IMG Golf Course Services
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IMG Golf Course Services

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IMG Golf Course Services
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Langue English
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HDS Super M Eco
HDS 695 M Eco
HDS 745 M Eco
HDS 895 M Eco
HDS 995 M Eco
HDS 1195 S Eco
HDS 1295 S Eco 5.961-348 A2008250 05/041 5
2 6
3 7
4 89 13
10 14
11 15
12 1617
18Operating instructions English
Environmental protection 5 Warning!
Prior to initial operation it is mandatory to
Unit illustration 6 read the operating instructions and the
notes on safety no. 5.951-949!
Operating controls 6
Inform retailer immediately of anyReference to operating
transportation damage.instructions 7
Commissioning 7
Environmental protection
Operation 9
Please dispose of packaging
environmentally responsiblyAfter every operation 12
Reading the operating hours 12
The packaging materials are recyclable.
Decommissioning 12 Please do not throw the packaging in with
household rubbish but take it to a recycling
Maintenance 13 centre.
Maintenance tasks 13
Please dispose of scrapped units
environmentally-responsiblyFaults 15
Warranty 18
Scrapped units consist of valuable
General notes 19 recyclable materials that should be taken to
a recycling centre. Batteries, oil and similar
EC conformity declaration 20
products must not be allowed to
contaminate the environment. Therefore,Technical data 21
please dispose of scrapped units via
Spare Part List 25 appropriate disposal systems.
Please ensure engine oil, fuel oil, diesel
and petrol
to contaminate the environment. Please
protect the ground and dispose of used oil
Danger: Steam!
Danger of scalding! Steam escapes here.
5English Operating instructions
Unit illustration
Operating controls
1 Fuel tank inlet 17 Swivel caster with parking brake
2 Handle 18 Water inlet with strainer (coarse)
3 Instrument panel 19 High-pressure connection
4 Window with the maintenance/fault 20 Handgun with high-pressure hose
display 22 Electric power cord
(only HDS 995 M Eco, 23 Unit switch
HDS 1295 S Eco) 24 Temperature regulator
5 Cover latch 25 Fuel indicator lamp
6 Compartment for accessories 26 Scale inhibitor indicator lamp
7 Short operating instructions 27 Indicator lamp-CHEM 1, CHEM 2
8 Cover for compartment (only HDS 1295 S Eco)
9 Unit cover 28 Indicator lamp-engine
10 Cover for tank inlet (all machines, except
11 Tank inlet for scale inhibitor HDS Super M Eco)
12 Tank inlet for cleaning agent 29 Ready for working indicator lamp
13 High-pressure nozzle 30 Pressure gauge
14 Handle grips in the chassis 31 Metering valve for cleaning agent
15 Steel pipe 32 Fine filter
16 Pressure and flow control
6Operating instructions English
Reference to operating Filling with scale inhibitor
All of the item numbers described below in Fig. 2
the operating instructions are referenced in (sample pack included with scope of
the illustration of the unit. delivery)
Scale inhibitor stops heating coil becoming
calcified when using hard tap water. Is is
metered in at the inlet in the water reservoir
one drop at a time.
Unit, piping, high-pressure hose and By the manufacturer metering is set to a
connections must be in perfect working mean water hardness.
order! ! For other water hardnesses request
! Lock the hand brake. services of a Kärcher service station and
have it adapted to local conditions.
Checking oil level
Filling with fuel
Fig. 1
Never operate unit with fuel tank empty!
Warning! Fuel pump would otherwise be destroyed!
Immediately consult the Kärcher service
station when oil turns milky!
! If oil level is approaching MIN mark, fill Warning!
up with oil as far as MAX mark.
! Seal oil filler inlet. Fig. 3
Refer to technical data for oil grade.
Only fill with diesel fuel or light fuel oil.
It is forbidden to use unsuitable fuels,
e.g. benzine (explosion hazard, damage to
! Close tank cap
! Wipe off excess fuel
7English Operating instructions
Drawing in water from tank
When you suction water out of an open
Fill with cleaning agent container you should
— Use only Kärcher products.
— Never pour in solvent (petrol, acetone, ! Remove water connection at pump
thinner etc.)! head.
— Avoid contact with eyes and skin ! Unscrew the top supply hose to the
— Pay attention to cleaning-agent water tank and connect it to the pump
manufacturer's instructions on safety head.
and handling ! Use a water suction hose with a suction
filter and a diameter of at least 3/4".
Kärcher offers a customised cleaning
and care agent range. Until the pump sucks up water you should:
Your dealer will be pleased to advise you. ! Turn the pressure and flow control to
Fig. 4 ! Close the metering valve for the
Fill with cleaning agent cleaning agent.
Mounting handgun Warning!
! Connect steel pipe (item 15) with Never suction up water out of a potable
handgun (item 20) water tank.
! Insert high-pressure nozzle in union nut Never suction up solvent-bearing liquids
! Mount and tighten unit nut such as paint thinner, benzine, oil or
! Mount the high-pressure hose to the unfiltered water. The seals in the unit are
high-pressure connection. (Fig. 5) not resistant to solvents. The mist of
solvents is highly inflammable, explosive
and poisonous!
Mounting of spare high-pressure
Mains connectionFig. 6
Refer to technical data and rating plate for
connected loads.
Mounting handle
Fig. 7
It is not permissible to exceed the
Water connection maximum permissible mains impedance at
! For connected loads, refer to Technical the electrical terminal (see Technical Data).
! Install supply hose at water connection
(item 18) of unit.
(supply hose is not part of scope of
8Operating instructions English
Switch on the machine Warning!
Whenever socket is changed, check ! Set unit switch (item 23) to "I"
direction of rotation of motor Ready for working indicator lamp (item 29)
— If direction of rotation is correct, powerful is lit
jet of air will be felt at exhaust-gas
opening of burner.
— If the direction of rotation is Warning!
wrong: Change the poles at the unit The temperature regulator (item 24) must
plug. See Fig. 17. be set to "0", since it is otherwise possible
! When an extension cable is used it that the burner turns itself on
should always be complety unwound
and have an adequate cross-section. Unit starts up briefly and is switched off as
soon as operating pressure is reached.
Turn the unit off immedediately if during its
operation the indicator
lamps (item 25 - item 28) light up. Eliminate
Warning! (only HDS Super M Eco) fault, refer to Faults.
Lengthy operation of the unit can lead to
vibration-related circulatory disturbances of Fig. 8
the hands. ! Release handgun (A)
Actuation of handgun switches unit back on
It is not possible to specify a generally again.
applicable use duration, since this is
dependent and influenced by a number of Bleed pump if no water emerges from high-
factors: pressure nozzle. Refer to Faults, "Unit does
— Personal predisposition to bad not build up pressure"
circulation(frequent suffering from cold
fingers, pins and needles in fingers).
Setting cleaning temperature— In low ambient temperatures. Wear
warm gloves to keep hands warm. ! Set the temperature regulator (item 24)
— Gripping tightly impedes circulation. to the required temperature
— Continuous operation is more
detrimental than operation interrupted by 30°C to 90°C
breaks. Hot water cleaning
We recommend a medical examination if 100°C to 150°C
the unit is regularly used for extensive, Cleaning with steam
continuous operation and the ! Replace high-pressure nozzle by the
corresponding symptoms (such as, for steam nozzle (see operating using
example, pins and needles in fingers or steam)
cold fingers) are recurrentp.
9English Operating instructions
Setting operating pressure and Intended use
flow rate For cleaning: machines, vehicles, buildings,
tools, facades, patios, gardening
Fig. 9 implements, etc.
— Turning control spindle
clockwise: Increasing operating
pressure (MAX) Warning!
— Turning it counterclockwise: Reducing — Heed appropriate safety regulations for
operating pressure (MIN) use at petrol stations or in other
hazardous environments.
Servopress control
! Set the temperature regulator (item 24) Please ensure waste water containing
to max. 98°C. mineral oil
! Set regulator to maximum operating does not contaminate soil, lakes and rivers
pressure. or the sewerage system. Therefore, please
wash engines and underbodies only in
Fig. 8 appropriate washing installations provided
Adjust operating pressure and flow rate by with oil traps.
turning (infinitely variable) at the pressure
and flow control (B) (+/-) Working with high-pressure nozzle
Set pressure on unit if use is to be made of Spray angle is crucial to efficiency of high-
reduced pressure for a lengthy period. pressure jet.
See Fig. 9 Use is nor

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