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  • cours - matière potentielle : action
  • exposé - matière potentielle : results
1 GLOBAL MARKET. GLOBAL STRATEGIC RFLECTION? A STRATEGIC APPROACH METHODOLOGY. Carla Vivas(1), António de Sousa(2) (1) Instituto Politécnico de Santarém – Escola Superior de Gestão e Tecnologia Complexo Andaluz, Santarém, Portugal (2) Universidade de Évora - Departamento de Gestão – CEFAGE Largo dos Colegiais 2, Évora, Portugal ABSTRACT This paper aims to analyze the competitive environment of international companies in the wine sector and assess the implications in terms of development of strategic guidelines and quotas various performances.
  • development of a wide range of theories
  • strategic action
  • context of internationalization
  • terms of regulation
  • international markets
  • business management
  • wine
  • research study
  • production
  • analysis



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Ch 1 Worksheet Points, Lines and Planes 1. Referto the diagram: D C B A H G E F a) Name2 planes that intersect inHG. ____________ b) Arethe points A, B, C and D collinear?____________ c) Arethe points A, B, C and D coplanar?____________ d) Name2 planes that do not intersect.____________ e) Name3 lines that intersect at C.____________ 2. J KL M N 4 1 35 7  a) The ray opposite toKNb) Anotheris ____________name forLMis ___________ c) LN=_________(what value) d)The coordinate of the midpoint ofJMis ____________ 3. S TE P 9 4 a) If TE = .5x and EP = x then x =________. b) The coordinate of E = _____________ c) If T is the midpoint ofSP. _____________, find the coordinate of S
E B 60 40
30 C A D a) Anangle adjacent toADB is _________. b) Are A, B, and E collinear?_________ c) Canyou conclude from the diagram thatBEBD? _______ d) What postulate allows you to say mABD + mDBC = mABC? ___________________ e) mCBE = _______. f) mBCD = _______. g) mBDA = _______. 5. Referto the diagram.ORis a bisector ofQOS P Q R 3 2 S 1 O a) Ifm1=2x+15 and m2=5x8 then x= b) Ifm1=x+7 and m3=2x then x=
6. Namethe definition or postulate that justifies each statement, given the markings on the  diagram. R
S T mRSQ + mQST = mRST. __________________________________________ SQ bisectsRT__________________________________________ Q is the midpoint ofRT__________________________________________ RT = RQ + QT __________________________________________ Are R, Q and T collinear? __________________________________________ Use sometimes, always or never. 7. Adjacentangles are ___________ congruent. 8. Twointersecting lines ___________ lie in exactly one plane. 9. Aline and a point not on the line ___________ lie in more than one plane.
Answers Chapt 1 Extra Review 1. a) hgcd, hgfeb) Noc) Yesd) ABFE and DCGHe) BC, GC, DC 2. a) KJb) LNc) 4d) ½ 3. a) 82/3 b)4 2/3c)22 4. a) BDCb) yesc)NO d)AAP e)80f) 50g) 90 5. a) 7 2/3b) 19 6. AAP, Def Seg Bisctor, Def of Midpoint,SAP, Yes 7. sometimes 8. always 9 never
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