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Get Ready for IIT-JEE 1
Advanced Problems
Organic Chemistry
By : M.S. Chouhan
1. Several factors (steric, electronic, orbital interactions etc.) can affect the inversion barrier of
an amine. In the given pair which data is correctly placed ?
i – PrMe
vsNN vs N Ni – PrMe Me Me(a) (b) Me Me
+ DG = 20.5 kcal/molDG = 7.0 kcal/molDG = 0.2 kcal/molDG = 7.9 kcal/mol
Me Cl
| |
vsN N
Me Me(c) Cl Cl (d*) All of these
+ ++ +
DG = 7.9 kcal/molDG = 22.9 kcal/mol
2. Circle represent most acidic hydrogens in these molecules. Which of the following is correct
representation ?
OH HO(a) (b) CO H2CF3
(c) (d*) All of these
3. The pH at which maximum hydrate is present in an solution of oxaloacetic acid, is :
|| || ||
pK=2.2 pK=3.98a a
(a*) pH = 0 (b) pH = 12 (c) pH = 4 (d) pH = 6 2 Get Ready for IIT-JEE
4. Which of the following isomeric hydrocarbons is most acidic ?
(a) (b*) (c) (d)
5. Compound A and B, both were treated with NaOH, producing a single compound C.
CH CH3 3
-+ HO¾fi C. Compound (C) is :
(A) (B)
OC — CH OO 3
(a*) (b) (c) (d)
C label
6. ¾fi ; Product of above reaction is :
no label
(a) (b)
(c*) both a and b (d) None of these
150°C H C=CH — CN27. ¾fi(A)+(B)¾¾fi
Compound (B) reacts acrylonitrile to give (C), structure of compound (A) is :
(a) (b*) (c) (d)
CH2 Get Ready for IIT-JEE 3
8. Increasing order of rate of reaction with HNO H SO is :3 2 4
(i) (ii) (iii)
(a) iii < ii< i (b) ii < iii < i
(c) i < iii < ii (d*) i < ii < iii
9. Match the columns I, II and III (Matrix).
Col umn-I Col umn- II Column- IIII
Re ac tion Nature of product formed Num ber of chiral center pres -
ent in product. (Consider
only one isomer in case of
racemic mixture or
CCl4(a) (p) (w)Racemic mix ture 0H
Br2 ¾fi
CCl4(b) (q) (x)Meso 1H
Br(c) 2 (r) (y) ¾fi Diastereomer 2
CH H3 Br2
C = =C (d) (s) (z)CCl Vic i nal dihalide 34
O 4 Get Ready for IIT-JEE
Ethynylestradiol (1)
The synthetic steroid ethynylestradiol (1) is a compound used in the birth control pill.
3A. How many sp hybridised carbon atoms are present in compound (1)?
(a) 8 (b) 9 (c) 10 (d) 11 (e) 12
2B. How many sp hybridised carbon atoms are present in compound (1) ?
(a) 4 (b) 5 (c) 6 (d) 7 (e) 8
C. How many sp hybridised
(a) 2 (b) 4 (c) 6 (d) 8 (e) 10
D. Which of the following functional group is contained in compound (1) ?
(a) A ketone (b) An alcohol (c) A carboxylic acid (d) An ester
E. How many asymmetric (stereogenic) centres are present in compound (1) ?
(a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 4 (d) 5
1. In the prep aration of iron from haematite (Fe O ) by the reaction with carbon2 3
Fe O + C¾fiFe+ CO2 3 2
How much 80% pure iron could be produced from 120 kg of 90% pure Fe O ?2 3
(a*) 94.5 kg (b) 60.48 kg
(c) 116.66 kg (d) 120 kg
-12. van der Waals constant b of helium is 24 mL mol . Find molecular diameter of helium.
-10 -8(a) 1.335·10 cm (b) 1.335·10 cm
-8 -8(c*) 2.67 10 cm (d) 4.34·10 cm Get Ready for IIT-JEE 5
2+ 2-3. There exist an equi librium between solid SrSO and Sr and SO ion in aque ous medium.4 4
The possible equilibrium states are shown in figure as thick line. Now, if equilibrium is
dist urbed b y a dd it ion of (a) Sr(NO ) and (b) K SO and dotted line represent approach3 2 2 4
of system toward’s equilibrium. Match the columns given below :
2+ 2+ 2+ 2+Sr Sr Sr Sr
(iii) (iv) (v) (vi)
2– 2– 2– 2–SO SO SO SO4 4 4 4
(I) addition of Sr(NO ) (II) addition of K SO3 2 2 4
(a) (I) (iii), (II) (iv) (b*) (I)(iv),(II) (v) (c) (I) (vi), (II) (v) (d) (I) (iv), (II) (v)
4. Determine the potential of the following cell :
+ –3 –Pt|H (g, 0.1 bar)|H (aq, 10 M )||MnO (aq, 0.1 M ), 2 4
2+ +Mn (aq, 0.01 M ), H (aq, 0.01 M )|Pt
Given : E° =1.51 V
– 2+MnO |Mn4
(a) 1.54 V (b*) 1.48 V (c) 1.84 V (d) none of these
5. 0.1 M KI and 0.2 M AgNO are mixed in 3 : 1 volume ratio. The depression of freezing point3
-1of the resulting solution will be [K (H O)=1.86 K kg mol ] :f 2
(a) 3.72 K (b) 1.86 K (c) 0.93 K (d*) 0.279 K
6. In an atomic bcc, what fraction of edge is not covered by atoms?
(a) 0.32 (b) 0.16 (c*) 0.134 (d) 0.268
7. Select the correct statement(s) :
(a*) A solution is prepared by addition of excess of AgNO solution in KI solution. The3
charge likely to develop on colloidal particle is positive.
(b*)The effects of pressure on physical adsorption is high if temperature is low
(c) Ultracentrifugation process is used for preparation of lyophobic colloids.
(d) Gold number is the index for extent of gold plating done
8. For a first order homogeneous gaseous reaction, A¾fi2B+C
If the total pressure after time t was P and after long time (t¥) was P then k in terms of t ¥
P , P and t is :t¥
2.303 P 2.303 2Pæ ö æ ö¥ ¥(a) k= log (b) k= logç÷ ç÷
t ŁP-Pł t ŁP-Pł¥ t ¥ t
2P2.303 æ ö¥(c*) k = log (d) none of theseç ÷
t Ł3(P - P )ł¥ t
9. Fixed mass of an ideal gas contained in a 24.63 L sealed rigid vessel at 1 atm is heated from
-73°C to 27°C. Calculate change in Gibb’s en ergy if entropy of gas is a function of
-2tem per a ture as S=2+10 T (J/K): (Use 1 atm L=0.1 kJ)
(a) 1231.5 J (b) 1281.5 J (c*) 781.5 J (d) 0 6 Get Ready for IIT-JEE
10. Column-I Col umn-II
h(A) Or bital an gu lar mo men tum of an (P) s(s+1)
elec tron 2p
(B) (Q)An gu lar mo men tum of an elec tron n(n+2)
in an orbit
nh(C) Spin an gu lar mo men tum of an (R)
elec tron 2p
h(D) Magnetic moment of atom (S) l(l+1)
* Answer : A – S, B – R, C – P, D – Q
11. Which is the correct order of ionization energies?
– – – –(a) F > F> Cl > Cl (b*) F > Cl > Cl > F
– – – – –(c) F > Cl > Cl > F (d) F > Cl > F > Cl
12. Ionization energy of an element is :
(a*) Equal in magnitude but opposite in sign to the electron gain enthalpy of
the cation of the element
(b) Same as electron affinity of the element
(c*) Energy required to remove one valence electron from an isolated
gaseous atom in its ground state
(d) Equal in magnitude but opposite in sign to the electron gain enthalpy of the anion of the
13. O F is an unstable yellow orange solid and H O is a colourless liquid, both have O—O2 2 2 2
bond and O—O bond length in H O and O F respectively is :2 2 2 2
(a) 1.22Å, 1.48Å (b*) 1.48 Å, 1.22 Å
(c) 1.22Å, 1.22Å (d) 1.48Å, 1.48Å
14. Which of the following equilibria would have highest and lowest value of K at a commonp
(a*) BeCO ƒ BeO+CO (b) CaCO ƒ CaO+CO3 2 3 2
(c) SrCO ƒS rO+CO (d*) BaCO ƒBaOCO3 2 3 2
15. In the structure of H CSF , which of the following statement is/are correct? 2 4
(a*) Two C—H bonds are in the same plane of axial S—F bonds
(b) Two C—H bonds are in the same plane of equatorial S—F bonds
(c*) Total six atoms are in the same plane
(d) Equatorial S—F plane is perpendicular to plane of p-bond
16. In the isoelectronic series of metal carbonyl, the CO bond strength is expected to increase in
the order :
+ - - +(a) [Mn(CO) ]<[Cr(CO) ]<[V(CO) ] (b*)[V(CO) ]<[Cr(CO) ]<[Mn(CO) ]6 6 6 6 6 6
- + + -(c) [V(CO) ] <[Mn(CO) ]<[Cr(CO) ] (d) [Cr(CO) ]<[Mn(CO) ]<[V(CO) ]6 6 6 6 6 6 Get Ready for IIT-JEE 7
2+ 4–17. [Fe(H O) ] and [Fe(CN) ] differ in :2 6 6
(a) geometry, magnetic moment (b) geometry, hybridization
(c*) magnetic moment, colour (d) hybridization, number of d-electrons
18. Which of the following statements is true ?
2+(a) In [PtCl (NH ) ] the cis form is optically inactive while trans form is optically active2 3 2
3–(b*)In [Fe(C O ) ] , geometrical isomerism does not exist while optical2 4 3
isomerism exists
(c) In Mabcd, square planar complexes show both optical as well as geometrical isomerism
(d) In tetrahedral complex, optical isomerism cannot be observed
4– –1 2–19. The CFSE for [(CoCl) ] complex is 18000cm . The D for [CoCl ] will be :6 4
–1 –1 –1 –1(a) 18000cm (b) 16000 cm (c*) 8000 cm (d) 2000 cm
X Y Z20. A B A C
Pale yellow Yellow Regenerated Deep blueDeep blue
solution solution solution
The sequential unknown reagents is/are:
+ 2+(a) H O /neutral medium, H O /H , Cu salt solution2 2 2 2
+ -3+(b*) H O / H , H O / OH , Fe2 2 2 2
- +2+(c) H O /OH , H O /H , Co salt solution2 2 2 2
- 2+(d) H O /neutral medium, H O /OH , Fe salt solution2 2 2 2
21. Se lect cor rect state ment(s):
(I) When excess FeCl solution is added to K [Fe(CN) ] solution, in addition to 3 4 6
III II - II III -Fe [Fe (CN) ] , Fe [Fe (CN) ] is also formed due to side redox reaction6 6
II III -(II) When FeCl is added to K [Fe(CN) ] solution, in addition to Fe [Fe (CN) ]

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