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  • leçon - matière potentielle : play soccer
  • leçon - matière potentielle : type of music
  • leçon - matière potentielle : two countries
  • cours - matière potentielle : 5 b
  • cours - matière : music
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  • cours - matière potentielle : musical festivals
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  • cours - matière potentielle : amazing animals
  • leçon - matière potentielle : passage summary
  • cours - matière potentielle : other worlds
  • leçon - matière potentielle : peace
  • leçon - matière potentielle : comprehension a.
  • leçon - matière potentielle : trip
  • cours - matière potentielle : overview
  • leçon - matière potentielle : tie
  • leçon - matière potentielle : system
Reading EXPLORER 1 Answers
  • contents  unit 1 – amazing animals  unit 2 – travel and adventure  unit 3 – music festivals  unit 4 – other worlds  unit 5 – city living  unit 6 – clothing fashion  unit 7 – dinosaurs come alive  unit 8 – stories and storytellers  unit 9 – tough jobs  unit 10 – pyramid builders  unit 11 – legends of the sea  unit 12 – vanished
  • vocabulary practice a.
  • lesson overview
  • b.
  • 3 b.
  • 2b.



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stanford hci group / cs247
Course Goals
Human-Computer Interaction
Course Staff
Design Studio
Course Structure
P1: Thoughtless Acts
9January 2012
What is HCI?
Organizational &
Course Goals
Social Issues
Course Staff
Course Structure
Technology Humans
P1: Thoughtless Acts
1Stanford HCI Curriculum
147 Introduction to HCI
Learn the fundamentals of HCI
247 Interaction Design Studio
Intensive, hands-on HCI design practice
376 Research Topics in HCI
Learn HCI research landscape & frontier
448B Data Visualization, 294H Social Software
In-depth study of specific HCI topics
Course Goals
Gestural interfaces:
Deepen the design cycle from CS147
Design novel user experiences
novel interactive
More strategies for creativity
Intensive sketching
experiences using
Rapid design iterations
sensing technologies.
Reflective design process
Learn by doing!
2Apple Knowledge Navigator Concept Video
Navigator Video (1987)
iPhone (2007)
Siri (2011)
Microsoft Productivity Concept Video (2011)
3…this vision, from an interaction
perspective, is not visionary. It's a timid
increment from the status quo, and
the status quo, from an interaction
perspective, is actually rather terrible.
-Bret Victor
4How might we enable new
interactions appropriate
to the context of use?
What application domains
are the most compelling?
? ? What pitfalls lie in wait?
Course Goals
Course Staff
Course Structure
P1: Thoughtless Acts
Jeffrey Heer —
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
5Course Goals
Course Staff
Course Structure
P1: Thoughtless Acts
Class Sessions Lab Sections (1-unit, optional)
Wed 6-8pm in 4 Cummings Art Building
Studio and critique
Show and tell
Will cover skills & technologies useful in class:
Lectures Sketching
Visual Studio and C# Programming
Guest speakers
The Kinect SDK
In-class exercises / sharing
Windows Presentation Framework (WPF)
Advanced techniques that you request,
e.g., Image, Speech, or Audio Processing
Expected Background Assignments
In general, there are no pre-requisites.
P1 Individual observation exercise – 2 days
However, we do assume:
P2 Fieldwork & brainstorming – 1 week
Familiarity with HCI fundamentals (~CS147)
P3 Gesture controller – 1 week
Need-finding, prototyping, evaluation
P4 Course project – 8 weeks
Substantial programming ability (~CS106/7)
Prototyping & critique in studio sessions
Comfort learning and working with new
Coaches from industry
languages, platforms, and APIs
Multiple testing cycles
The Microsoft Kinect SDK (requires Win 7) is
Final presentation fair during finals week
the “officially” supported platform
BUT you can deviate (e.g., open-source API)
Course Goals
P1 Thoughtless Acts (individual) 5%
P2 Interviews & brainstorming (groups) 15%
Course Staff
P3 Gesture controller (groups) 20%
P4 Course project (groups) 50%
Course Structure
Course Participation 10%
P1: Thoughtless Acts
But isn’t design work inherently subjective?
We provide rubrics for each assignment to help.
Thoughtless Acts
"... notice the subtle and amusing ways that
people react to the world around them. These
'thoughtless acts' reveal how people behave in
a world not always perfectly tailored to their
needs and demonstrate the kind of real-world
observational approach that can inspire
Jane Fulton Suri

P1: Thoughtless Acts P1: Thoughtless Acts (due Wed)
The goals of this project are to: Look around you for potential situations of
design improvisation.
Become more sensitive to how people interact
with the designed environment
Choose a situation that you find most
interesting in revealing people's unmet needs.
Recognize underlying needs that lead to
improvisational behaviors
Take a photo that captures your example.
Discovering design opportunities
Draw a sketch that captures the essentials.
Use sketching to highlight an observation
Brainstorm design opportunities.
P1: Thoughtless Acts (due Wed)
Prepare an 11" 17" poster including:
Your photo, sketch (with annotations as useful),
a short description, and design opportunities.
Come to class prepared to
display and discuss your poster.
Use simple sketches and bold
lettering; it should be easy to
read from 4-6 feet away.
9Next Steps Course Q & A
Enrollment CS247 Q&A Forum on
We will review course applications and send
enrollment updates by Tuesday morning.
For questions likely to be of interest to other
Application link at
students (e.g., clarification or guidance on
Wednesday Lecture
projects), please post to the online forum.
Bring in P1 posters for sharing and review.
More sensitive questions should be sent to the
Lab Section Wed 6-8pm (recommended!)
course staff at
Sketching w/ Bill Verplank. Bring a sketch book!
Haikus are easy
but sometimes they don't make sense

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