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U.S. & Texas Government 2301 Lesson Summaries

4 pages
  • cours - matière potentielle : descriptions
  • cours - matière potentielle : summaries government
GOVT 2301-2302: Lesson Descriptions Version 3.0 Page 1 of 6 U.S. & Texas Government 2301 Lesson Summaries Government and Politics in the United States (1) Examines how societies create different political systems, such as democracies, monarchies, and theocracies, based on their concept of what a government should do. Explains the role played by politics in determining who gets what, when, and how. Emphasizes the importance of comparing American institutions and politics with other democracies in order to accurately evaluate the quality of American democracy.
  • eventual expansion to state governments
  • transition from a spoils system to a merit system
  • interest groups
  • u.s. constitution
  • federal budget
  • judicial system
  • political culture
  • party system
  • government
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F raternity  Reflections
 SecularFranciscan Order www.immaculatasfo.org
 AdventGathering 2011 As we got together for our annual end of year event, the meaning of family was strongly evident with all gathered.A festive atmosphere hung in the room as the fraternity gathered for prayer and caroling, lighting of the Advent candles and the renewal of profession prayer by all professed members. Father Simon presented a reflection on the mean ing of the Season contemplatingthe readings of Mark 1:14 done by Melanie Dively, Luke 1:3438 done by Jacqueline Chirunga and Luke 2:47 done by Ann Falgout.A reading from 1 Celano was done by Susanna Rodriguez and the program ended with a blessing from Father Simon. All the professed members gathered around the manger and made a renewal of commitment to the Gospel life according to the Rule of the Secular Franciscan Order and to proclaim Christ by our lives and words.Continued on page 3
Immaculata Fraternity, S.F.O. 1109 Hermitage Place Arlington, TX 76015-3514
2 The Apostle of ItalyFORMATION 2011-2012St. Bernardine of Siena was born on September 8, 1380 of the noble family of Albizeschi at Massa, a Sie-nese town of which his father was then governor. Left an orphan at age six, he was brought up with great care by his pious aunts.In 1397, after studying civil and canon law, he joined the Confraternity of Our Lady attached to the great hospital of Santa Maria della Scala.When the pestilence revisited Siena, he ministered to the plague-stricken, which despite his youth, shattered his health to a point from which he never completely recovered. Bernardine received the habit of the Friars Minor in New formation classes started for our Candidate 1402 and was ordained on his birthday in 1404. Susanna Rodriguez and Inquirers Mary Jo McCoy, About the year 1406, St. Vincent Ferrer the great Do-Karen Hesson, Elettra Fidanza and Deacon Terry minican preacher, while speaking in Alexandria in Howard on December 2nd and will continue on Piedmont, foretold that his mantle should descend the First Friday of the month through the new upon one who was then listening to him, and said he year with a few exceptions. would take the task of evangelizing the remaining peoples of Italy. Our Formation Director, Diane Klein covered the Bernardine’s gift of eloquence was made manifest timetable set for orientation and inquiry phase of and his missionary life really began at Milan.He the program and a gave a brief outline of the gradually gained and immense influence over the tur-bulent, luxurious Italian cities.Pius II, who as a youth had been a spellbound auditor of Bernardine, records that the saint was listened to as another Paul.He preached with apostolic freedom fearlessly rebuking the evil in high places.In each city, he denounced the reining vice so effectively that bonfires were kindled and “vanities” were cast upon them by the cartload. Bernardine’s watchword, like St. Francis was “Peace”. On foot, he traversed the length and breadth of Italy peacemaking, and his eloquence was exercised with great effect towards reconciling mutual hatreds among warring cities.Everywhere Bernardine per-suaded the cities to take down the arms of their war-ring factions from the church and palace walls and to inscribe there, instead, the initials I.H.S.He thus course that will be followed throughout the ses gave a new impulse and tangible form to the devo-sions. tion to the Holy Name of Jesus which was ever a fa-The Formation team headed by Diane and help vorite topic with him and which he came to regard as ers, Chuck and Carol Lieser, Clark Jones, Warren a potent means of rekindling popular fervor. and Ann Falgout are prepared and looking for In spite of his popularity, perhaps rather on account ward to the new classes to bring forward mem of it, Bernadine had to suffer both opposition and bers of the fraternity for profession in the near fu persecution. Thesaint was charged with having in-ture. troduced a profane, new devotion, which exposed the people to the danger of idolatry, and he was cited We thank God for those interested in the Francis to appear before the pope.In 1427, he went before can spirit and finding Immaculata Fraternity as a means to holiness.We thank the Holy Spirit forMartin V, was received coldly, and forbade to preach shining the light of Truth on our visitors as they disuntil his conduct had been examined.The saint hum-cern a vocation in the Secular Franciscan Order. bly submitted; his sermons and writing being handed over to a commission and a day set for his trial. The Our next formation meeting will be the First Friday latter took place at St. Peter’s in presence of the pope of the new year 2012, January 6th at 7:00 PM in on June 8, St. John Capistran having charge of the the Adult Education Room at MBS parish .We will saint’s defense.The malice and futility of the charges cover Chapter 2 of the “Franciscan Journey”, the against Bernardine were so completely demon-Three Orders, Structure and Decrement. strated that the pope not only justified and com-Pax et bonummended the saint’s teaching, but also urged him to
3 preach in Rome.Martin V subsequently approved Bernardine’s election as Bishop of Siena. The saint, however, declined this honor, saying playfully that all Italy was already his diocese.He resumed his mis-sionary labors, but in 1436 was forced to abandon them on his election as Vicar-general of the Obser-vants throughout Italy.Some idea of his zeal may be gathered from the fact that, instead of the one hun-dred and thirty Friars constituting the Observance in Italy at Bernardine’s reception into the order, it counted over four thousand before his death.Ber-nardine sent missionaries to different parts of the Orient and it was largely through his efforts that so many ambassadors from different schismatical na-We gather in prayer and song. tions attended the Council of Florence in which we find the saint addressing the assembled Fathers in Greek. Havingin 1442 persuaded the pope to accept his resignation as Vicar-general so that he might give himself more undividedly to preaching, Bernardine resumed his missionary labors.In 1444, notwith-standing his increasing infirmities, Bernardine, desir-ous that there should be no part of Italy which had not heard his voice, set out to evangelize the King-dom of Naples.Worn out by his laborious apostolate of forty years the saint was taken down with fever and reached Aquila in a dying state.There lying on the bare ground he passed away on Ascension eve, th the 20of May, just as the Friars in choir were chant-ing the anthem:Pater manifestavi nomen Tuum hominibus…ad Te veno.Miracles multiplied after the saint’s death, and he Father Simon’s reflection was meaningful and grace filled. was canonized by Nicholas V on May 24, 1450.Therelics of St. Bernardine are venerated at Aquila and his feast is celebrated on 20 May. Continued from page 1 The first candle was lit by Deacon Terry Howard of St. Andrew parish in Fort Worth.
The second candle was lit by Krista Overfield of St. Mary the Virgin parish in Arlington.
The Baby Jesus was placed in the crib by Elettra Fidanza of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish in Keller.
The third candle was lit by Richard Overfield of St. Mary the Virgin parish in Arlington.
A Christmas gift that keeps giving.
Rafael, Josh, Debbie, Teresa, Warren, Jacqueline, Chuck, Clark, Carol, Ann, Melanie and Diane
4 Visit by the Minister General To all our Brothers and Sisters of the Franciscan Family, to all our friends, our neighbors and acquaintances, to those who are far away, but near in our hearts and most of all to the newborn babe of Bethlehem who dwells in our lives. Josh Molidor, Mary Jo McCoy, Carol Lieser, Fr. Michael, Ann Falgout, Diane Klein, Chuck Lieser, Melanie Dively, Clark Jones and Warren Falgout Father Michael Higgins, T.O.R., Minister General of the Franciscan Friars Third Order Regular met with to Michael Moloney on the occasion of his Ordination to members of Immaculata Fraternity during his re the transitional diaconate on November 19, 201 1 cent visit to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Father Higgins was in the North Texas area visiting members of the Sacred Heart Provence of Lo Down the Road retto, Pennsylvania.The Provence has 30 Friars in parishes through the counties of North Texas. 4th—Our First Wednesday prayer apostolate,  7:00pm Mass at M.B.S. chapel. The meeting was cordial and covered many top ics of mutual interest.Father was congratulatory 6th—Formation class 7:00 pm at M.B.S. of Immaculata for our apostolates and steady  AdultEducation Room. growth in size and spirituality and pledged con tinual support from the Friars TOR. 7th—Lay Associates Day, 8:30 am at the  SacredHeart of Jesus Friary in Fort We thank Father Michael and Father Tom Stabile,  Worth,TX. Pastor of St. Andrew parish for the time and  Councilmeeting, 9:30 am at Carol and space made available for us.  Chuck’shome. At our departure, Father gave us a blessing and 20th—Our first gathering of 2012 at 7:00 pm encouraged us to continue our journey with Holy Father Francis in our midst, TORs at our side andAdult Education Room. M.B.S. Christ in our sights.We departed knowing thatthe Order was in good hands with the leadership28th—The Shepherd’s Café, 7:00 pm at Mary of Father Michael Higgins as Minister General. Immaculateparish in Farmers Branch,  TX. Happy January Birthdays to January —Franciscan CalendarFr. James Morman, TOR Rafael Refi, SFO 3Holy Name of Jesus (Memorial) on the 4th 5 Bl.Diego José of Cádiz, priest (For Capuchins:  OptionalMemorial Josh Molidor, SFO 7Bl.Angela of Foligno, religious, 3rd Order (For the on the 19th  3rdOrder: Optional Memorial) 12Bernard of Corleone, religious, 1st Order  (OptionalMemorial) (For Capuchins: Memo-Congratulation to our 5 members  rial) Celebrating their 9thAnniversary as professed 14Bl.Odoric of Pordenone, priest, 1st Order Secular Franciscans this month.  (OptionalMemorial) Carol LieserDeborah Pettie 16 Berard, priest, and companions,Protomartyrsof  ChuckLieser AnnFalgoutOrder, 1st Order (Memorial) the 30Hyacinith of Mariscotti, virgin, 3rd Order (for the  WarrenFalgout  3rdOrder: Optional Memorial)
Minister:Chuck Lieser, SFO—817-882-7725 Vice Minister:Carol Lieser, SFO–817-539-5648Master of Formation :Diane Klein, SFO–817-923-8779 Secretary:Ann Falgout, SFO—817-465-5180 Treasurer:Warren Falgout, SFO–817-465-5180Administrator : WebClark Jones, SFO— 817-261-0618 Spiritual Assistant:Rev. Simon M. Zayas, TOR