Computer Graphics - Rasterization & Clipping -


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Philipp Slusallek Computer Graphics - Rasterization & Clipping -
  • utilization of line coherence through incremental calculation
  • incremental algorithm
  • vertical lines
  • binary decision
  • implicit line equation
  • distance to the line
  • integer values
  • point



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Integrated Art LessonLesson title:‘Toon Time ARTOverall focus: Studentswill examine cartoon art and some of the artists (Jeff Koons, Carroll Dunham, Chris Ware, Robert Crumb, and Takashi Murakami) associated with the “’Toon art movement”. Artin comics (personal, political, social issues and news), graphics, advertisement, and packaging will be discussed. Length of lesson: 45minutes1 hour. Grade rangeThis lesson may be adapted for: Elementaryand Middle. specific grade levels. Integrated subjects: ArtSocial StudiesLanguage Arts Objective(s):student will… The · developan understanding of images and concepts from art in the ‘toon age · createtheir own ‘toon character ·and sequence a comic strip (application) design ·captions (dialogue for their comic strip) write ·and share their cartoon creations read · examinecartoons with news, political and/or social issues Sunshine State Standards:  (Overview)The Arts: ·and techniques: SkillsThe student understands and applies media, techniques, and processes. · Creationand Communication:The student creates and communicates a range of subject matter, symbols, and ideas using knowledge of structures and function of visual arts. ·The studentand Historical Connections: Cultural understands the visual arts in relation to history and culture.