Weed Identification and Control Assignment
96 pages
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Weed Identification and Control Assignment


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96 pages


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Weed Identification and Control Assignment You will have 90 days from the start of this course to have successfully completed this assignment with a score of 70%. You may e-mail the answers to TLC, , you can find a copy of this assignment in Word on the Assignment Page on TLC's website or fax the answers to TLC (928) 468-0675. Course assistance is available on the Assignment Page under Course Assistance at www.
  • plant silphium
  • thistle
  • tall morningglory ipomoea purpurea
  • invasive plant
  • spp
  • eclipta eclipta prostrata
  • kochia kochia scoparia
  • common waterhemp amaranthus
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Social Sciences

Studyguide 2007/2008

Inhoudsopgave Inhoudsopgave
1 Faculty Information 9
2 Information on English-language Pre-Master's Courses 11
2.1 Introduction 11
2.2 General objective
2.3 General final attainment levels
2.4 1.4 Study recommendation 12
2.5 1.5 Language
3 Pre-Master’s course in Culture, Organization and Management 13
3.1 Introduction 13
3.2 Objective
3.3 Attainment levels
3.4 Programme 14
3.5 Corresponding Master’s Programme 15
4 Pre-Master's Course in Political Science 17
4.1 Introduction 17
4.2 Objective
4.3 Attainment levels
4.4 Programme 18
4.5 Corresponding Master's Programme
5 Pre-Master's course in Social and Cultural Anthropology 19
5.1 Introduction 19
5.2 Objective
5.3 Attaiment levels
5.4 Programme 20
6 Information on English-language Master's Programmes 21
6.1 Introduction 21
6.2 General objective
6.3 General final attainment levels
6.4 Language 22
7 Master’s programme in Culture, Organization and Management 23
7.1 Introduction 23
7.2 Objective
7.3 Attainment levels
7.4 Programme 24
8 Master's Programme in Political Science 25
8.1 Introduction 25
8.2 Objective 26
8.3 Attainment levels
Inhoudsopgave 58.4 Programme 27
9 Master's Programme in Social and Cultural Anthropology 29
9.1 Introduction 29
9.2 Objective
9.3 Attainment levels 30
9.4 Programme
10 Master's Programme in Social Research 33
10.1 Introduction 33
10.2 Objective
10.3 Attainment levels
10.4 Programme 34
11 Examenonderdelen 37

Inhoudsopgave Inhoudsopgave 7
8 Social Sciences 1 Faculty Information
The section with faculty information is only accessable via the website of the Faculty.
All the faculty information about the items mentioned below can be found at:

News and information
• News archive
• The Faculty

Sources of information
• Programme secretariat
• Departmental secretariats
• Study advisors
• Faculty committees
• Student organizations

• Timetables
• Courses
• Non-standard and individual options within the teaching programme
• Examinations
• Practical matters relating to teaching
• Certificates of qualification

• Facilities for students (programmes and scholarships)
• Partners of the Faculty
• Registration and preparation
• Useful addresses and links


Computer facilities
• Computer rooms
• Faculty e-mail
• Homepage
• MS-Word
• Dr. Stat
• RSI prevention

Regulations and Guidelines

Faculty Information 9
10 Social Sciences 2 Information on English-language Pre-Master's Courses
2.1 Introduction

The English-language pre-Master’s courses of the Faculty of Social Sciencestake one
year on a full-time basis and two years on a part-time basis. Full-time and part-time
students attend lectures during the day.

The Faculty offers English-language pre-Master's courses in:

1. Culture, Organization and Management (full-time, 60 credits)
2. Political Science (full-time, 60 credits)
3. Social and Cultural Anthropology (full-time and part-time, 60 credits).

Students who have satisfied all the requirements are issued with a pre-Master's course
certificate. Students holding a pre-Master's certificate are eligible for the Faculty's
Master's programme of the same name.
2.2 General objective

The objective of the pre-Master's courses is to give graduates of an institute of Higher
Vocational Education and others with insufficient background knowledge, skills,
attitude and insight at the beginners level of the Faculty's Master's programmes.
2.3 General final attainment levels

The general final attainment levels of the pre-Master's courses are:

Knowledge of and insight into:
• processes and phenomena in the selected domain;
• theories in the selected domain;
• social research methodology.

Being capable of:
• presenting academic argument (verbal and written);
• critically analysing professional literature;
• assessing earch results in terms of reliability, validity and practicability;
• analysing and interpreting data.

Show evidence of:
• a critical view of widespread assumptions in society;
• intellectual integrity;
• a scientific attitude, i.e. a preparedness to test assumptions and theories.

Information on English-language Pre-Master's Courses 11
2.4 1.4 Study recommendation

During their first year of registration, each full-time student of the pre-Master's course
will receive a written recommendation based on his or her course results during the
first semester:
• Students who have been awarded zero to nineteen credits receive a negative
• Students who have been awarded twenty to twenty-four credits receive a warning.
• Students who have been awarded twenty-five to thirty credits receive a positive
2.5 1.5 Language

The tuition is in English. Students prepare all of their written assignments in English,
including the pre-Master’s Thesis.

12 Social Sciences