Plato and Hobbes: On the Foundations of Political Philosophy
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Plato and Hobbes: On the Foundations of Political Philosophy


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Plato and Hobbes: On the Foundations of Political Philosophy Jan Dejnoñka May 1, 1992; edited for the Web, November 11, 2005 (new final paragraph of main text added July 22, 2006) There is a certain philosophia prima on which all other philosophy ought to depend... --Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan Jan Dejnoñka, Plato and Hobbes: On the Foundations of Political Philosophy (1992). A theory of the state based on theory of human nature and theory of value, with Hume’s is-ought inference problem solved.
  • hume’s problem
  • nature f. hobbes on man’s
  • state a.
  • metaphysical order
  • political philosophy
  • foundations
  • reason
  • theory
  • 3 c.
  • c.
  • state



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