Installing and Configuring Xming for my lectures Operating ...
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Installing and Configuring Xming for my lectures Operating ...


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Installing and Configuring Xming-6-9-0-31 1 University of Applied Sciences Fulda, Prof. Dr. S. Groß Installing and Configuring Xming for my lectures “Operating Systems” and “Parallel Programming” (Xming-6-9-0-31, March 2009) Xming is a free port of an Xserver for Microsoft Windows. An Xserver is necessary if you want to run programs with a graphical user interface on a UNIX system from your local Windows machine.
  • xming session to the machine
  • computer lab via vpn
  • click on the file of the machine
  • programs with a graphical user interface on a unix system
  • vpn client
  • user name
  • machine
  • programs



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“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”
By Eddie Pola and George Wyle
Sung by Andy Williams and re-leased in 1963
I cannot tell you all how much I love this time of year.The holidays (Christmas and Chanukah) are a glorious secu-lar and religious conclusion to the year.I grew up in the Midwest so Christmas meant cold weather if not always snow.Since I have lived in Los Angeles there has been more than one Christmas where I have made dinner in shorts. Sorry,that’s just wrong.And what’s with winding garland around a palm tree…..are you serious? Santain a Hawaiian shirt… must
I was born in Italy Favorite Hobby Girls Love Music I am a Mechanical Engi-neer (Machine Designer) a wonderfulI have daughter ( Susan) Answers can be submitted to Julia or reception desk
be kidding.Unless you are looking for a parking place at the mall, the holidays bring out the best in people. They treat each other with more kindness and wish each other well.There is more concern for hose in need and a greater outpouring of charity. Ifonly we could “keep Christmas in our hearts and honor it every day of the ear.” Charles Dickens wrote those words hundreds of years ago and they are still true today.
As I grow olderChristmas is less about acquir-ing more stuff and more about friends, family (both work families, friend families and blood families) and reflection on the year that is about to end.As my friends and I gather around the table for Christmas dinner we discuss at length the changes from last year to this. Continue on page 6
Virginia Drake Robert Benson We look forward to creating many memorable moments with you!!
Marie Solan Marie Solan was born on May 9th 1943 in Chicago. Sheattended Notre Dame an all girl school. Shemoved to California and has been married to her husband Dave for 18 years.They met due to a misplaced personal ad.At the time Marie was working as a property Manager for Great Western Bank.A heavy workload and Ma-rie being a non drinker, she wasn’t into the bar scene. Aftera magical first date at the Los Ange-les County Fair on the 4th of July, Marie told her friends at work the next day “ he asked me for a kiss and when I kissed him I saw fireworks,’which was true because the fireworks show had just be-gun. Theybegan dating and one day Dave felt a tightness in his chest.Marie wanted to take him to the E.R. but Dave resisted saying “ it’s probably just indigestion.” but Marie would not take no for an answer and that night while in the Intensive Care Unit where he was being kept for observation, Dave being in I.C.U. (Thanks to Marie) he might not have made it.After a 4 way bypass operation, Dave and Marie Married. About two years ago Marie was diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease.A rare brain disease.Dave and Marie had to sell their home and move into an assisted living facility here in the valley.Just recently Marie moved here and is very happy. She loves life and won the price for her Easter Bunny Costume at our Halloween party. Davemoved nearby and can be seen here visiting Marie frequently.
Resident Ambassadors play a key role in welcoming and orienting the newest members to our community. Arnold DiGiulio No experience needed….just a friendly smile, an interest in meeting new people and a welcoming heart. If interested in joining the team, please see Julia Zepeda in the Activity office!
Vintage residents are invited and encouraged to attend our monthly Resident Council Meeting. Monthly Resident Council Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of each month.This is a great time to get to know your new neighbors and discuss whatyou would like to see improved. Every voice and comment is valued. Please join us at our next meeting: Tuesday, December27, 2011 at 3:00 p.m.
Halloween Winners Deane Windsor, Mary Solan and Brian Larios
Christmas Lights Drive Dec. 14 & 21 5:00pm Join us as we head to Griffith Park for an amazing Christmas Lights display on Dec. 14 We will be traveling up and down the streets of Woodland Hills homes with beautiful Christmas lights on Dec. 21. What a great way to spend an evening! Please sign up @ the front desk
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Janet Feely Executive Director
We celebrate our successes, commiserate our losses and speculate on the year to come. Itnever fails to surprise us the twists and turns life throws at us or how we have managed to rise to each challenge.
I wish for the staff, residents, families and friends that this holiday season, whether you celebrate Christmas or Chanukah or both brings you joy and peace.
Holiday Entertainment GuideDec. 2nd at 3:00pm  Carolingwith theBurbank Singers Dec. 15 at 3:00pmGirl Scouts CarolingDec. 16th at 3:00pm Holiday Songs  w/the Melody MavensDec. 21st at 1:00pm Holiday Program  w/Blaine & Paul Dec. 22nd,4:30Vintage Encino Holiday  XmasParty w/ Santa Claus & Gifts Dec. 24 at 3:00pm Hanukkah Celebration w/ Terry Dec. 25th at 12:00noon.Christmas Day  Brunchw/ Hugo Pazmino on the Piano.Dec. 31 Starting at 6:00pmNew Year’s  EveSpecial Even w/ David Sassloff. Please check our calendar for more Holiday Events
Associates Birthdays Kevin Shields- 12/11We look forward celebrating with you on Wednesday December 28th, 2:00p.m. New Associates Alma Iglesias-Med Tech Agripina Calamba -Med Tech
Pearl Harbor Never to be Forgotten On December 7, 1941, Japanese planes attacked the U.S. Naval Base at the Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Territory, killing more than 2,300 Americans.The U.S.S. Arizo-na was completely destroyed.And the U.S.S. Oklahoma capsized.The attack sank three other ships and damage many additional vessels.More than 180 aircraft were destroyed. A hurried dispatch from the ranking U.S. naval officer in Pearl Harbor to all major navy commands and fleet units provided the first official word of the attack at the ill– prepared Pearl Harbor base.It said simply: “AIR RAID ON PEARL HARBOR X THIS IS NOT DRILL.” The following day, President Franklin Roosevelt, addressing a joint session of Congress, called December 7 “ a date which will live in infamy.” Declaring war against Japan, Congress ushered the United States into World War II and forced a nation, already close to war, to abandon isolationism.Within days, Japan’s allies, Germany and Italy, declared war on the Untied Sates, and the country began a rapid transition to a war-time economy in building up arma-ments in support of military campaigns in the Pacific, North Africa and Europe. In 2001, a presidential proclamation declared Dec. 7 as Pearl Harbor Remem-brance Day in honor to those killed and those who survived to fight on other fronts in the four succeeding years of the war. Theday also remembers the mil-lions of brave American who answered our country’s call to the battlefield, to the factory and the farm.
Ruben Hernandez  Caregiver/Server This month’s Above and Beyond Award Winner is Ruben Hernan-dez. Ruben is a caregiver in the Health Services Department, however, for the last three months he helped in the kitchen department and did an out-standing job. Ruben has been working for this com-munity since 1999 (twelve years.) Ruben’s efforts are instrumental in helping Vintage Encino Residents feel like they are at home. Thank you Ruben, we appreciate your energy, enthusiasm and dedication to our community and residents.
December Resident Birthdays  ChingLily Dec.2  RudnitskyJudy Dec3  Gerlic–Coats DorisDec 16  ShapiroSelma Dec.19  ChurchLouise Dec24  ReismanEmil Dec27 We look forward to celebrating with you on  December30, 2011at 3:00 p.m.
Executive Director Janet Feely Assisted Living Director Denise Leek Business Manager Kathy Rodriguez Activity Director Julia Zepeda Maintenance Director Kevin Shields Food Service Director Jesse Kindel
November “Guess Who I Am” Answer: Janet Tolsky
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