble you'll have with it. It's a cocoon. You don't have to feed it,
water it, take it outside, entertain it or even keep a constant vigil over it. Just check up on it once every
so often, maybe four times a day or so and make sure that it doesn't fall off of something and get
broken. If it cracks on its own your okay because that's the Fairy getting out, but it can kill the Fairy if
you drop it or let a cat play with it. Another reason not to keep it here because Magic next door is still
running loose.”
Chris reiterated his most pressing concern, “Eve isn't going to kick my ass for this, is she?”

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