List of MES Courses approved by NCVT
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List of MES Courses approved by NCVT


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21 pages
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1 Skill Development Initiative Scheme (SDIS) based on  MODULAR EMPLOYABLE SKILLS    List of MES Courses approved by NCVT  (as on 15.09.2008)    Coding System for MES courses                  Six digit code is used for each MES course as per details given  below:  From Left side:    1st, 2nd and 3rd digits   – Sector Code (Alpha codes)  4th digit   –Level Code ( 1 for Level 1, 2 for level 2, 3 for      level 3 and so on)  5th  & 6th digits    _ Course serial number (separate series for courses  at same level with in each sector)  For Example: AUR101  AUR: Automotive Repair  1 :  Level One Course               01     :  Course Serial Number (Basic Automotive Servicing‐4 wheelers)    Sl.  No.  MES  Course  Code  Sector / Course Minimum Educational  Qualification & MES  Course  Duration  of  Training (hours) Test  Fee  (Rs.
  • ict224  mechanical  drafting 
  • swe226  assistant  craftsman 
  • agr214  repair 
  • minimum age‐14 years 
  • gar215  tailor suits  10th 
  • operating system  12th 
  • agr219  repair
  • pla309  auto plastic mould assistant 
  • sec106  security guard



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Ashfield Music FestivalObjectives
• To appreciate why knowledge of physics is useful for
many situations.
• To develop enterprise skills.
• To understand the skills that employers are looking for.
• To appreciate the possible careers available from
• You work for a company that organises outdoor events.
• Ashfield Council wants to set up a new music festival.
• Your company is preparing a bid to win the contract to
set up the main stage at the event.Setting up a festival
An example of what's involved from the Green Man festival.You will be:
• working in a team;
• competing with other groups;
• taking on different roles;
• producing a proposal;
• creating a poster;
• presenting a three –minute talk at the end of the day.Skills you will use today
• Budgeting
• Analytical thinking
• Communication
• Creativity
• Decision making
• Negotiation and influencing
• TeamworkHow are you going to work as a team?
• Discuss with your team.
• Make notes on the flipchart.
5 minutesOutline of the day
• Allocate roles
• Meet the experts
• Work on your proposal
• Meet the experts
• Finalise proposal
• Produce a poster and presentationCompany name
• Before we allocate roles, each team should decide on a
company name ….
2 minutesSelect your role by looking at the key skills:
1 2 3
Organisation Analytical Spatially aware
Leadership Using diagrams Analytical
Planning Numerical Numerical
4 5 6
Creative Creative Attention to detail
Analytical Spatially aware Advising others
Visual Using diagrams Assessing risk
2 minutes

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