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Early Modern Humans at the Moravian Gate



About this book
The Upper Paleolithic fossils of the Mladec caves, South Moravia, excavated at the end of the 19th century, hold a key position in the current discussion on modern human emergence within Europe and the fate of the Neanderthals. Although undoubtedly early modern humans - recently radio carbon dated to 31.000 years BP - their morphological variability and the presence of archaic features are indicative to some degree of regional Neanderthal ancestry. The beautifully illustrated monograph addresses - for the first time - the complete assemblage of the finds, including the human cranial, post cranial, teeth and jaw fragments of several individuals (most of them stored at the Natural History Museum Vienna) as well as the faunal remains and the archaeological objects. Leading scientists present their results, obtained with innovative techniques such as DNA analysis, 3D-morphometry and isotope analysis, which are of great importance for further discussions on both human evolution and archaeological issues.
Written for:
Anthropologists, evolutionary biologists, palaeontologists, archeologists, anatomists
  • Anthropology
  • DNA Analysis
  • Human remains
  • Neanderthal
  • Radiocarbon Dating
  • Upper Paleolithic fossils
  • excavation

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Preface M. TeschlerNicola Foreword J. H. Schwartz/I. Tattersall
Chapter 1 SzombathysexcavationsintheMladeˇcCaveandthefirstpresentationsoftheresults W. AntlWeiser
Chapter 2 InsearchofprototypeshistoricalsofttissuereconstructionsofMladeˇc1 M. TeschlerNicola
Chapter 3 The structure of the cave, stratigraphy, and depositional context J. A. Svoboda
Chapter 4 The Upper Paleolithic finds from the Mladecˇ Cave M. Oliva
Chapter 5 Taphonomic aspects of the human remains from the Mladecˇ Caves M. TeschlerNicola
Chapter 6 Large mammal remains from the Mladecˇ Caves and their contribution to site formation processes M. Pacher
Chapter 7 14 C dating of Early Upper Palaeolithic human and faunal remains from Mladecˇ E. M. Wild, M. TeschlerNicola, W. Kutschera, P. Steier and W. Wanek
Chapter 8 Inventory and photodocumentation of the Mladecˇ hominid remains M. H. Wolpoff, D. W. Frayer, E. Trinkaus and M. TeschlerNicola
Chapter 9 Aurignacian male crania, jaws and teeth from the Mladecˇ Caves, Moravia, Czech Republic D. W. Frayer, J. Jelínek, M. Oliva and M. H. Wolpoff
Chapter 10 AurignacianfemalecraniaandteethfromtheMladeˇcCaves,Moravia,CzechRepublic M. H. Wolpoff, D. W. Frayer and J. Jelínek
Chapter 11 Electronic segmentation methods reveal the preservation status and otherwise unobservable features oftheMladeˇc1cranium H. Prossinger and M. TeschlerNicola
Chapter 12 The Mladecˇ 3 infant N. MinughPurvis, Th. Bence Viola and M. TeschlerNicola
Chapter 13 The human postcranial remains from Mlade ˇc E. Trinkaus, F. H. Smith, T. C. Stockton and L. L. Shackelford
Chapter 14 Lost,destroyedormisidentifiedpostcranialspecimensfromMladeˇc M. H. Wolpoff, D. W. Frayer and J. Jelínek
Chapter 15 ExternalgeometryofMladeˇcneurocraniacomparedwithanatomicallymodernhumansand Neandertals G. W. Weber, P. Gunz, P. Mitteröcker, A. Stadlmayr, F. L. Bookstein and H. Seidler
Chapter 16 PathologicalalterationsandtraumasinthehumanskeletalremainsfromMladeˇc M. TeschlerNicola, C. Czerny, M. Oliva, D. Schamall and M. Schultz
Chapter 17 No evidence of Neandertal mtDNA contribution to early modern humans D. Serre, A. Langaney, M. Chech, M. TeschlerNicola, M. Paunovic, P. Mennecier, M. Hofreiter, G. Possnert and S. Pääbo
Chapter 18 87 86 Nondestructive determination of Sr/ Sr isotope ratios in early Upper Paleolithic human teeth from the Mladecˇ Caves  preliminary results T. Prohaska, M. TeschlerNicola, P. Galler, A. Prˇichystal, G. Stingeder, M. Jelenc and U. Klötzli
List of contributors