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Warders Rect.2011 STATE LEVEL POLICE RECRUITMENT BOARD ANDHRA PRADESH, HYDERABAD Rc. No.1236/R&T/Rect.2/2011 Dated: 26-12-2011 1. Applications are invited from the eligible candidates for recruitment to the following posts. The number of vacancies indicated is only provisional and is liable to alteration. Sl. No. Post Code No. Name of the post No. of vacancies 01 29 Warders (Male) in Prisons and Correctional Services Department 692 02 30 Warders (Female) in Prisons and Correctional Services Department 39 Backlog vacancies in category wise : Sl.
  • r.r.dist
  • r.r. dist
  • high jump 1.20 metres 1.05 metres 05 800 metres
  • distance 01 100 metres
  • service by direct recruitment
  • competent authority
  • candidates
  • age
  • certificate



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TheCableAVR Revision History V2.19.3, Released March 29, 2007 - FixedFuse compatibility issue for the CableAVR-SD. V2.19.2, Released March 23, 2007 - Added“Reset Time” to the saved ISP file. - FixedFuse issue w/ the ATmega128 caused in v2.18. - FixedApplication Security issue caused in v2.18. V2.18.8, Released March 7, 2007 - Fixedwrong Chip Signature value for the ATmega640. - Addedsupport for the AT89S8253 processor for firmware v2.0 and later. - Updated“About” screen with new Priio Address. V2.17, Released January 19, 2007 - Addedsupport for the ATmega325, ATmega3250, ATmega645, and ATmega6450 processors V2.16.1, Released October 2, 2006 - Addedsupport for the AT90CAN128 processor. - Fixedincorrect label for the CLKOUT fuse for the ATmega48/88/168 and ATmega640/1280/1281/2560/2561 processors. - Fixed“Clock Source Options” for the Tiny2313 which was incorrectly labeled to select “Reserved” settings. V2.15.2, Released September 21, 2005 - FixedBug that would not save the correct COM port settings if the COM port was greater than 9. V2.15.1, Released September 2, 2005 - FixedBug for v2.15 that was reading the security byte for the ATmega162 and ATmega169 incorrectly. V2.15, Released June 2, 2005 - Changedthe way the save/open file works so saved setup files will work with future versions of the code when more processors are added. - CalibrationByte and Serial Number options now default to unused when a different processor is selected. V2.14, Released May 12, 2005 - Addedsupport for the ATMega640(V), ATMega1280(V), ATMega1281(V), ATMega2560(V), and ATMega2561(V) processors. - Addedsupport for reading all calibration bytes on applicable processors. - Addedsupport for automatic the programming of any calibration byte to either Flash or EEPROM.
V2.13.1, Released April 7, 2005 - Fixeda bug for the ATtiny2313 fuse bit screen. V2.13, Released July 8, 2004 - Addedsupport for the ATmega48(V), ATmega88(V), and ATmega168(V). V2.12, Released April 7, 2004 - Fixeda bug that locked v1.8 Firmware when programming an AT90SXXXX part with a particular “.hex” file byte pattern. - Fixeda bug sometimes wrote 0xFF when trying to program 0x7F when using v1.8 Firmware to program an AT90SXXXX part. V2.11, Released March 16, 2004  -Fixed a timing issue that sometimes caused an “unable to communicate with the cable” error.  -Added support for the ATtiny2313. V2.10, Released January 30, 2004  -Added a way to reuse a serial number and change its location if necessary. V2.09.1, Released January 14, 2004  -Added necessary files to the installation files, oleaut32.dll and mscomm32.ocx. V2.09, Released January 7, 2004 - Separatedthe checkbox control for programming the fuse and security bits during a chip programming cycle. - Modifiedthe programming cycle to program the fuse bits (if selected) before the chip erase if the device is not locked or immediately after the chip erase if the device is locked. - Changedthe com port control to be interrupt driven. - Changedthe write flash and write eeprom to be block by block instead of byte by byte when communicating with a CableAVR that is revision 1.8 or higher. Version 1.7 or lower cables still communicate byte-by-byte. - Modifiedthe installation files to include the drivers required by the new USB based hardware. V2.08, Released September 24, 2003 - Addedsupport for the ATtiny13, ATmega64L, and ATmega169(V)/(L) - Added“Reset Time” as an editable variable in “Project Settings” - FixedBootloader Security bits SPM/LPM swap - Fixedtiming issues that made programming chip slow - UpdatedHelp Files V2.07, Released May 20, 2003
- Addedsupport for ATtiny15, ATtiny26, and ATmega162. - Addeda log file output (“status.log”) showing the success/failure of the last operation of TheCableAVR to assist users calling TheCableAVR from another application as in a test fixture setting. - FixedBootloader Security bit programming during a programming cycle with EEPROM programming selected.